Brandon Routh makes his debut as the Atom tonight

Brandon Routh as the Atom

Brandon Routh as the Atom

First of all, I do apologize for my lack reviews on the Academy Awards, the Kingsmen: Secret Service,  Arrow reviews, Flash, and last Gotham episode. Life has really overwhelmed lately.  I will comment on those items after I talked about Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer.

On Arrow, Ray Palmer is supposed to make his debut in the Atom suit. The suit has the ability to change his size while maintaining super strength too. Brandon Routh who plays Ray Palmer on Arrow has been a delight to watch in every episode he is in. He’s funny, intelligent, and charming on screen.   There are rumors of Routh getting his show as Ray Palmer. I do believe Brandon Routh could have his own superhero but I’m against. He is a great actor but there is too many superhero shows on TV. Teen Titans and Supergirl could be coming soon. Oversaturation is starting to happen.  I’m really looking forward to Arrow tonight.

Arrow might be my favorite show on TV along with Grimm. I’m starting to like Laurel as the Canary. She is not the best fighter but she’s loyal and gets her ass kicked which could be understood.  Thea’s involvement in the Arrow Team now has really allowed her character to become involved in the show. She is no longer used for a young adult love story but she’s a fighter. She could do die at the end of the season. I can see that happening.  I feel Detective Lance has taken a back seat in the episodes. I really enjoy the actor, and his portrayal as captain.

The Flash is closing on its first season. I do love the show. Every character is important  and has a purpose. I really enjoy the inclusion of Fire Storm played by Robbie Amell.  He brings a lot of attitude and charm to his role.  I’m excited that Gorilla Grodd has been featured on the show.  I don’t know if he will a big villain at the end of the season but he will be a menace in future seasons.

Gotham was ok this week.  I’m sad to see Alfred get hurt, and the Wayne Enterprises board put a hit on Bruce Wayne’s head. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Bruce Wayne might have to leave Gotham in season 2.  Fish Mooney has been a pleasant surprise on the previous two episodes. She is very relevant now. My best friend from high school texted me on Monday and said he has no idea where the show is going. I agree with him.

However, on the subject of the Academy Awards, I felt Neil Patrick Harris was a great host. I’m surprised Birdman won best director and picture. It is a really good movie but Keaton didn’t deserve the Oscar. I do believe Keaton is a better actor than Eddie Redmayne. Redmayne did a hell of a job portraying Dr. Stephen Hawking.  I enjoyed the two speeches by Graham Moore and Patricia Arquette.  They were inspiring speeches. The Oscars continued to bash superhero films but just wait until one day a superhero film wins a best picture award.


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