Two Famous Superheroes have found their Lead Actors

Benedict Cumberbatch will be Dr. Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch will be Dr. Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch will play Stephen Strange or Dr. Strange in Doctor Strange released November 5th, 2016. Cumberbatch is known for Sherlock Holmes from BCC’s Sherlock. Sherlock is eccentric, arrogant, and intelligent. Benedict Cumberbatch is plays Alan Turing in the Imitation Game. Imitation Game is in limited release at the moment but Cumberbatch is getting Oscar buzz for his role.  Personally, I applaud Marvel Studios for intention to get high quality actors like Cumberbatch or Michael Douglas to play Hank Pym in the upcoming Ant-Man film. Douglas has an academy award to his name. I could see Michael Douglas appearing in a Dr. Strange movie.  Hank Pym and Stephen Strange would be two of the Marvel Universe’s top scientific minds and are friends in the comics.   Who is Dr. Strange?


Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. He actually was a brilliant neurosurgeon with a giant ego. He drives off a cliff and wastes his fortune on finding a cure to heal his hand which are almost paralyzed.  Strange hears of a man who has the power to heal and seeks him out in the Tibetan Mountains.  He meets the Ancient One who teaches him humility, the principles of magic, and pass on the title of Sorcerer Supreme.  Dr. Strange controls all aspects of Magic. He shoots lightening bolts from his hands or has the power to heal almost anyone but saving them from death mystically endangers the world at great cost. He can shield people with his thoughts, or has the ability to astral phase from plane to plane. He and another Sorcerer Baron Mordo, a primary enemy of his, have had mental battles across dimensions. His arch nemesis is Dormammu. (Clip below is from the animated Spider-man series from the 90s).

Ok, Why is introducing Dr. Strange a great move for Marvel. Doctor Strange faces Demons, Vampire, or other paranormal creatures. The film will be a horror movie…more like action horror. Doctor Strange might be facing demon like creatures in this movie. However, Dr. Strange’s world sets up the possibility of introducing other mystical and supernatural characters from the Marvel Universe. Doctor Voodoo, Ghost Rider, or Blade appearing in a future Dr. Strange film is not out of the realm of possibly.
(below is a video from a facebook game that i play which characters like Ghost Rider and other characters are introduced.)

(the video above belongs to Kingfisher. He makes youtube videos for the Facebook game called Marvel Avengers Alliance.  The game is a good introduction to the Marvel Universe and discovering heroes and their enemies.)

Ryan Reynolds is going to play Deadpool again in the stand alone film!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool during test footage for a potential movie that could have come out in 2012

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool during test footage for a potential movie that could have come out in 2012

 Around 2012, there were rumor dates of a Deadpool movie coming out. Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most popular comic book characters. He is a big smart ass and constantly likes to break the fourth wall. (Fourth Wall is a imaginary wall between the audience and fictional character). Ryan Reynolds portrayed Deadpool in a X-Men: Wolverine Origins.  (the video below is the behind of the scenes footage of X-Men: Wolverine Origins about Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds. Ingore the last 4 minutes because that is not Deadpool which is one of the reasons why fans revolted against the film).

X-Men: Wolverine Origins was awful which set back the development of X-men characters and helped spur a reboot in 2011, X-Men First Class. Fans were upset with Origins and the critics didn’t like that much. It took 4 years for Origins to get a sequel, and the sequel was good but it was only about Wolverine. Deadpool was positively received in Origins so fans and film pundits wanted to see Ryan Reynolds to come back as Deadpool.  Thursday, Fox announced that Ryan Reynolds will be returning as Deadpool coming to a theater near you on February 12th, 2016. (two days after my birthday).  The reason why the Deadpool movie has gained wind because the leak test footage. (it is shown below and this actually Deadpool.)

Tim Miller is set to direct it and the creators of Deadpool wrote the script and story.

Deadpool is a mutant. He has accelerated healing, skilled artial artist, and a mercenary for hire. He kills people and drops F bombs.  He is beloved by many. I play a facebook game with Marvel Heroes called Marvel Avengers Alliance, and Deadpool breaks the fourth in that game. He surfs the web when other characters are taking turns and something bugs players to force to refresh and not use their abilities. Deadpool is a fun character, and it could the start of the X-Force which a hero named Cable is the leader. Cable is an extremely popular X-Men character. I suggest you look up Deadpool clips from his video or use watch mojo about who the character is.


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