Doctor Who Series 8 review (spoilers)

Peter Capaldi: The Doctor  Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald

Peter Capaldi: The Doctor
Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald

Doctor Who Series 7 ended with a regeneration and a new Doctor taking over. This Doctor is Peter Capaldi who is older than his predecessor, Matt Smith. Doctor Who saw a raise in worldwide popularity with Matt Smith was the Doctor.  Smith was energetic, funny, and charismatic. Many people watched Doctor Who because of Matt Smith. Capaldi is the older version of the Doctor that has been missing for several regenerations. Doctor Who Series 8 is Capaldi’s first series as the Doctor with  Steven Moffat is still head producer and Jenna Coleman returning as Clara Oswald.

Doctor Who is very unique because the Doctor can change his appearance. The New Doctor was the best part of this new series of Doctor Who. Capaldi is a darker Doctor.  His Doctor constantly wonders if he is a good man or a troublemaker.  His Doctor lacks confidence but was much more harsh and direct towards people.  For example the Into the Dalek episode, the Doctor shows a Dalek the beauty of the universe.  The Dalek looks into the Doctor’s soul and sees nothing but hatred.  The Dalek labels the Doctor “a good Dalek.”   The Doctor is asked by soldier if they could join him and he replies “I don’t like soldiers.”  He doesn’t even like Clara’s boyfriend, Danny Pink. Pink is constantly mocked by the Doctor and the Pink calls the Doctor “Sir.”  Fans like to think the Doctor is a hero going around saving people.  He actually causes more trouble because he keeps making enemies when he saves people.  The Master had a very good line in this finale.  “I gave you an army so you could restore order to the universe in your image.”  Capaldi was really funny as the Doctor and super likeable.  (I uploaded a speech that Capaldi’s Doctor gives at the end of a episode called Flatline.)

The addition of the Master was fantastic (A clip of John Simm as the Master before he regenerated into the new Master). Steven Moffat did something that no one would expect which was turn the Master into a Time lady (Timelord who regenerates into a lady).  (a clip is Michelle Gomez revealing herself as the Master).

Personally, Steven Moffat deserves a lot of praise. The Master is now a woman who more evil than the any of the previous Masters.  Her version displays a lack empathy for anybody. She kills Osgood, a character who became popular among the fans, and kills her lackey because he is annoying her.  She also blows up a airplane door to send the head of Unit out of the window. It is also reveal that Clara was given the Doctor’s number by Missy when Clara went into a shop one day.  Missy doesn’t hesitate to kill or manipulate people. She did only turn Earth’s deceased population into Cyberman and gave the Doctor the ability to control them. She also gave the Cyberman the ability to fly.  (found the clip which enraged many Doctor Who fans when Missy/Master kills Osgood.)

Despite the beautiful reveal and rivalry between the Master/Missy and The Doctor this season had some huge issues. They were namely Clara Oswald and Danny Pink.

(clip of Clara meeting the Doctor).

Clara Oswald, Jenna Coleman, was a pretty good companion at the end of Matt Smith’s reign as the Doctor. However, she turn into the biggest waste of a character. She was so whinny and bitchy. Companions are supposed to be entertaining but she was mean most of the time. Her love story with Danny Pink, Samuel Anderson, was awful.  The former companions Amy and Rory had a wonderful love story. Rory lacked confidence most of the time while Amy was a good get them type of girl. Clara is freaking malicious towards people in general.

Danny Pink is an intelligent character but he was never given a chance to shine.  He and the Doctor would constantly spar over Clara for her time and affection. I have found that male companions in the new series have been love stick puppies and used as gags for punchlines. I was so excited with the casting of Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink.  I thought he would join Clara and the Doctor in the TARDIS and be an reoccurring companion who wouldn’t be just Clara’s boyfriend. The boyfriend who argues with the Doctor. Unfortunately, Stephen Moffat created a season arch that focused on the companion and her boyfriend instead of the Doctor.  The relationship ended with this moment.

Overall, the new Doctor Who season had many highlights. The Doctor was funny and charming. Peter Capaldi was a pretty good Doctor for his first series. He should be back for a few more years I hope as the Doctor. However, Clara was downgraded in character development. She more vicious to the new Doctor with constant mocking of him. Danny Pink became the love sick boyfriend and had no major character development what so ever. He could constantly fight with Clara about the Doctor who is 12000 years her senior and looks like a 60 year old man. If you think a Timelord with grey hair and looks old enough to be your girlfriend’s father gives you confidence problems Danny then you got some major freaking issues. My review will end on this note. Michelle Gomez should be the Master for the next 10 to 15 years because she was sadistic as much the Joker is in Batman comic.







Californication Series Review

Californication created Tom Kapinos  Starting David Duchovny, Evan Handler, Natascha McElhone, Pamela Adlon

Californication created Tom Kapinos
Starting David Duchovny, Evan Handler, Natascha McElhone, Pamela Adlon

Californication is the perfect show about life as a writer!

Californication, at its core, is about a life of struggling author who faces many obstacles. These obstacles include: drugs and sex addiction, parental-child relationships, divorce, constant cheating, and trying to reconcile with his one true love. David Duchovny stars Hank Moody. Moody’s first love is Karen, Natascha McElhone. His best friend is his agent, Charlie Runkle, and Karen’s best friend is Marcy Runkle, Pamela Adlon.  Throughout the show, Hank hits so many brick walls that cause turmoil and triumph in his life.

  In the pilot, Hank is a struggling author who hasn’t had an original idea in awhile. He meets a young girl, Mia (Madeline Zima), in a book store. He is no longer with Karen; therefore Mia and Hank have sex. At the end of the intimate session; she punches him and runs off. Hank comes up with the idea of a new book called “Fucking and Punching.”  Mia turns out to be 17 and Karen’s fiance’s daughter. Hank gives his first draft of his manuscript to Karen for her to read.  Mia reads it, steals it, and turns it into an agent as her own work. Hank tells Charlie but they can’t act on it because of the implications of Hank sleeping with a underage girl. From that moment on; Hank’s life becomes a constant struggle. He dates or sleeps with many different women. His abuse of drugs and alcohol gets him nearly killed or in trouble with the law. As his life implodes, Charlie’s, Marcy’s, Karen’s, and Hank’s daughter Becca’s (Madeleine Martin) lives implode also.  Moody is really a supernova of destruction waiting to happen.

Overall, the adult themes are the beauty of this television show. It might be one of the most realistic television shows ever. On average only a million people watched this show per week. It survived 7 seasons on TV and made for great television. Personally, I felt that Tom Kapinos, the creator, was writing about his life and his struggles. People face so many challenges in their lives daily. The stress of fiances, their careers or job, and  their children take years off people’s lives. It was one of the reasons why I connected with Californication. We see a struggling author have to reinvent himself from plain old author to screenwriter, educator, recovering drug addict, and working on a television show. It’s a constant struggle of balancing a career, several addictions, and a difficult personal life with his daughter, friends, and ex lover that Hank finds himself in.

Overall, I would recommend Californication to watch especially if you do have addictions, internal conflicts with your self esteem, or want to be a writer. The show has so many hilarious moments in it. It’s geared towards adults which most shows aren’t on network TV.  It’s not only for adults but its audience are the intelligent types who have a wicked sense of humor also. We obviously know from Duck Dynasty, The Real Housewives, and Honey Boo that some people will watch anything nonsensical. Californication is no where near like this with it’s sexual and drug content.

Californication had many guest stars ranging from Marlyin Manson, Kathleen Turner, Heather Graham, and Rob Lowe. Each of these guest stars deal with a different aspect of Moody’s life. Manson is symbol between his daughter’s love for music and Hank’s struggle battling addiction. Graham is a former lover in Hank’s life. The life of an author is difficult.

People glamorize authors such as John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Stephen King, and J.K. Rowling. Each of those authors had a difficult periods of their lives before they became successful. For example, Grisham was a representative in Congress; King was an alcoholic; Rowling a single mother barely making a living; and Clancy was a struggling businessman became he published “The Hunt for Red October.” Californication nailed all of these realistic life points..  A couple of the storylines in the previous seasons where after season 4. However, season seven was a reminded of season 1. Season 1 might be the best. I would give a 4/5

It’s one of my favorite shows on television. It will be in my top 25 because some of the sex scenes are so hysterically outrageous.