Three reasons why you need to go see Godzilla this summer!!

picture from the toy expo of this year.

Godzilla is arguably the pop culture icon who started world pop culture. Every culture in the world knows about Godzilla. In 1945, the first two nuclear bombs were unleashed on Japan. In 1954, Toho green light a monster movie that displayed the fears of nuclear power and domination. Godzilla was born.

I have been a life long Godzilla fan since I was two. My first word that I read was Godzilla. This monster does not only hold a special place in my heart but he continues to bring me enjoyment with hours of B level science fiction movies. On February 25th, 2014 Warner Bros and Legendary Studios release a new trailer for the movie which comes out May 16th, 2014.  I want to give you three simple reasons to go see the movie.

First, this movie is a Godzilla movie which means great special effects. Godzilla is a mutated dinosaur by atomic radiation that is over 350 feet tall and breathes fire.  The atomic blast from his mouth is blue.  Godzilla is allegory from man vs. nature. Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, and etc can utterly wipe out cities from the face of the earth. Godzilla’s concept combines every natural disaster and turns him into Mother Nature’s arm of destruction.  Look at the photo below.


Godzilla will battle other monsters but most importantly this Godzilla focuses the human element with the theme of Man vs. Nature.

Secondly, this Godzilla film is driven by a human story. The main character is Godzilla but the supporting character are people. The main character is Ford Brody played by Aaron Johnson and his dad, Joe, is played by Bryan Cranston (you know him as Walter White from Breaking Bad). They’re the two main focal points of the story.


His son is a soldier that eyewitnesses the destruction that Godzilla clauses but he no longer talks to his father. The story behind that is in 1954 Godzilla was discovered and man kind tried to destroy him by unleashing atom bombs. The plot flashes 45 years later and Joe Brody is working for a nuclear power plant, in Japan, as the leading scientist. However to my understanding his wife is killed by a plant meltdown which causes his son to walk away from him. Cranston in the trailer has a few lines of dialogue which explains the tone of the movie:

“I wanna talk to somebody in charge. You’re not fooling anybody when you say what happen was a natural disaster. You’re lying. It wasn’t an earthquake, a typhoon, because what is really happening you’re hiding something out there. It will send us back to the stone age.”

Cranston saw a blimp on the radar apparently before the nuclear power plant melted down and wants answers.  This Godzilla movie is a human-centric story that expresses the reality and panic if scientist discovered were a real creature. My last point is listen to the people who know movies and don’t prematurely judge the film.

Finally, people on the internet heard Godzilla was being remade and thought oh god this will suck. I say trust the people who know summer blockbusters and know good movies. Listen to their critique of the new Godzilla movie before you judge it.  First,  AMC movie talk, a daily movie news show on AMC theater’s channel, reviewed Godzilla. You can find that link here. IGN is another trusted source for movie news. They have seen 20 minutes of the Godzilla movie and they’re passionately excited about this movie. You can find that link here.  Schmoes Know another movie sitedoes a damn good job of checking sources and breaking movie news. They’re part of Rotten Tomatoes critics and reviewed the Godzilla trailer. They’re also part of the press core like  Collider, another news site, who will see this movie a few weeks early to give a giant buzz.  I said listen to the experts about convincing you to go see the Godzilla movie. The links I gave are people who know the film industry, been around for years, and know which movies have the potential of being big hits and others that suck. However if this is not enough to convince you to see the new Godzilla movie and give it a chance. Gun & Roses guitarist, Slash, sent out a tweet about the new Godzilla movie after seeing the new Godzilla movie. Jeremy Jahns is another energetic movie reviewer who I watch. He made a review of the Godzilla trailer here.  I want everybody to keep an open mind about this movie.

Godzilla is a pop culture icon. He’s been around for 60 years and i think this movie will be a 2 hour science fiction action thriller that dominate the box office. I say give Godzilla a chance and see you’re entertained for 2 hours sitting in a movie theater.


Arrow Season 2 Time of Death review

the clock king
the clock king

The premise of this Arrow episode is a former cyber security programer, Robert Tockman aka the Clock King, is breaking into bank vaults by using men.  Tockman steals a device from his former employer and it allows him to break into bank vaults instantaneously.  Oliver and Sarah are partners in this episode. Felicity fells left out and the tension between her and Sarah is jealousy. Oliver throws Sarah a welcome home party and goes to dinner with her at her sister’s house. Laural, Sarah’s sister, acts like a bitch and storms out of dinner after she finds out that Ollie and Sarah are getting it on regular basis. Oliver gives her a tongue lashing which is something I would love to do to some of my family members. Felicity tracks the Clock King down and Oliver and Sarah come to help.  She gets shot saving Sarah. She causes the Clock King’s cellphone to explode which knocks him unconscious. In the end, Sarah and Laural work things out, Oliver tells Felicity that she is super important and no need to feel jealous,  Laural goes to AA meetings, and the best part Oliver comes home to find her mother talking to Slade Wilson. Good times in Queen Mansion. I have no negatives about this episode except one.

My only negative is Roy. Where is he? He has the strength of Thor or Captain America is nowhere to be found. He also spends a lot of time with Sin which means Thea might be biting the bullet soon. Next week’s images show Roy being very pissed off in the Arrow cave. I think he has a point because if Oliver keeps thinking with his dick and ignoring the kid who he said he would help. He will alienate Roy to the point where Slade Wilson could step in and train Roy.  Roy could be a bad guy and piss off this Arrow fan. Or is this part of the plan because Ollie figured out Slade was alive by the serum that Brother Blood was using and Roy will become his little spy? Questions Questions Questions! There are a lot of positives about the episode. I have 3 main ones.

My first positive was the Clock King. The Clock King has traditionally been ridicule as a villain. However, for being the villain of the week episode this version of Clock King was great. The show creators did a hell of a job to make the Clock King a real villain. He had a cyber security background and was menacing. I would like to see him reappear. My favorite part was when he blew up the Arrow Lab.  My next point was Laural. Laural started off as a bitch and then got redemption. Oliver gave her a tongue lashing, and she fell back down to earth.  She and Sarah reunite, and she starts taking responsibility for her past actions. I think her future role will be at Queen Consolidated helping Oliver’s legal department. My favorite positive is Felicity. We, as the show’s fans, all know Felicity wants Oliver. Hell, he’s rich, compassionate, and fights crime. She is torn also between her feeling for Oliver and the guy whose faster than Superman. The show did a really great job showing her jealousy. Oliver reaffirms his affection for her as a friend and she stops pouting.  The last minute of the show was a positive because Oliver coming face to face to Slade shows where the final 8 episodes of the show will go.  My final rating is my last topic.

I would rate this episode a 4.3 out of 5. I think the episode was based to be a fill and a bridge for the final 8 episodes. It was a great stand alone of episode.  The Clock King was a great villain who blows up the Arrow Lab. Felicity is jealous,

and she has a right to be so. Laural became a dramatic improvement over the last 5 episodes. I actually would want to date her again not want someone to kill her. I find the lack of Roy disheartening. Roy is a Jason Todd Robin type and he needs guidance. I think the final 8 episodes of Arrow will rock.

Short Term 12 review

Short Term 12: A film where at risk kids are the stars

Short Term 12 is a film told through the perspective of Grace and her boyfriend, Mason, who work at a state run foster facility for at risk teenagers. At risk teenagers are the ones who are emotionally disturbed and will commit suicide.   Grace and Mason are supposed to the main characters. I argue that the kids supplant the two main characters. The two main children that the movie focuses on is Jayden and Marcus. Marcus is a 17 year old African American male teenager who lived at Short Term 12, the facility, since he was 15. His story is that his mother would beat him for having his hair too long. He’s about to leave the facility and is having trouble adjusting to this reality. Mason is the one person that fully understands him. He was living on the streets and taken into a foster family when he was 15. They turned his life around and Mason turns Marcus’s life around by being a mentor.  Jayden is probably the most interesting character of the movie.  The actress, Kaitlyn Dever, who plays her has great emotionally range throughout the film.  Looking back on the movie; her character really takes over the audience’s attention. Kaitlyn a supporting actress who just makes you feel her character and her character’s story. H Her mother died and her dad mentally, physically, and sexually abuses her. Her mentor turns out to be Grace whose father did the same thing to her. They form a bond, and Jayden comes forth with the information to put her father away for a long time. The subplot is the film is the relationship between Grace and Mason. They live together, been together for years, and Grace is pregnant. She was pregnant once before by her father. She had an abortion and considers doing the same with her current pregnancy. She saves Jayden from her father and decides to keep the baby. Jayden looks at Grace and tells her “she will be a wonderful mother.” She reconciles with her boyfriend and the pair are happy making a difference in kids lives.  I can’t name any negatives about the film except maybe length, and I’m being picky at that.

My positives about Short Term 12 are very simple. For one, it’s one the most realistic film and story about the at risk teens that I have ever portrayed.  The first scene is teenager named Sammy running out the facility door and yelling profanities at the world. His problem is that his sister either die or was taken away from him. His mind hasn’t been able to rationalize her absence. He still plays with her dolls. Emotionally unstable kids or children continue to do this. The doll is his safety blanket. Marcus has a beautiful rap song about how his mother abused him and the fact he has never had a normal life. Mason actually starts to weep because of the sadness of the song. Jayden wrote a story about her father, being a shark, and she’s octopus that shark eats her piece by piece.  The story is a metaphor about her dad abusing her trust and love for him.  The end of story showed the the shark is left alone without any friends.  The realistic nature of the film takes you on an emotional roller coaster.  The audience wants Grace beat the shit out of Jayden’s father with a baseball bat after she sneaks into Jayden’s house.  They cheer when the pair destroyed her father’s windows and windshield of his BMW. I felt the film showed the challenges that real life workers face at risk youth homes. The kids are ticking time bombs and will hurt themselves and others without any reason or logic. Marcus tries to commit suicide right before he is able to leave the facility. Jayden is a cutter, a person who cuts themselves continuously to commit suicide,  and Grace informs Jayden that she did also when she was her dad.  Workers at these types of facilities have to continuously deal with these problems and literally can’t give the kids justice that is deserved. They’re guardians of the children that keep them from hurting themselves or others.

My score of this film 5/5 because it’s damn near flawless. I encourage people to watch it if it appears on Netflix or on television.

Is the Monuments Men worth going to see?

The Monuments Men review

The Monuments Men is based on the historical United States Army sanction special op group that was told to find the stolen art that the Nazis took.  Historically, this story is very historically accurate.  The movie dragged on like quicksand in some parts.  George Clooney is the main character, Lt. Frank Stokes, and recruits Matt Damon’s, Bill Murray’s, John Goodman’s and several other famous actors to go find lost art. Each of character has a specialty in a specific art field. The troop splits up to go from town to town looking for stolen western civilization culture. The Monuments Men ends a positive note and it’s a feel good movie. Let me talk about the positives and negatives about the film.

My first positive is the historical validity of the movie. The Monuments Men were commissioned by Roosevelt to find the art the Nazis stole.  The group returned the art to places that they were stolen from. The movie emphasizes  this and makes the US look like heroes. I actually felt gratified when the characters found the art and felt disgusted when they found the art that had been burned. The movie also emphasizes the point about Hitler that he wanted his own museum in Austria.  Most people never know that Hitler was a former art student who was kicked out because he sucked. Another positive point for me is this movie shows the impact of war. World War II caused destruction to a lot of European towns and city. George Clooney’s character emphasizes that idea in his presentation to President Roosevelt. Another scene that i did enjoy was finding the gold teeth.  People don’t realize that the concentration camps  took out gold teeth from their prisoners and stored it. The troop found a barrel of gold teeth and didn’t speak to each other for about two minutes in the film. The scene made me feel emotionally connected to the actors. My negatives are my next topic.

The film has several big negatives for me. First, I think the pacing of the movie is slow. I believe it’s the way the editor cut the film.  There are some scenes that leave you looking at your watch or cell phone for the time. The movie really doesn’t have a lot war action and slows up the pace of the movie. However, I understand that is a real story and this group of art finder’s don’t looking for fights. They do run into a couple of fights and two of them die in the film. My biggest problem is that the cast is so great but every main character is underutilized.  I love the cast but there’s no character development. I understand this is supposed to be a historical film but characters can make films great. Take Bridge on the River Kwai for example, Alec Guinness  and William Holden make that movie into of the greatest war movies ever. I think there be might one or two fight scenes in the movie but the characters drive the plot. The cast of Monument’s Men don’t drive the plot. They weaken the movie by the lack of screen time each of them have with each other.  My film grade is my final point.

I struggled internally with my grade on this movie. I would say Monument’s Men to me was a good film, but I have seriously problems with it. I will give the film a 2.7 out 5. I love the cast of the film but Clooney as the director doesn’t get the most out of his cast. Murray, Clooney, Damon, and Goodman are all know for being charismatic actors with a good sense of humor. They were anything but that in the movie. The screenplay is weak. Here’s the difference between two historical movies that came out in the last two months. American Hustle’s script was first based on the historical element but David O. Russell rewrote to build the plot around the actors in the movie. George Clooney doesn’t do that and it shows.  I say Monuments Men might be suited for red box and save yourself 7 to 10 bucks and some gas.

Can’t Laural die already? Arrow Heir to the Demon (Spoilers review)

Why couldn’t Nyssa Al Ghul put an Arrow through Laural’s head?

She should've kill Laural

She should’ve kill Laural

Arrow season 2 episode 13 was called Heir to the Demon. Yes, Arrow fans that does mean that the League of Assassins has return to play.  Alright for a recap, Laural Lance was drunk and passed out at the end of last week’s episode.  This episode continues that storyline immediately by having Laural in a hospital bed while her mom and dad look after her. She tells her dad, Detective Lance, that she saw Sara, her who thinks she is dead, before she faded away to unconscious.  The first opening sequence of this episode is a beautiful Asian woman who gives her passport to customs and it comes up flagged by A.R.G.U.S. The gorgeous woman is none of other Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa. She is probably the second or third highest leader in the League of the Assassins. She confronts Sara who turns out to be her former lover. They have nice little chat about Sara returning to the League but Sara declines. Last week, Moria Queen, Oliver’s mother decided to run for mayor.  Oliver’s secretary, Felicity, confronts Moria about a suspicious wire transfer to a doctor and discovers that Thea is Malcolm Meryln’s daughter. Moria confirms this suspicion and threatens Felicity that the information will ruin her friendship with Ollie. Ollie does find out this information and makes a pretty awesome choice at the end of the episode. Laural’s mom gets kidnapped from the hospital while tending to Laural. Nyssa calls up Sara and tells her that she has 24 hours to come back to her or her mom will die.  The Arrow Gang finds out that Laural was poisoned by the league and Sara steals the poison. She and her father confront Nyssa which Sara poisoned herself. Green Arrow shows up and fights Nyssa which ends with Sara dying. However, Oliver has some kind of Beozar from Harry Potter or magical resurrection powder to relive Sara. Nyssa releases her from the League and leaves peacefully (she and daddy will come back to play again). Sara’s parents rush to her aide which Laural stands there looking jealous and pissed.  Oliver shows up at his mansion and tells his mom to just go crawl in a hole and die because he’s done with her. Laural blames Sara for everything that went wrong in her life. She starts to drink again and bans Sara from her life. Sara comes to the Arrow tech lab where Oliver hitting his wooden punching bag pretty hard. The two have a moment and start to have a passionate make out session. Let me talk about the positives of the episode.

The episode of Arrow had several positives for me. The Nyssa plot line is my main positive of the storyline. The first moment you see Nyssa Al Ghul the word trouble comes to your head. She beats up a room full of cops in 15 seconds or less.  I also love the fact she’s bisexual. She kisses Sara, and Sara kisses her back. I think she was also checking out Arrow. He did go toe to toe with her in fight and for some reason that turns on the Al Ghul women. She also used snake venom which makes her a complete wrecking ball that you don’t want to get in the way of.  The Moria, Oliver, and Felicity storyline was a positive.  Felicity being curious kitty put herself in a situation that could end badly. Oliver talked to her and quickly found out what about Thea’s real dad. He goes to the microphone and for a second, i really thought he was going to call his mom out and keep supporting Sebastian Blood. He later tells her to get the #$&* out of his life, and he’s pretty much no longer wants to be related to her. Oliver will finally take over Queen Industries by the end of the season and become the face of hope in Starling City.  It’s time for my negatives and there are only two.

My first negative refers to the title about Laural’s character.  At first I was thinking that Laural might chance as a character become likeable again. Nope, that hope was flushed down the drain when she threw her little bitch fit. Seriously, writers kill her off. The whole season’s storyline with Laural has been like watching the OC again which a little princess who complains when she doesn’t get her way. My second point deals with Laural but Sara’s death.  The show has a history of killing any cast member or anybody in it’s brief one and half year run. Sara takes her life honorably to save her family from Nyssa killing all of them. However, Oliver shows up with magic powder and resurrects her ass. Seriously? He couldn’t do that for Tommy last season his best friend who died. Laural could have help taken the revenge rout and gone after the League of Assassins. The writers might have made a critical mistake because now we know as fans that Oliver has magical resurrection powder so it takes away the option of death. If Dingle dies then we fans know that Oliver has magical resurrection powder to bring him back or any character of the show. My rating will be the last paragraph i touch on.

I really loved this episode of Arrow. Nyssa Al Ghul was amazing! She really did help make this episode special.  Ollie pretty much disowned his own mother and his mother has caught the attention of Brother Blood and Deathstroke.  Laural needs to die. The writers are wasting the actress talent by having Laural become a running gag of OC teenage drama. I hate the fact that they resurrected Sara because it means people can come back from the death by Oliver’s magical powder. I give this episode of Arrow 4.7 out of 5. Nyssa and the league made this episode for me.