Samba (Review)


A Tale of an Immigrant Living in France

Samba deals with France’s Immigration Policy told through the eyes of Samba Cissé played by Omar Sy. Sy is a big star in France due to his performance in a French Film called the Intouchables.  He won the Cesar Award, which is equivalent of France’s best actor, for his role in the Intouchables.  That film was directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, and Samba was directed by two men also.  Sy’s costar is Charlotte Gainsbourg who has won a Cesar Award too. They really make a  great duo in Samba.

Samba Cisse is African immigrant living in France and has been there for ten years while staying with his uncle. He’s a perfect immigrant: has a job, training to be a chef, and keeps out of trouble. He is stopped at an immigration checkpoint to learn that his application for residence has been denied. Samba is detained and questioned by one immigration attorney, Manu (Izia who is well known rock singer in France) and her legal aide, Alice.  Alice and Samba become very close, and become closer when he loses his case to become a resident. Hi uncle gives his residency card for Samba to get work. Samba must keep a low profile because he is always one step away from getting caught by the police and being sent back home.

Samba is an extremely powerful film about one man’s struggle for trying to live in country where Immigration is often illegal and the reclusive policies are against you.  Sy’s performance was the best part of the film. He was funny, charming, and made you really root for him. He and Gainsbourg had great chemistry and their relationship made Samba really enjoyable to watch.  The film is in French and has that French sexually vibe to it. There is one scene between Sy and Gainsbourg where Samba is massaging Alice and it is shot in a very sexual way. The cinematography of the scene leads the audience to believe that they will have an intimate moment.  There are moments like that in the film and it is one of the ways how French films differentiate between America films.  There are criticism about Samba specially immigration policy should have had more of a role.

The story is kind of bland. Personally, there should have been more emphasis on process of the French immigration policy. Samba’s application was decline but the audience never finds out why. He’s a hard worker and has been a productive member of society for ten years. One can assume that he was turned away because he was African. The story would have benefited with inclusion of Samba’s legal battles against the policies of France’s Immigration Policy. It would have added that much needed tension that film needed at times.

Samba is a good film overall. It is very enjoyable and the performances by the actors really make it enjoyable. Sy and Gainsbourg did deserve acting awards.  Samba gets 3.5 for having acting performances, theme, and overall quality of the film.


A Walk in the Woods (Review)


A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods is a film based off the book called A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.  Bill Bryson is a well-known author in the world. His book generally deal with traveling to other countries in the world. Bryson decides that he wants to hike the Appalachian Trail, and his old friend, Stephan Katz, joins him. Bryson wrote a book about the expedition.  Robert Redford, who was a fan of the book, brought the rights to adapt into a movie.

He originally wanted his good friend Paul Newman to play Stephen but Newman’s untimely death laid that dream to rest. Nick Nolte was chosen to play Stephen. His character is a take on Nolte’s life.  A Walk in the Woods is directed Ken Kwapis and written by Rich Kerb and Bill Holdermann. The movie is fairly hilarious but kind of does a 360 during the third act.

Bill Bryson, Robert Redford, is living in the United States with his wife, Catherine Bryson (Emma Thompson). They’re living New Hampshire and have a comfortable life. The couple attends a funeral, and Bryson decided to take a walk to gather his thoughts only to stumble onto the Appalachian Trail. He becomes interested in the history and scenery of the Appalachian Trail.  He decides that he wants to hike the 2,000 mile trail but Catherine objects. She only agrees if he takes someone with him. Bryson calls up his old friends which they all decline besides Stephen Katz. He is a longtime friend who Bryson hasn’t seen for years. The two men hike the Appalachian Trail together and begin to reconnect their long lost friendship.

A Walk in the Woods is overall a good movie; however, the film in the last act changes its tone from humorous to serious.  Bryson and Katz are late middle age men who have lived separate lives. Bryson got married, had kids, has grandkids, taught at universities, and is a successful author while Katz is completely opposite.  Katz and Bryson both start to question their lives and ask each other existential questions at end of the movie. These questions shift the tone from comedy to drama and took the adventure out of the movie. Although on a five month hike with a partner, these questions would be contemplated by the people on the trip. The dialogue took the fun out of the movie which is why it’s a negative point.  The strongest point of the film is the chemistry between Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.

A Walk in the Woods is memorable because the scenery within the film is so breathtaking. However, the best part of the film is the interaction between Redford and Nolte. Redford is actually quite funny when the movie starts. The interview scene with Redford’s character at the very beginning of the movie is the best scene with him. The movie takes off with the scenes with Nolte and Redford. The banter and scenes between the two actors make the movie flow. The audience felt like Redford and Nolte were longtime friends that are reconnecting.

There is one scene when Redford and Nolte say in a hotel in Tennessee. Nolte does their laundry and is seduced by a woman. Redford is eating at their hotel restaurant when Nolte comes sneaking in saying that he was being chased by the husband of the woman that he was messing with.  The two keep exchanging quips and eventually get out of danger. The two actors could work together again because it is a duo that is comparable to Mel Gibson and Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon.

Overall a Walk in the Woods is a great comedy film. The performances are to die for because Redford and Nolte deliver a lot of comedy. Nolte might have a career resurgence because he stole the movie.   A Walk in the Woods would have been one of my favorite films of the year but the ending is a letdown.

Straight Outta Compton (Review)

Straight Outta Compton Directed by: F. Gray Gray Written by: Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff Produced by: Dr. Dre and Ice Cube Starring: O'Shea Jackson as Ice Cube Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E Aldis Hodge as MC Ren Neil Brown as DJ Yella Brandon LaFourche as Arabian Prince Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller

Straight Outta Compton
Directed by: F. Gray Gray
Written by: Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff
Produced by: Dr. Dre and Ice Cube
O’Shea Jackson as Ice Cube
Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre
Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E
Aldis Hodge as MC Ren
Neil Brown as DJ Yella
Brandon LaFourche as Arabian Prince
Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller

A Film About the Injustices in Society

NWA are considered to be the founders of Gangsta rap.  Straight Outta Compton was their first album and changed hip hop forever.  Straight Outta Compton is a biographical film about the group’s formation, rise to stardom, and fall. It was written by Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff (writer of World Trade Center (2006)).  Universal Studios and Legendary Pictures financed it, and it is being produced by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.  F. Gary Gray, who directed Friday and a few of NWA’s music videos, directed Straight Outta Compton. The creative team has produced contemporary biopic classic because of the story, tone, cinematography, and the performances of the three lead actors.

Straight Outta Compton begins with Eazy-E (Jason Mitchell) collecting money from the selling of drugs when the Compton police raid the house. Eazy barely escapes and helps him alter his perspective on life.  Dr. Dre (Corey Hawkins) is a low level DJ for a club barely making any money when he is kicked out by his mom.  Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson) is in high school and writing lyrics for his own group.  Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are friends and want to rap about the real world in which they live, see, and are apart of everyday in Compton, CA. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube perform at the local and are scolded by the club’s owner for trying to insight a riot. Dr. Dre gets arrested by the police for standing outside the club and is bailed out by Eazy.  Dr. Dre and Eazy formulate a plan to make hardcore rap record, and they along with Ice Cube, MC Ren, DJ Yella, and Arabian Prince form NWA.  They make a single sung by Eazy-E and it becomes a smash hit throughout California. Jerry Heller (Paul Giamatti) approaches Eazy about being the manager of NWA, and the rise of NWA and Gangsta rap begins.

Straight Outta Compton is exceptionally well written and directed.  The film’s story parallels today’s society in suburbia and urban America.  Music fanatic or fans of the group will know how Straight Outta Compton, but the film doesn’t focus on the group aspect like a musical documentary.  It tells the story of the racial profiling that Oakland area and other giant cities are known for.  Ice Cube walks out of a house where the Compton police are inspecting black people for drug. The police force him into submission and pat him down for drugs. The scene is shot so well and the cinematography makes you feel the disgust toward the police force from the citizens. The film also has several scenes about Rodney King riots and there so realistic. Straight Outta Compton creates the perspective why the song “Fuck tha Police” was written and sung with such anger and hostility from the group.  The acting in the movie is also exceptional.

(The clip above shows the personalities of every character and very representative of the real life members of NWA. It also gives you a sense how amazing each actor is in this movie.)

O’Shea Jackson, Corey Hawkins, and Jason Mitchell embody all of the characteristics and qualities of their real life counterparts. Jackson is Ice Cube’s son, and he has that snarl and cold face that his dad is known for throughout the movie.

Hawkins embodied Dr. Dre’s attitude and musical ear. Dr. Dre has always wanted to produce great music with any musical artist, and Hawkins displays that in his scenes with the actor who played Snoop Dog and Tupac. Jason Mitchell plays Eazy-E and the real life man had outgoing attitude.  Mitchell encompasses that attitude, and he’s so enjoyable in the film. Mitchell grabbed the audience’s attention when they first saw him on screen. The three actors along with Neil Brown (played DJ Yella) and Aldis Hodge (played) MC Ren formed such a great dynamic on screen. Hollywood might have the Avengers but this were the musical Avengers who talked about the real problems in society. The actors nailed that aspect of the NWA and made the audience feel like they were part of the group’s chemistry. Paul Giamatti plays Jerry Heller, NWA’s manager.

Overall, Straight Outta Compton is very good movie. It is probably one of my favorite movies of the year. The last thirty minutes really shifts into drama instead a musical biopic which is the biggest weakness. Straight Outta Compton gets 4.5 out of 5.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Review)

mission-impossible-rogue-nation plane

The Best Mission Impossible Yet!

Most film franchises crash into a brick wall by their fifth film such as Star Wars (Attack of the Clones), Rocky (Rocky V), Planet of the Apes (Battle of the Planet of the Apes), and etc.  Mission Impossible has taken a different route. Every Mission Impossible film is better than the previous.  Rogue Nation is the best Mission Impossible film yet. It’s success goes the director (Christopher McQuarrie), writer (Drew Pearce), and the cast that includes: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin, and Sean Harris.

Ethan Hunt (Cruise), Benji Dunn (Pegg), Luther Strickell (Rhames), and William Brandt (Renner) are trying to prevent terrorists from stealing biochemical weapons that could wipe out an entire city. Hunt boards the terrorist’s getaway plane while its taking off and successfully steals the weapons. Brandt is attending a close door Senate hearing about previous incidents IMF’s (Impossible Missions Force) has caused over the last decade . CIA Director, Alan Hunley (Baldwin), wants to shut down the IMF and allow the CIA to control its operations. Meanwhile, Ethan is in London getting his next assignment when he is ambushed by the leader of the Syndicate, Solomon Lane (Harris).  Lane wants to torture Hunt to the point where he will work for the Syndicate. Ethan escapes with the help of Ilsa Faust (Ferguson) and calls Brandt to inform that the Syndicate is real. Brandt informs Ethan that the entire IMF has been discontinued, and Ethan should turn himself in.  Ethan goes on the run and searches for the Syndicate and their leader while avoiding the IMF.

The only negative about Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is nothing. Honestly nothing comes to mind about Rogue Nation that detracted from the film. The pacing was great. McQuarrie knew that he needed help while writing the film. He has a good eye to direct action scenes and is a good story teller. He asked Paramount to bring in Drew Pearce to help mold the story, the character arcs, and sure up his original screenplay to make the best movie possible. Their collaboration was a success because every character had their spotlight of delivering a punchline or doing something humorous. There wasn’t a lot exposition that had to be explain through dialogue. Rogue Nation was a fast paced film and film starts out with a bang.

The action sequences are fantastic. There are about five major action sequences in the film. Ethan boarding the plane is the opening action sequence. The best action sequence might be the car chase through Casablanca in Morocco. Personality, I don’t think that I have seen a better car chase on screen since I have started watching movies as a young kid. Tom Cruise does all of his own stunts as does the rest of the cast. He is holding onto the side of the plane while it takes off, underwater and has to hold his breath for  two plus minutes, or performing that car chase with Simon Pegg in the passenger seat. He does all of the hand to hand combat too. The man loves his fans and will do anything to entertain them. The overall cast really shine in this movie but Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Sean Harris stand out.

Rebecca Ferguson nails the female lead

Rebecca Ferguson nails the female lead

Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg might have stole the show. Ferguson plays a powerhouse as an assassin. She has sex appeal, charm, but like a black widow spider is deadly when she attacks. She did her own stunt and had several impressive hand to hand combat scenes.  Simon Pegg kills it and the person who goes to see the movies with me said “Simon Pegg stole the show.”  He adds so much humor his role of Benji. Benji is really the heart of the movie. Pegg is very pivotal to the plot.  The rest of the cast kills their parts. Sean Harris really plays a good villain. He is a multidimensional character.  The audience learns his motivations and is very deadly. The rest of the cast really nail their parts and even Alec Baldwin, who can be a melodramatic, killed that ignorant boss who eventually sees your point of view. Cruise does a have Point of View shot in the film and it was completely different from the other four movies.

Overall, Rogue Nation is one of the year’s best films. It is the best blockbuster of the summer. Rogue Nation gets a 4.8 out of 5.

Southpaw (Review)

Gyllenhaal could get nominated for best actor

Gyllenhaal could get nominated for best actor

Gyllenhaal and Whitaker Shine in Star Studded Cast!

Southpaw is a boxing film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker, Oona Laurence, Curtis “50 cent” Jackson, and was written by Kurt Sutter with Antoine Fuqua directing it. Eminem was originally going to start in the role but dropped out to write the soundtrack for the film. He did the theme song “Phenomenal.” The late James Horner composed the score.

Gyllenhaal and Eminem

Gyllenhaal and Eminem

Boxer Billy Hope (Gyllenhaal) turns to trainer Tick Willis (Whitaker) to help him get his life back on track after losing his wife (McAdams) in a tragic accident and his daughter (Laurence) to child protection services.  He also has Jordan Mains (50 Cent) always lurking in the corner.


Southpaw is a very generic boxing movie at the core. Although it doesn’t hurt the film but it doesn’t add anything new the genre. The major problem in Southpaw is the redemption story takes a while to get started. That’s where the film picks up. Even though Rachel McAdams has great chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal on screen and the audience feels disheartened when she is killed, the storyline has Gyllenhaal fighting another opponent due to the manipulation of his promoter.  The movie really becomes a redemption story when Gyllenhaal  turns to Forest Whitaker.

The two men who make the story believable. Forest Whitaker could be nominated for best supporting actor

The two men who make the story believable. Forest Whitaker could be nominated for best supporting actor

The acting in Southpaw is stellar. Gyllenhaal delivers a knockout performance with every other cast member. His relationship with his the young actress (Laurence) who plays his daughter is the glue that holds the story together. Laurence displays a range of emotion and her acting skills are impressive.   Gyllenhaal’s and Whitaker’s relationship and chemistry is what makes the film enjoyable. The two men have a understanding of each other and know what motivates each other. These two actors bring it every time. Whitaker has an Academy Award for best actor on his mantle but this movie might get Gyllenhaal his first one. The plot has underlying dark themes but the ending makes you feel hopefulness in your life. The boxing scenes are realistic and Gyllenhaal did get hurt a few times while filming the movie.

Overall, Southpaw is a good sports movie. The actors gave stellar performances. It’s a hard R movie; therefore, parents don’t take your children with you. I noticed a few kids in the theater, and they don’t need to hear the language in the movie. Southpaw gets 3.5 out 5.

Ant-Man Review


Edgar Who?!!!

Marvel Studios and their associates has a great reputation of making fun action orientated superhero movies. Ant-Man, their newest movie, is another classic blockbuster from Marvel but…it is very different from the rest of the films. Ant-Man is a character driven heist movie. It also completes Marvel’s phase 2. Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stroll, Evangeline Lilly, and Peyton Reed directing it.

Scott Lang, Paul Rudd, is an ex thief struggling with the life on the outside. He is unable to find or hold a job because of his previous criminal record, although the public seems to admire him for his criminal actions. He is unable to see his daughter, Cassie. Scott, his best friend, Luis (Michael Pena), and Luis’s gang of thieves (T.I. & David Dastmalchian) break into a house to steal the contents of a vault hidden in a basement. Scott finds the Ant-Man suit. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), the creator of the Pym Particle that allows the suit’s wearer to shrink in size, asks Scott for his help. Hank and his daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly), want to break into Pym technologies to steal a technology that is deadly enough to change modern warfare. Pym’s protégé, Darren Cross (Corey Stroll) has created a suit called the Yellow Jacket that could devastate the world. Scott, Hank, Hope, and Scott’s crew must succeed with the heist or the world will be in peril from organization known as Hydra.

Ant-Man is unlike any other movie. The first Iron Man can be compared to Ant-Man. Ant-Man is Scott Lang’s redemption story. That’s one of the negatives of the film. Not the redemption story itself because the story is great. The first twenty minutes are slow burn and it takes a while for the heist storyline to get rolling. It’s a minor complaint so don’t expect straight fun and action in the first act of the movie. The other problem with Ant-Man is the generic villain that Marvel Studios has constantly have had in their movies. Corey Stroll played Darren Cross, and he was amazing. Cross is one dimensional character. Stroll does a good job of making the audience see the villain’s motivations but never felt like he was threat. However, Ant-Man is loaded with positives.

Ant-Man’s biggest positive is it’s not a failure. The movie could have completely bombed after the whole Edgar Wright’s departure. Wright was originally going to direct the movie but Kevin Feige, the head producer at Marvel Studios, decided Ant-Man could be a catalyst for phase 3 by introducing key concepts that will be used in future Marvel Studios movies. He hired the right director, Peyton Reed, and the perfect actor as Paul Rudd to play Scott Lang. Reed and Rudd rewrote Wright’s and Joe Cornish’s script by adding references to future heroes and of course adding a lot comedic dialogue. For example, Hydra was mentioned in my synopsis. Hydra shows up in the third act wanting to buy the Yellow Jacket technology to destroy the Avengers and of course rule the world. Hank Pym, himself, has distaste for the Avengers and especially Tony Stark. Scott Lang fights an Avenger in a hilarious scene. Avenger tells the person in the intercom, “please don’t tell Cap about this.” Paul Rudd, Kevin Feige, and Peyton Reed deserve a lot of credit in rewriting the story and made the movie feel like Ant-Man does take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Peyton Reed deserves a lot of praise for his direction of the film.

Peyton Reed, his visual effects team, and editors deserve a lot of praise. Reed and his visual effects team used a filming technique called Macrophotography. The cinematographer, Russell Carpenter, and his team would take a picture an object for example, Thomas the Tank Engine. The picture would blow up the size of Thomas to make him look a giant in the photograph. The visual effects team then would insert the photograph into the film and the visual effects team would us motion caption actions of Paul Rudd or Corey Stroll to complete the scene. Personally, the visual effects team for Ant-Man should be nominated for a few Academy Awards. Ant-Man made the audience feel like they were a little person with the sounds and visuals on screen. My fellow audience members walked out of the theater eager to see more Ant-Man scenes in Marvel Movies. The actors deserve a lot of praise for making the movie funny and enjoyable.

Paul Rudd was the star of Ant-Man and Scott Lang. He knocks the role of Scott Lang out of the ballpark. Michael Douglas is literally fantastic as Hank Pym. The two actors nail the mentor/student relationship between Lang and Pym. Evangeline Lilly had great chemistry with Douglas. She plays the jealous daughter who doesn’t believe that her father is proud of her. Douglas and Lilly nail that relationship. Scott Lang’s crew which includes Michael Pena, T.I., and David Dastmalchian add a lot of humor to the movie. T.I. steals a cop car for example, and Pena plays an important role in the movie dealing the Avengers. Ant-Man is very well acted which helped make the movie hilarious.

Ant-Man is an important Marvel movie. It really sets up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to come and helps the worldwide audience believe that comedian Paul Rudd can play a hero. The studio has good ideals for a sequel; however, to get the Ant-Man sequel that the world deserve is…people need to go see this movie while it’s in theaters. Ant-Man is very suitable for the families because kids will love the action scenes and adults will get the subtle humor. Ant-Man gets a 4 out 5 from me.

Terminator Genisys (Review) Minor spoiler or two


He’s Back!

Terminator Genisys will be one of those summer blockbusters that will divide people. The critics and fans reactions can be compared to Man of Steel. Man of Steel (the newest superman movie) has a lot passionate fans who truly love the movie and went to see a few times in theaters but there critics who really found the movie uninspiring and disappointing.  Judging from the reaction from the fans on twitter and social media, Terminator Genisys will divisive.  However, everybody seems to agree that Arnold hits a homerun as the Terminator again.

Terminator Genisys begins in the future 2029 that fanbase knows. Skynet and the Terminators have captured and exterminating the human race. John Connor (Jason Clarke) appears in the future, and Skynet starts to be defeated. John and his right hand man, Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney), launch a offensive to take down the time machine that Skynet used to send a Terminator back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), John’s mother.  They fail so John sends Kyle back in time like he is supposed to but this isn’t the same 1984 that John told Kyle about.  Kyle encounters a T-1000 and is saved by Sarah Connor.  Sarah and her parents were attacked in 1973 by the T-1000. Her parents were killed and a Terminator known as the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) saved Sarah Connor. Sarah knows about everything in her future: Skynet and Judgment Day,  Kyle is supposed to be John’s father and her lover, and John Connor will lead the humans to victory. Her goal is stop the existence of Skynet so she can decide her future for herself.  She, Kyle, and the Guardian (Sarah nickname for the Terminator is Pops) destroy the T-1000 and decide they must go forward in time to 2017.  Cyberdyne is going to launch an app called Genisys which is the Artificial Intelligent known as Skynet. They must stop it but John Connor stands in the way.

Lets start with the bad first, Genisys is divisive.  For one Jai Courtney has no business being Kyle Reese. Courtney is a vanilla actor because he is not charismatic or even likeable on screen. The movie begins with Courtney as Kyle Reese talking about his childhood and being rescued by John Connor. He seriously lacked chemistry with Jason Clarke who played John Connor in the beginning. He did grow on me a little bit in the last act of the movie. It was a bad casting decision to hire him. Emilia Clarke also delivered a vanilla performance at first but she grew on me and kind of like her at the end of the movie. The screenwriters (Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis) and the director (Alan Taylor) did a poor job of having redundant dialogue and not really flushing out characters.  Despite these flaws, the movie was rather enjoyable.

The action was fun to watch although the studio shot itself in the foot by showing a majority of it in the trailers. The dynamic between Sarah Connor and her Terminator was great. I think the audience felt that Sarah deeply loved her Terminator and he felt the same about her although he never said it.  The dynamic and banter between the Terminator and Kyle Reese was hilarious. The two men are obviously competing for Sarah’s affections. Despite what the critics say, the plot is easy to follow. It is not full of holes but it does leave a few questions open like who sends the Guardian Terminator back in time. J.K. Simmons also plays a detective in 2017, and he is memorable with the little screen time   Arnold, the Terminators, and Skynet make this movie worth watching several times.

The T-1000 is played by Lee Byung-hun and the T-1000 is still as cool as in the second Terminator movie. Lee doesn’t have the charisma that Robert Patrick did but he is also given little to do in the movie.  Jason Clarke plays the T-5000, a nanomachine hybrid, that still can bleed but resurrect himself.  Clarke plays a good bad guy but isn’t memorable like Arnold being the bad guy in the first and Robert Patrick in the second movie. His action scenes along the T-1000 really enjoyable, and they make the movie fun. Spoiler Alert, Matt Smith (Dr. Who himself) plays Skynet. Skynet has a humanistic body in the future, and Matt Smith is Skynet. He is the T-5000 who infects John Connor. He only appears in the movie for 5 minutes but he does survive in 2017 and is supposed to have bigger roles in the sequels.  Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers as the Terminator protector. I felt like you can tell that he loved Sarah Connor like a father.  He has great one liners like “I’m old but not obsolete.”  Arnold is what makes the Terminator movies enjoyable. He is the primary why the franchise is still popular in global pop culture. Personality, I want him back for the sequel and the third movie too. He also gets a nice little upgrade at the end of the movie.

Overall, Terminator Genisys is a good entertaining movie.  The action involving the Terminators is great. The actors who play Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor grow on you. I will give the Terminator 3 out 5. I’m hoping Skydance Pictures finds better screenwriters for the next movie that help flush out characters.

Matt Smith in the sequels needs to have a personality. Skydance and the producers need to find writers who can really develop a personality for Matt Smith’s character. I see the character having a sadistic personality like the Joker. They should find writers can create a action driven story with a lot of character development.