Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 (review)

Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1

Is Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 worth seeing?

The Hunger Games as a film franchise has delivered in entertainment and at the box office. The film franchise has made 1.8 billion.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was an extreme success compared to its successor, The Hunger Games; however, the first part of the final trilogy does not deliver. The first two Hunger Games films had an intense pace but this film lacks intensity and action. It replaces these two components for dull meaningless love triangle and dull drama. The saving grace of the film is the acting and Donald Southerland as President Snow.
Mockingjay takes place right after Catching Fire ended. Katniss Everdeen is with the rebels and her lover or husband, Peeta, is in the capital. Katniss is reluctant to side with the rebels while Peeta becomes a spokesman for the capital and President Snow. Peeta urges the districts to end rebellion while Katniss is having PTSD.  Katniss makes a deal with President Coin who is in charge of the rebels that she will lead their rebel for exchange for Peeta getting a pardon from pro capital telecasts. President Coin is completely jealous of Katniss. The question of the film is; Can Katniss save Peeta from President Snow instead Can Katniss and the rebels end President Snow’s tyranny?
Mockjay fails because the story fails. This installment of the Hunger Games is boring and dull. It is super repetitive and lacks the intense action that made Hunger Games a great film franchise. The Mockingjay is 400 page book. The filmmakers decided to forgo of making a coherent film with action, romance, and battle scenes and replaced with a Nicholas Spark’s love story with Peeta, Katniss, and Gale for 2 hours. We couldn’t get a film with a good storyline in film trilogy.  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is an example of this. They made a film that is choppy and focuses on to much of the Peeta, Katniss, and Gale love triangle. Katniss apparently goes through post traumatic stress syndrome and needs the first 45 minutes of the film to figure out if she wants be the Mockingjay. Honestly, the Mockingjay has never been full explained why it is symbol to the rebels. The acting of one man particularly does save casual film going audience’s interest to go see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

Donald Southerland as President Snow

Donald Southerland as President Snow

Donald Southernland has given a pretty astounding acting performance that puts him into film history. His character, President Snow, is one of the most evil, manipulative, and sadistic characters to grace the film screen. His character is the human version of Lord Voldermort. Snow will bomb a hospital, set traps, blackmail citizens, and is power hungry. He will do anything to keep his position because he believes that he is doing the right thing. Southerland gives the character a sense of purpose and it brings his screen time to life. As an audience member, more screen time for President Snow is a great thing. He drives the story while the other heavy dramatic plot points drags the movie down.

Overall, Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 is a lackluster film. Fans of the book might love it but this critic would rather see the Spider-man stalk Gwen Stacey five straight times in the Amazing Spider-man 2 instead of ever watching this awful Nicholas Spark’s love story ever again. Sorry, the filmmakers decided to go for money and not making a film that could be as great installment to a film trilogy such as Lord of the Rings: Return of the King or Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 gets a 2 out of 5. Hey, at least it is not Transformers 4.


Arrow (Draw Back Your Bow) review

Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter/Cupid

Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter/Cupid

Finally the Introduction of Sadistic Female Villain!

Arrow has lacked strong female characters in the show’s history. Summer Glau, Susan Thompson, and Caity Lotz portrayed strong female characters but their characters are dead and gone. However, Amy Gumenick was introduced as Cupid tonight, and her character really made this new episode really entertaining.

Cupid is killing criminal to get the Arrow’s attention.  She is infatuated with Arrow because she is pretty psycho. He also saved her life one time and has built a shrine of his accomplishments. Oliver Queen has to hunt her down while dealing with another problem, Felicity and Ray Palmer.  Oliver is torn because he secretly wants Felicity to be his lady. Oliver is forced to deal with psychopathic stalker and his internal feelings toward Felicity.

Cupid was a great addition to the Arrow melting pot of characters.  Amy Gumenick brought great charisma to the screen as Cupid. The writers of Arrow can’t pick any DC villain and use them for a storyline or season long arch. They are limited but Cupid can be Arrow’s Harley Quinn. The character enjoys killing for fun. She is willing to kill Arrow and herself because she is a lunatic. She is very seductive too but no one should go to bed with her because an arrow might be put in your back.

Felicity and Ray Palmer had a good chemistry tonight and it made their story interesting.  Oliver wants Felicity and Barry Allen would date her too but the two superheroes are striking out on her affections. Palmer has made his interest in Felicity known from episode 1. He gave her mother a prototype communication device.  He has brought her dresses and made her vice president. They kissed tonight because both of them are very silimar. However, the question reminds if Ray Palmer will show Felicity is alter ego that he is creating. Brandon Routh and Emily Bett Rickards have great chemistry on screen together.

Overall, Draw Back Your Bow was a really good Arrow episode. It was entertaining and fun. The Arrow fan base will want to see more Cupid because the actress killed as a psycho.  Draw Back Your Bow gets a 4.5/5.

The Flash is Born (review)

Greg Finely as Tony Woodard/Girder

Greg Finely as Tony Woodard/Girder

Supersonic Punch Time!

The Flash can do almost anything. He can break the sound barrier, defy gravity, time travel, and along with other abilities. The Flash is not only a superhero that can defy physics and scientific theory but is a human with a trouble past. Tonight’s Flash episode introduced someone from his trouble past.  A bully named Tony Woodard comes back to torment the Flash.

Tony Woodard used to torment Barry Allen in school. Tony can now transform his whole body into metal. The Flash attempts to stop Tony but breaks his hand during his punch. Barry Allen and his Star Lab team discover that Barry would have to punch Tony at the speed of the sound barrier to defeat the meta human.  Detective Joe West asks Dr. Wells for help with the investigation of Nora Allen’s death.  However, Joe is derailed with a threat from the Reverse Flash.


This Flash episode was pretty entertaining. The special effects were good and the interaction of Eddie and Barry being friendly was a good plot point. It help rekindle Barry and Iris’s friendship. However, there is a mystery that needs addressing. Is Dr. Wells the Reverse Flash?

Reverse Flash in the comics is the Flash’s arch nemesis. They have identical powers but the Flash is pure of heart while the Reverse Flash is filled with jealously towards the Flash. Dr. Wells in the pilot or second episode had a moment when he seemed to move the speed of lightening. However, I don’t think he is the ultimate bad guy but I think he is working with future Eddie Thawne to distract the Flash from a larger plan. I have no idea who is the central baddie for this season but I believe that we will find out probably in January.  The ending of this episode has made my head spin in theory but at least the writers are keeping the audience intrigued.

The Flash is Born gets a 4/5.

Gotham (Harvey Dent) review

Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent

Nicholas D’Agosto as Harvey Dent

Was Harvey Dent underutilized?

Batman fans all know and love Harvey Dent! Why shouldn’t we?! The character is considered to be one of the best comic book villains of all time. The character has been portrayed in multiple media such as television shows, graphic novels, film, and video games. Every fan comic book fan loves a good Two Face/Harvey Dent story. However, did Gotham introduce him to soon?

Harvey Dent is introduced on Gotham when Jim Gordon and the detectives from major crimes meet with Harvey. Harvey promises Gordon that he will not release any names to a newspaper about the Wayne murder but will stir the pot to see the reaction of the corrupt in Gotham. Gordon pleaded with Bruce and Alfred to take in Selina Kyle for her protection. Meanwhile, a well known explosive bomb maker is broken out of prison and sets off bombs in Gotham. Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate the criminal and their actions prevent a gang war.

Harvey Dent, played by Nicholas D’Agosto, was introduced to soon. One of the problems with Gotham is the misuse of characters. Edward Nygma and Selina Kyle have been misused and not really needed in certain episodes. Dent was underutilized as a character in this episode.  D’Agosto did have the likeable Dent charm that makes a audience to root for the guy. However, his outburst towards a person later in the episode was totally random and really thrown in there for a future reference to excite fan boys about Two Face.  Dent’s actions this episode will apparently play a big part in next week’s episode which does involve assassins trying to kill Bruce and Selina.

Barbara Kean is a big waste of a character. The storyline is so weak. Producers of Gotham, you didn’t have to introduce Barbara yet. Did you not think this through when you outlined her storyline for this season.  Erin Richards plays Barbara and does a decent job of acting from what she is given on the page. Her character could be given moments to shine if she wasn’t already introduced in the first season.

The positives of this episode was Bruce, Alfred, and Selina and their interaction to each other. Selina called Bruce “a weird kid.” Alfred told Bruce that “he fancies Ms. Kyle.” However, the biggest point that Selina made to Bruce is that “people in Gotham don’t fight with fists but guns!” Selina brought Bruce down to the real world just a bit. The Penguin was quite enjoyable as always. He blackmails Fish Mooney’s spy and he told the witch “I’ll kill you if you tell anyone about our discussion.” Mooney was not a bad character in this episode and rather enjoyable.

Overall, this episode of Gotham had some real good moments between Bruce, Alfred, and Selina. The Penguin brings his A game because he is a little creepy rat. Harvey Dent was likeable at first but then his character was under cut by bad storytelling. Barbara Kean needs to get cut from the show so Jim Gordon can date a nice girl not someone who is bipolar.

Arrow Guilty Review

Colton Hayes as Roy Harper tells Felicity, Emily Bett Rickards, about his dreams of killing Sara Lance

Colton Hayes as Roy Harper tells Felicity, Emily Bett Rickards, about his dreams of killing Sara Lance

Who could kill Sara Lance?

Last week, I didn’t post an Arrow review because the episode pretty much sucked and was predictable. Tonight’s episode “Guilty” was very predictable but it was entertaining. The question remains who killed Sara Lance? I believe it is was the wife of the Asian guy who we see in flashbacks with Oliver Queen in China. However, I do believe we will find out soon who Sara’s killer is.  Tonight’s episode dealt with the mystery of Ted Grant and Roy believing if he killed Sara.

Roy Harper believes that he killed Sara Lance because of his dreams. He asks for Felicity for help and finds inconclusive results if he killed Sara.  However, Oliver, Stephen Amell, has a bigger problem. Oliver discovers an assailant is killing a family of drug dealers. All signs point to Ted Grant. J.R. Ramirez , Wildcat, who is training Laurel Lance, Kate Cassidy.  Arrow, Ted, and Laurel form a team to determine the identity killer of the drug dealers and why killer is determine to frame Grant for the murders.

J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant training Laurel Lance, Kate Cassidy.

J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant training Laurel Lance, Kate Cassidy.

The one of the reasons why Arrow is one of the better television shows is the use of the characters. For the past few seasons, the minor characters get their spotlight in their own episode. Tonight the team of the writers focused on Ted Grant played by J.R. Ramirez. Comic book fans know the character as the hero named Wildcat and who works with the Justice League and helps Batman hone his martial arts skills. “Guilty” focused on two characters Roy Harper and Ted Grant.  Ted Grant is teaching Laurel to box.  The audience discovers that Ted was a vigilante six years ago. However, his partner killed a criminal and the murder causes Ted retires from being a vigilante.   Oliver and Ted have a dislike of each other probably because they both want the same woman. Kate Cassidy has gained some muscle and will become Black Canary this season apparently.  Ted also warned Oliver to cut Roy from the team because Ted’s partner let him down.

Roy and Oliver relationship was put on full displayed tonight. Oliver showed that he trusts Roy and believes in him. Roy tells Oliver “Don’t abandon me.”  Oliver replies “I won’t” and Oliver helps Roy to discovered he has committed a murder but not the one of Sara Lance. Roy is one of the better characters on Arrow. Oliver give Roy the nickname of Arsenal tonight. Arsenal is Roy Harper’s superhero identity in the comics. Sidekicks are important because they remind our main hero of their humanity. The Oliver and Roy relationship is right now a mentor/student but it is becoming brother/brother relationship.  Roy can kick major ass also.

Overall, tonight’s Arrow episode was good. It was very enjoyable and Ted Grant was the main. Roy and Oliver became more brothers than just being partners. Personally, I would have to loved to see Brandon Routh or John Barrowman in his episode. “Guilty” gets a 4.0/5.  (preview of next’s episode is below).

Tonight’s episode of Arrow what did you think of it? comment below and let me know


The Flash Plastique (review)

Kelly Frye as Bette Sans Souci/ Plastique

Kelly Frye as Bette Sans Souci/ Plastique

Plastique makes her debut!

The Flash has super cool villains.  He has Mirror Master, Captain Cold, and the Reverse Flash. The Flash introduced a new villain tonight, Plastique. Plastique has the ability to turn anything into a explosive bomb. Her abilities mirror Gambit from the X-men. Gambit’s kinetic energy explodes items and the energy leaves no trace. Plastique leaves explosion residue from the items that she touches.   Tonight’s episode introduced a second DC villain General Wade Eiling.

Barry Allen can't drunk

Barry Allen can’t drunk

Plastique explode an office building looking for information on the person who changed her from a soldier into an exploding ticking time bomb. The Central City Police department investigate but are ordered to give the case over the US Army. General Wade Eiling is leading the investigation for the Army. Barry Allen and his team at Star Labs discover that Bette Sans Souci is the woman that can explode items with a touch. Barry Allen races to save Bette and tries to save her before the General can use her as a weapon.

The Flash is a very entertaining hour of television namely because the main character, Barry Allen. Grant Gustin has really grown into his character.  He is not only super charming but brings charisma to the screen. Gustin also gives the viewers a sense that Barry Allen/The Flash deeply cares about everybody’s life no matter who they are. Barry also promises Bette that he help save her. Catlin and Ramon try to help her but Dr. Wells undermines Barry. He does this deliberately to push Barry to expand his powers. Kelly Frye did a great job of playing Plastique and bringing human emotion to supervillain.

Clancy Brown as General Wade Eiling

Clancy Brown as General Wade Eiling

Clancy Brown is the voice Lex Luthor in the animated DC universe. He also known for the Kurge from the movie Highlander. General Wade Eiling is another enemy for the DC superheroes.  He is also sometimes allies with the heroes for his own objectives. Brown’s Eiling will apparently the more corrupt version of the General. Brown displayed his cockiness in his interpretation of the episode. He was threaten by Dr. Wells but has seen the Flash in action. He will be trying to harness meta-humans for his own gain in future episodes.

The Flash episode Plastique was really interesting. The special effects produced scenes that help Barry Allen run on water and up a building. Next week, the writers previewed his super punch where he punches with the force of the sound barrier.  The villain was a evil General who wanted to exploit Plastique.  The solid had solid acting and a fun plot line. I give the Flash “Plastique” a 4/5.

The episode also did introduce Grodd or Gorilla Grodd. I gave credit to the Flash writer’s it is a ballsy move to introduce a talking gorilla on a television show with a small budget. I can’t wait to see how they pull it off.


Gotham Masks (review)

Richard Sionis

Richard Sionis played by Todd Stashwick

The Sionis Family makes their debut

Gotham has been introducing Batman lore all season.  On the newest episode they introduced a new character that could be a big player in future seasons. Tonight they introduced Richard Sionis who is the father of Roman Sionis. Roman is the villain known as the Black Mask. Richard owns half of Gotham and a giant law firm. Of course, he is super corrupt.

Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock stumble on a dead body by the dock. Jim and Harvey assume it is a mugging but they start to investigate. They discover that the deceased has office supplies in his system and on the body like staples on his skin and printer ink in his stomach. They come to find out that someone is holding Gladiator fights in Gotham.  Oswald Cobblepot makes a peace offering to Fish Mooney and she rejects his offering. He does pay her back in the worst way.

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

One of the biggest positives is Harvey Bullock starts to stick up for his partner, Jim Gordon. Gordon is goes by the book and honest. Bullock has fun not being honest but this week he grew up. Harvey Bullock makes a speech and calls his partner “an asshat.” He actually convinces several cops to help him search Gordon is in the gladiator fight.  The Gotham City Police Department seems to be getting on board with Gordon. The Penguin also had a huge moment in this episode when he beats up Fish Mooney’s new umbrella boy to gain information. He lets his guys dispose of the umbrella boy.

Bruce gets pizza he seeks revenge against Thomas Elliot

Bruce gets pizza he seeks revenge against Thomas Elliot

The episode biggest positive was Bruce Wayne. Bruce gets taunted and beaten by a kid named Thomas Elliot at school. Alfred and Bruce go to the Elliot’s house, and Bruce just lays into the his bully’s face. He tells Alfred that he has so much rage and anger every moment. He ask Alfred if he can teach him how to fight. Aflred smiles and replies with a yes. Bruce will get his basic fighting lessons from Alfred but he still a lot to learn until he becomes Batman.

Overall, this episode of Gotham was good. It is not a great episode but it is entertaining. Bruce Wayne and Alfred are pretty good on this show. Gordon is great and the Penguin is rutherless. Gotham “Masks” gets a 3.5 out of 5. Harvey Dent next week!