The Flash (Crazy for you) review

the flash crazy for you

Britne Oldford as Lashawn Baez

Hey, it’s a teleporter!

The Flash is an fun hour of entertainment every Tuesday 8PM. The Flash continuously impresses with the special effects for a television show. The VFX budget must be pretty financially substantial for the show.  Tonight, the Flash encountered a threated that he couldn’t catch, a teleporter.

Barry Allen continues to save people as the Flash and make a great impression the citizens of Central City.  However, a prisoner is broken out of Iron Heights, and the Flash team discovers the prisoner is aided by a teleporter.  The teleporter is quicker than the Flash so he has problems in defeating her.  Barry Allen and Detective Joe West ask Barry’s father, Henry Allen, to get information the escape prisoner’s whereabouts.  Henry gets stabbed in the process but helps the Flash. Cisco meanwhile is aided by Hartley, the villain from last week’s episode, to find out where Catlin’s boyfriend, Ronnie Raymond, is hiding.  Hartley’s does help Cisco to find truth about Ronnie but Hartley escapes.  Catlin and Barry go to a bar and Catlin gets drunk. She sort of admits her feelings towards Barry which goes over his head and he starts to date a fellow reporter at Iris’ work. Iris gets so jealous.  Oh Gorilla Grodd shows up at the end of the episode.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West

This Flash episode had many positives for example, the special effects, Cisco dealing with Hartley, and introduce of Grodd at the end.  The relationship between Barry and Caltin and the moments between Barry and his Dad, Henry, really stood out in this episode. The moments between Barry and Caltin are adorable. Catlin obviously likes Barry so much, and he is blind as a bat to her flirty mannerisms towards him.  They have a great moment together where they sing karaoke during the episode. It was very light hearted and romantic at the same time.   Henry Allen has a lot of bonding moments with Barry. For example, Henry tells Barry subtly that he might know this Flash guy, and he that he is super proud of him and loves him.  They both cry and it is hinted that Barry’s father knows that Barry is The Flash and is super proud of him.

The teleporter story line was a drag on the episode.  She breaks her boyfriend out of prison and instead of runaway together they continue to pull heist jobs. The Flash catches her and her boyfriend leaves her in the dust. It was the classic decent girl with powers falls for the wrong guy story. Personality, the writers might have missed out on the opportunity to do something exciting and fun with teleporter’s introduction.

Overall, this episode was pretty good and enjoyable. Barry Allen and Catlin develop their potential romantic relationship. It was the interaction between Barry Allen and Henry Allen that really made this episode standout. The Flash continues to get better and better plus we will have a talking gorilla as a villain soon.  “Crazy for you” gets a 3.5 out 5. Too bad for the weak villain story.


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