Arrow Nanda Parbat (Review)

Brandon Routh as the Atom

Brandon Routh as the Atom

Arrow (The Superhero Show Where No One Keeps Secrets Anymore)

Arrow might have officially taken the drop to CW drama land. It has ceased from being a superhero show and turned a network predictable television show.  Is Arrow a superhero show anymore because this episode a waste of a writer’s time? Last season, every episode had a solid hook where the finale minute of the episode would make you wish you could speed up time to binge watch every remaining episode. This season on the other hand has suffered a lull in keeping focus on the central story.

Thea Queen decides to turn her father, Malcolm Merlyn, over to the League of Assassins. Oliver Queen takes issue with Thea’s decision and decides to travel to Nanda Parbat to save Malcolm.  Thea decides to tell Laurel Lance and Nyssa Al Ghul about how she killed Sara Lance. Ray Palmer keeps working on his Atom suit. Felicity tells him to take a break, and they end up together in bed. After that Ray magically solves his suit problem and ends up flying away like Iron Man.

John Barrowmen as Malcolm Merlyn  John Ramsey as John Diggle  Stephen Amell as Qliver Queen

John Barrowmen as Malcolm Merlyn
John Ramsey as John Diggle
Stephen Amell as Qliver Queen

Where to begin…the episode had its intense moments and great entertaining moments. The storming the stronghood of Nanda Parbat was awesome. Malcolm beating the crap out of Laurel was entertaining. He told her that she had delusions grandeur.  The action sequences were great but this show is no longer about Oliver Queen and his team fighting to protect the city. They fight and bicker amongst themselves.  The writers ended the mid-season finale on a great cliff hanger and instead of continuing that excitement. Arrow keeps feeling like a soap opera.

All of the characters bricker and yell at each other.  Oliver Queen no longer fight bad guys but fight themselves. Ra Al Ghul and his league are a great villain. The writers have made them feel lackluster and non threatening.  What really pisses me off too, this episode ended on Ra Al Ghul offering Oliver his position. Ok, Oliver Queen is no Batman.  I saw this plotline coming all season and it is annoying. Oliver Queen doesn’t deserve this title. He has only been back to Starling City for three years.  He isn’t a proven successor to Ra Al Ghul yet. The creative team of Arrow is jumping the gun.

Overall, this episode lacked tension, a clear focus, and it was filled with high school drama. I give Nanda Parbat 2.5/5.


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