Arrow Nanda Parbat (Review)

Brandon Routh as the Atom

Brandon Routh as the Atom

Arrow (The Superhero Show Where No One Keeps Secrets Anymore)

Arrow might have officially taken the drop to CW drama land. It has ceased from being a superhero show and turned a network predictable television show.  Is Arrow a superhero show anymore because this episode a waste of a writer’s time? Last season, every episode had a solid hook where the finale minute of the episode would make you wish you could speed up time to binge watch every remaining episode. This season on the other hand has suffered a lull in keeping focus on the central story.

Thea Queen decides to turn her father, Malcolm Merlyn, over to the League of Assassins. Oliver Queen takes issue with Thea’s decision and decides to travel to Nanda Parbat to save Malcolm.  Thea decides to tell Laurel Lance and Nyssa Al Ghul about how she killed Sara Lance. Ray Palmer keeps working on his Atom suit. Felicity tells him to take a break, and they end up together in bed. After that Ray magically solves his suit problem and ends up flying away like Iron Man.

John Barrowmen as Malcolm Merlyn  John Ramsey as John Diggle  Stephen Amell as Qliver Queen

John Barrowmen as Malcolm Merlyn
John Ramsey as John Diggle
Stephen Amell as Qliver Queen

Where to begin…the episode had its intense moments and great entertaining moments. The storming the stronghood of Nanda Parbat was awesome. Malcolm beating the crap out of Laurel was entertaining. He told her that she had delusions grandeur.  The action sequences were great but this show is no longer about Oliver Queen and his team fighting to protect the city. They fight and bicker amongst themselves.  The writers ended the mid-season finale on a great cliff hanger and instead of continuing that excitement. Arrow keeps feeling like a soap opera.

All of the characters bricker and yell at each other.  Oliver Queen no longer fight bad guys but fight themselves. Ra Al Ghul and his league are a great villain. The writers have made them feel lackluster and non threatening.  What really pisses me off too, this episode ended on Ra Al Ghul offering Oliver his position. Ok, Oliver Queen is no Batman.  I saw this plotline coming all season and it is annoying. Oliver Queen doesn’t deserve this title. He has only been back to Starling City for three years.  He isn’t a proven successor to Ra Al Ghul yet. The creative team of Arrow is jumping the gun.

Overall, this episode lacked tension, a clear focus, and it was filled with high school drama. I give Nanda Parbat 2.5/5.


Brandon Routh makes his debut as the Atom tonight

Brandon Routh as the Atom

Brandon Routh as the Atom

First of all, I do apologize for my lack reviews on the Academy Awards, the Kingsmen: Secret Service,  Arrow reviews, Flash, and last Gotham episode. Life has really overwhelmed lately.  I will comment on those items after I talked about Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer.

On Arrow, Ray Palmer is supposed to make his debut in the Atom suit. The suit has the ability to change his size while maintaining super strength too. Brandon Routh who plays Ray Palmer on Arrow has been a delight to watch in every episode he is in. He’s funny, intelligent, and charming on screen.   There are rumors of Routh getting his show as Ray Palmer. I do believe Brandon Routh could have his own superhero but I’m against. He is a great actor but there is too many superhero shows on TV. Teen Titans and Supergirl could be coming soon. Oversaturation is starting to happen.  I’m really looking forward to Arrow tonight.

Arrow might be my favorite show on TV along with Grimm. I’m starting to like Laurel as the Canary. She is not the best fighter but she’s loyal and gets her ass kicked which could be understood.  Thea’s involvement in the Arrow Team now has really allowed her character to become involved in the show. She is no longer used for a young adult love story but she’s a fighter. She could do die at the end of the season. I can see that happening.  I feel Detective Lance has taken a back seat in the episodes. I really enjoy the actor, and his portrayal as captain.

The Flash is closing on its first season. I do love the show. Every character is important  and has a purpose. I really enjoy the inclusion of Fire Storm played by Robbie Amell.  He brings a lot of attitude and charm to his role.  I’m excited that Gorilla Grodd has been featured on the show.  I don’t know if he will a big villain at the end of the season but he will be a menace in future seasons.

Gotham was ok this week.  I’m sad to see Alfred get hurt, and the Wayne Enterprises board put a hit on Bruce Wayne’s head. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Bruce Wayne might have to leave Gotham in season 2.  Fish Mooney has been a pleasant surprise on the previous two episodes. She is very relevant now. My best friend from high school texted me on Monday and said he has no idea where the show is going. I agree with him.

However, on the subject of the Academy Awards, I felt Neil Patrick Harris was a great host. I’m surprised Birdman won best director and picture. It is a really good movie but Keaton didn’t deserve the Oscar. I do believe Keaton is a better actor than Eddie Redmayne. Redmayne did a hell of a job portraying Dr. Stephen Hawking.  I enjoyed the two speeches by Graham Moore and Patricia Arquette.  They were inspiring speeches. The Oscars continued to bash superhero films but just wait until one day a superhero film wins a best picture award.

Gotham (The Blind Fortune Teller) review

David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne address the Wayne Enterprises Board about corruption.

David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne address the Wayne Enterprises Board about corruption.

The Boy is trying to take Charge!

Gotham introduced several major future plot points tonight. Bruce Wayne wants to meet with the Wayne Enterprises Board.  The audience met John and Mary Grayson future parents of Dick Grayson, Robin. The audience might have met the Joker tonight who was pretty good and has divided social media.

Jim Gordon and Dr. Leslie Thompkins are attending Hailey’s Circus. A brawl breaks out and Gordon discovers there has a been murder. Fish Mooney takes over the place where she is imprisoned and makes demands. Penguin’s nightclub is going downhill but when you have your mother singing at the club then that is a given. Bruce Wayne tells the Wayne Enterprises Board to watch out because he knows about their corruption.

Gordon and Thompkins on a date

Gordon and Thompkins on a date

This episode had many positives about it. First, Fish Mooney wasn’t a wasted character. She was threatening and interesting. Barbara Kern comes back to see Jim and Leslie making out.  Gordon and Thompkins lead this episode. They were partners in crime. The two characters have playful banter and great chemistry together. Honestly, I know Jim Gordon is supposed to marry Barbara Kern but he doesn’t to abide by that in the show. Honestly, the fan base of Gotham has taken to Gordon and Thompkins as a couple.

David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne address the Wayne Enterprises Board about corruption.

David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne address the Wayne Enterprises Board about corruption.

Bruce Wayne is starting to become interesting side plot. Everybody knows his future is the Caped Crusader.  He will be roaming the rooftops fighting crime and corruption. However, Young Bruce has taken to fight corruption in his company. This might be a way to force young Bruce Wayne to leave city for a few seasons.  Personality, it feels like Bruce Wayne is ready to leave Gotham and start his training for becoming Batman.

Cameron Monaghan as Jerome

Cameron Monaghan as Jerome

Gotham introduced the character of Jerome. At first Jerome was a soft spoken teenager.  However, when he is confronted about his mother murder. He breaks out into a insane laugh and calls life a joke. Cameron also displayed a malicious temper when he was talking about mother. It showed that he could the Joker. It will be interesting to see what they do with the character.

Gotham, the blind fortune teller, gets a 4/5.


Gotham (The Scarecrow) review

Gotham's depiction of the Scarecrow

Gotham’s depiction of the Scarecrow

Do they have to always kill the villain’s parent?

Why does the parent of the future super villain have to die? Is it a rule in the writer’s rulebook? Gotham introduced a creepy Gerald Crane last week.  He was trying to cure  fear to placing people in life or death situations. Gerald Crane is the father of Johnathan Crane, The Scarecrow (future Batman villain).  Julian Sands played Crane to the perfectly because Sands is talented at playing disturbed individuals. The creator’s of Gotham force unnecessary situation by killing Sands at the end of the episode (spoiler alert).

 Brief Synopsis:

Jim Gordon and Detective Bullock are still looking for Gerald Crane. Falcone gives Cobblepot, The Penguin, Fish Mooney’s nightclub.  Falcone and Maroni make a deal that keeps Penguin safe from Maroni’s retribution for the time being. Fish is held captive at unknown location and takes over the place. Bruce Wayne wants to go a quest by himself for the day but hurts himself. Alfred does find Bruce but lets Bruce take care of himself in an effort to strengthen the boy’s tolerance for pain and determination to succeed by not helping him.

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan  Crane's father AKA the Scarecrow

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan Crane’s father AKA the Scarecrow

The episode was pretty good but the Gotham writer’s are taking the show into the wrong direction.  The Mafia and the Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock storyline are headed in the right direction. The Penguin is becoming a big player in the mob and Gordon and Bullock are developing as the two central characters.  They have handled the Riddler and other villains are completely wrong.  The Riddler doesn’t need to have a few riddles every episode. We, the audience, is not watching him for his riddles. They want to see what sets him off to become a nice mild manner weird guy to the person who loves showcase his intellect with complex traps and puzzles that leads to the death of innocent people.

The Scarecrow was on the list of another recently poorly handled villain. Julian Sands is a talented television actor. However, they killed off his character to make his son Johnathan become the Scarecrow sooner than later. It would have been cool to see Jonathan kill his own dad by the show’s ending. Now it looks like Gotham is introducing the Joker.  The audience doesn’t need the Joker! This is purely speculation for next week’s promo. The show continues to poorly misused the villains.

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee)

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee)

Bruce Wayne and Alfred are characters who continue to evolve in the likability category. The two actors who play Bruce and Wayne have great chemistry together on screen. Alfred and Bruce have a complex relationship with many dynamics such as Surrogate father-son, mentor-student, and other complex relationships between two people. Both actors really do excel at their roles.

Overall, the Scarecrow was a good Gotham episode. The episode was really entertaining and use a lot of characters well.  However, if the Joker is introduced next week then I am done watching Gotham. However, if it is the actor from Shameless that plays Ian then I might be ok with it.  “The Scarecrow” gets a 4 out 5.

The Flash (Crazy for you) review

the flash crazy for you

Britne Oldford as Lashawn Baez

Hey, it’s a teleporter!

The Flash is an fun hour of entertainment every Tuesday 8PM. The Flash continuously impresses with the special effects for a television show. The VFX budget must be pretty financially substantial for the show.  Tonight, the Flash encountered a threated that he couldn’t catch, a teleporter.

Barry Allen continues to save people as the Flash and make a great impression the citizens of Central City.  However, a prisoner is broken out of Iron Heights, and the Flash team discovers the prisoner is aided by a teleporter.  The teleporter is quicker than the Flash so he has problems in defeating her.  Barry Allen and Detective Joe West ask Barry’s father, Henry Allen, to get information the escape prisoner’s whereabouts.  Henry gets stabbed in the process but helps the Flash. Cisco meanwhile is aided by Hartley, the villain from last week’s episode, to find out where Catlin’s boyfriend, Ronnie Raymond, is hiding.  Hartley’s does help Cisco to find truth about Ronnie but Hartley escapes.  Catlin and Barry go to a bar and Catlin gets drunk. She sort of admits her feelings towards Barry which goes over his head and he starts to date a fellow reporter at Iris’ work. Iris gets so jealous.  Oh Gorilla Grodd shows up at the end of the episode.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West

This Flash episode had many positives for example, the special effects, Cisco dealing with Hartley, and introduce of Grodd at the end.  The relationship between Barry and Caltin and the moments between Barry and his Dad, Henry, really stood out in this episode. The moments between Barry and Caltin are adorable. Catlin obviously likes Barry so much, and he is blind as a bat to her flirty mannerisms towards him.  They have a great moment together where they sing karaoke during the episode. It was very light hearted and romantic at the same time.   Henry Allen has a lot of bonding moments with Barry. For example, Henry tells Barry subtly that he might know this Flash guy, and he that he is super proud of him and loves him.  They both cry and it is hinted that Barry’s father knows that Barry is The Flash and is super proud of him.

The teleporter story line was a drag on the episode.  She breaks her boyfriend out of prison and instead of runaway together they continue to pull heist jobs. The Flash catches her and her boyfriend leaves her in the dust. It was the classic decent girl with powers falls for the wrong guy story. Personality, the writers might have missed out on the opportunity to do something exciting and fun with teleporter’s introduction.

Overall, this episode was pretty good and enjoyable. Barry Allen and Catlin develop their potential romantic relationship. It was the interaction between Barry Allen and Henry Allen that really made this episode standout. The Flash continues to get better and better plus we will have a talking gorilla as a villain soon.  “Crazy for you” gets a 3.5 out 5. Too bad for the weak villain story.

Arrow (Midnight City) Review

Vinny Jones as Brick

Vinny Jones as Brick

Arrow  is probably the best action drama on television.  It continues to improve every week by developing the main character’s story along the supporting character’s stories. The best part about last week’s episode was the main character, Oliver Queen, was not even in the show until the end of it. Stephen Amell plays Queen and again he was given the backseat to a few other main characters.  Ollie’s partners Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), Diggle (David Ramsey), Felicity, (Emily Brett Rickards), and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) all take starring roles in this episode to stop Brick (Vinny Jones).   Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) is also showed cased more in this episode as a catalyst for things to come in the future of Arrow.

Colton Haynes as Arsenal  Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

Colton Haynes as Arsenal
Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

Oliver Queen is supposedly dead and the maniac known as Danny Brickwell as taken over the city.  Laurel Lance steps into the Black Canary costume in attempt to fight Brick’s men. She gets her ass pretty much kicked but Arsenal shows up and helps her.  Roy remind Laurel that he has had training from Oliver and years on the street.  Ray Palmer and other city officials hold a meeting to discuss the Brickwell problem.  Brickwell doesn’t oblige their meeting because he shoots his way into the office and captures several city officials.  The mayor decides to give against the consent of Captain Lance.  Meanwhile Malcolm Merlyn tries to convince Thea Queen, his daughter, to leave Starling City because they are endanger. Malcolm tells her the truth about Ra’s Al Ghul.  Felicity has a conversation with Laurel and realizes Laurel is continuing Ollie’s fight so she has too. She helps Ray Palmer solve his Atom Suit problem.  Oliver is in a shack healing with the help of old friends.

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn and Will Holland as Thea Queen

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn and Willa Holland as Thea Queen

First of all this Arrow episode really didn’t have a lot wrong with it. John Barrowman and Willa Holland did detract from the main storyline a little bit of the heroes trying to stop Brick. However, their storyline is important. Roy shows up at Thea’s apartment and demands Malcolm stop seeing Thea. Merlyn replies “thanks, I needed a laugh.”  Thea also demands to know the truth why they have to leave the city.  She reminds her father that he taught to be a fighter and not a person who runs away from a fight.  These scenes set up the more important part of the main storyline of Malcolm finally confronting Ra’s Al Ghul.

This episode deserves a lot of props on how they handled their main female characters, Laurel and Felicity.  Laurel has been an awesome or stupid character depending on the episode. This episode highlighted the strengths and weakness of Laurel.  Laurel is a strong commanding district attorney. She uses her power and authority to exploit criminals into making deals.  However, she is a weak crime fighter. She nearly was killed three separate times in the show and escaped her almost final fight by kicking Brick in the balls.  Laurel and Felicity have a great chemistry on screen with their interactions to each other. Felicity is super stupid when she is a nagging witch but she is strongest she stands with and helps the people she loves.  Emily and Katie showed a great deal of emotion during this episode.  They really made this episode special.

Ray Palmer played Brandon Routh and Felicity Smoak  played Emily Brett Rickards

Ray Palmer played Brandon Routh and Felicity Smoak played Emily Brett Rickards

The last positive that I want to touch on is Brandon Routh and Vinny Jones.  They make their characters fun, likeable, and command the screen when they are in a scene and one of them plays a bad guy. Brandon plays a great romantic hero who wants to the save because he is noble and good.  He might get his own show playing the Atom. Vinny Jones on the other hand is evil. He has fun playing the evil greedy one lining bad guy who will kill anybody for the hell of it. He needs to be reoccurring villain every season because he is so good.

Overall, this arrow episode was great.  The secondary characters are being developed more and more each episode.  Midnight City gets a 4.5/5.

Thea has an Assassin working for spoiler alert

Thea has an Assassin working for her spoiler alert

Gotham (The Fearsome Dr. Crane) review

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan  Crane's father AKA the Scarecrow

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan Crane’s father AKA the Scarecrow

Hello Origins of the Fear Toxin

Gotham might be a rollercoaster of a show sometimes with focusing on too many characters in episodes and not giving enough screen time to the important characters. Screenwriter, John Stephens, wrote a great episode that introduces one of Batman’s most formable foes, Scarecrow.  However, it is not the Scarecrow that we know as Jonathan Crane but Gerald Crane, Jonathan Crane’s father. John Behring directed this episode and his credits include Charmed, Arrow, Grimm, and other supernatural shows. It turned out to be an entertaining episode and a very good one.

Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate a murder of a man being hanged off a side of a building. Bullock discovers the victim is part of a phobia support group after he chats with another member named, Scottie. Edward Nygma is suspended from the GCPD because he is supersedes his position and examines victims bodies. It pisses of the medical examiner but Edward gets his own revenge though. However, the Penguin is finally ousted by Fish who calls and tells Maroni that Penguin is a Falcone plant. Maroni takes matters into his own hands.

Robin Taylor Lord as the Penguin David Zayas as Sal Maroni

Robin Taylor Lord as the Penguin
David Zayas as Sal Maroni

“The Fearsome Dr. Crane” had many positives and one of the biggest highlights was the confrontation between The Penguin and Maroni.  David Zayas plays Sal Maroni and does a wonderful job each week bringing life to the character. He brings poise, charisma, and humor to the character.  The Penguin is the Penguin. Lord always portrays a slimy little worm as the Penguin but also has an ace up his sleeve. The two actors have a great scene together. Penguin is trapped in a car pleading for his life with Maroni watching and getting revenge for Penguin’s actions.  Penguin finds a way to escape the situation because worms don’t die easily.

Harvey Bullock having a major part in the episode was great.  He meets a normal girl that takes his eye, Scottie played Maria Thayer.  He goes to the support group for fears and phobias that she is involved in and tells the group his fear.  His fear is about dying in an alleyway alone not in bed as an old man with someone that he loves. Scottie’s chemistry with Harvey was really great and hopefully the character will stick around.  However, the killer is a member of the group. The killer is Gerald Crane, father to Jonathan Crane AKA The Scarecrow, play Julian Sands.  Sands is so creepy as Mr. Crane. Hopefully, the writers of Gotham will keep the character around because he is so good. The reason why the Scarecrow is popular as a villain because audiences and readers can relate to being afraid of something and it killing you.  This backstory for Jonathan Crane’s eventually rise as the Scarecrow is entertaining and clever.

Overall, this episode was good and a great introduction the Scarecrow origin. Harvey took a front and center role in his episode. Donald Logue humanized the character like always. Zayas played a perfect Sal Maroni who wanted to kill the Penguin but failed. The Penguin is the Penguin! No one knows the Penguin’s plan or intentions in each episode.  “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” gets a 4.5/5.