Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred!

 Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred are brilliant casting choices !

Jesse after Zombieland

Jesse after Zombieland

Jeremy Iron at an Academy Awards

Jeremy Iron at an Academy Awards

Well, we officially know that Lex Luthor and Alfred will be in Man of Steel 2. The fan movie internet-sphere went crazy today.  Fans seem to love the Alfred casting, and I love it too.  Jeremy Irons is a great talented actor who’s brilliant in anything he has been in.  He’s the villain from Die Hard 3 and the voice of Scar from the Lion King.  He’s also an Academy Award winning actor for his role in Reversal of Fortune. His version of Alfred will might better than Michael Caine’s version.   It’s to talk about Jesse Eisenberg who is going to play Superman’s ironic nemesis.

Jesse Eisenberg is one of the most brilliant young actors in Hollywood. He was great as a genius that had no friends and untrustworthy of others in the Social Network. He was very funny in Zombieland and displayed an arrogance in Now You See me.  He also has a movie coming out in March called The Double.  He is basically a man who sees a doppelganger take his life away in the film.  Jesse will be able to pull off the arrogance, the lack of mistrust of people, and the devilish cunning of Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor is an allegory on Man’s World of being overconfident, mistrusting, and intelligence can destroy you if you have a ego the size as Saturn.  I like what Warner Bros.  has decided to do with Lex Luthor is make him younger and hopefully he’ll have hair in this movie. I wanted to see a young Superman take on a younger Lex Luthor like in Smallville.  Jesse did win a golden globe for his part in Social Network. He was such a creeper in the movie too. Zack Synder, the director,  is going for a younger Luthor who will publicly renounce Superman. I could see a few lines of the movie being “I’m 31 and run a multibillion dollar company who said humanity is not as superior as Superman. Why should we worship a false god? Human race is making strides everyday for our own evolution so don’t expect me to bow down to the Big Blue Boy Scout wearing the tights like ballerina.”  Jesse has already displayed arrogance as an actor to have some witty dialogue with Batman an Superman. He has this deceptiveness about him as an actor to make Lex Luthor amazing.

My opinion is that Man of Steel 2, or whatever it’s call, has become a better movie with the talent it just casted. Alfred might not have a big part but Jeremy Irons will surely kick ass in the film.  Lex Luthor will probably be in most of the movie along with Batman and Superman. I don’t know what Lex’s role is but i could see defense contractor for the Government or any number of ways the filmmakers and actor could portray him.  I’m super-hyped about this casting that my energy levels have crashed.


Arrow Tremors Review (spoilers)

Roy and Oliver training.

Roy and Oliver training.

Last week at the end of Arrow, Green Arrow offered to train Roy Harper, his sister’s boyfriend, to prevent him from getting homicidal like Slade Wilson, Deathstroke.  Last week’s episode showed that Laural was fired from the District Attorney’s office for drug problems. The two story lines continue and there’s more character development with Laural. Roy in this episode is a just a rage monster. His character’s story line reminds of me Jason Todd, the second robin who died, in the comic Batman books.

The episode starts out with Ben Turner, Bronze Tiger, a mercenary caught by the Green Arrow in prison.  A Russian black market arms dealer breaks him out and pays him to get Merryln’s earthquake machine.  Roy is being trained by Green Arrow, and Roy’s rage is an obstacle in their training. However, Bronze Tiger turns up at Meryln’s house and steals the prototype earthquake machine. Arrow is unable to stop him because Roy is beating the shit out of someone. Laural is isolated and her father offers to take her to dinner. His dinner is a just ploy, because he takes her to a drug therapy meeting. Laural gets pissed and walks off.  She has an interview with her former partner’s law firm  and they refuse to interview her. The bar association could disbar her, and she goes a drinking binge. Oliver tries to stop Laural but she makes a mockery of him. He slips away taking her keys and calling someone.  Oliver’s mom is persuaded to consider to run for mayor by her separated husband, Walter Steele. Green Arrow and Roy have a brawl which ends badly for the Green Arrow. He finds out where the machine and Bronze Tiger are. He fights Tiger which he gets stabbed, and Roy saves him.  Roy is pummeling Bronze Tiger when Oliver unmasks himself to convince Roy to help him. Roy and Oliver destroyed the machine and shake hands after to be become Green Arrow’s apprentice.  Roy gets introduced to Felicity and Dingle as a Green Arrow’s protege. Laural comes home and collapses which Sarah Lance is standing over top of her. During the Island storyline, Oliver prevents Slade from blowing up Ivo’s ship.  Positives and Negatives of the episode are my final topic.

My main positive about the episode is having Moria Queen become relevant again.  Her mayoral campaign will expedite the Oliver, Deathstroke, and Sebastian Blood storyline. It will probably force Slade Wilson to reveal himself to Ollie quicker.  My second positive is the realism of the show. Laural’s drug addiction, her problems with keeping a her license, and finding a job are real life situation’s people face after grief. However her character is a negative for me, because i just want her off the show. I don’t like where they took the character, and I find myself rather annoyed with her.  I think there is a slight chance she might get killed her next week. The Oliver-Roy storyline is a both a positive and negative for me.  I really loved the situation that caused Oliver to reveal his identity to Roy. It was either Roy keeping beating the shit out of Bronze Tiger and allowing the machine to go off. Oliver made the hero choice by saying I’m the Arrow and help me stop this machine. I liked the situation but my negative it’s way too soon. Oliver could have revealed himself to Roy at the end of the season.  I think the writers decided to skip over a lengthy who I am process because Roy will be needed at the end of the season along Canary, Flash, and who else might join up with Arrow. My last thought about the show is Bronze Tiger and the Suicide Squad.  We already know Deathstroke is alive but will likely join at the end of the season. Deadshot is a possibly who joined already and Bronze Tiger now. I’m pretty excited about the Suicide Squad showing up in the future.

Overall, My opinion of this Arrow episode is a good episode.  I want Laural to get killed off and waited to see Oliver reveal his identity to Roy not this soon. I had the feeling they would do it anyways maybe to get  their version of the Justice League on the show. I loved Moria’s storyline because it really causes a ton of problems in the future for Oliver and his nights as Green Arrow. I give this episode 3.8 out 5.

5 way Man of Steel 2 can be successful at the Box Office

5 ways Man of Steel 2 can be successful at the box office

I didn’t really like Man of Steel. I thought it was too action packed, their plot points were hammered in, and I was emotionally unattached to Superman. I did love how Superman snapped Zod’s neck like a twig to save a family. I loved the fight between Superman and Zod. Amy Adam’s Lois Lane was the best version of the character on the big screen. Zack Synder (director) and Warner Bros need to do these 5 things to make Man of Steel 2 successful.

1)  Synder and David Goyer (writer) need to develop Superman/Kal El’s humanity by having interact with people, reporting on social issues, and establish his relationship with Lois Lane. The world obviously doesn’t know what to make of Superman right now. He destroyed half of Metropolis in fight with Zod, United States Soldiers, innocent citizens were killed. Lois Lane should be his biggest vocal support. He should allow another reporter to interview him to face tough questioning. A dream sequence where Superman relives killing Zod causing him pain and anguish would allow the audience to emotionally connect with him.

2)  Introduce Lex Luthor, develop his intentions, and his reasoing why he hates Superman. In the previous movies, Lex has always been seen as jealous criminal that Superman dominates the press and Lex is on page 8 of the Daily Planet. His true intention is that he believes Superman stunts humanity’s evolution by being a God like figure. People seem want to run to Superman when they can’t solve a problem. Lex Luthor hates that and that’s why he wants to kill him. I’ll also say that Superman and Lex Luthor go together like Batman and Robin. I liked Kevin Spacey’s and Gene Hackman’s interpretations of Lex Luthor but they never seemed evil enough. Lex Luthor is man who will release Doomsday on the world to prove his point that he is humanity’s savior not Superman. The actor that Warner Bros. should get to play Lex Luthor is someone who can pull off diabolical menacing expression. The actor needs to pull off the business man persona. There are rumors floating out there that Lex Luthor will behind the scenes a lot. Yes, he usually is a behind the scenes guy in the other movies. David Goyer (the writer) and Zach Synder need to have Lex publicly go after Superman and make him the voice of the anti-Superman population which brings me to my third point, Batman.

3)  Batman needs to be in almost the whole movie. Honestly, Batman is the god among all comic book characters. He’s pretty much universally love and admire by people especially a movie audience. In my opinion, the only other character who completes with him is Spider-man. I know I’ll anger Superman fans with my next comment. People will go see this movie because of Batman. Superman, Lex Luthor, and whoever else will be an after thought to Batman. Warner Bros needs to develop a Batman character who can survive among superhuman beings like Superman, Doomsday, Darkseid in this DC Cinematic Universe. I heard Batman will have to two different suits. One will be his grey and black suit classic suit and the other one will be more an armored suit looks like Nolan’s Batman suits. The sequel needs to address the relationship between Batman and Superman. Batman has one rule “he doesn’t kill.” Superman being on Earth led to death of citizens and soldiers, not intentionally. Kryptotians went after him and the Superman killed Zod. Batman keeps count on how many people the Joker kills and always weighs on his conscience. I’m pretty sure Batman won’t go to Superman, man hug him, and say let’s be friends. Batman will distrust Superman and investigate him. The movie audience will want to see them fight. Zack Synder needs to find a way of Batman whipping out Kryptonite and evening the playing field in fight with Superman. My final point is Batman’s war on Gotham’s crime should be show him looking exhausted. He’ll already have trained Robin and the two have split. Robin needs to be mention in the movie. His failed relationship with Dick Grayson is one of the reasons why he successful friendships with the Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern. They could also introduce Nightwing, Dick Grayson after being Robin. Nightwing could fight Superman and nearly get killed causing Batman to come out of retirement. Batman’s greatest failure is the death of Jason Todd and his lack of ability to show Dick Grayson how much he actually loves him like son. These two issues to be need mentally exhaust Bruce Wayne to the point of retirement. We could see the reclusive Bruce Wayne that was in the Dark Knight Rises. My next point is the plot and the amount of action of movie.

4)  Listen Zack Synder, we all know that you love action and copious amounts of special effects and CGI. We, the movie viewing audience, don’t need to have a lot CGI and special effects every 5 minutes. The major plot line should be Superman vs. anti-Superman population mostly like Lex Luthor and US government. Batman needs to be the wildcard. The movie should have to 3 to 4 major plots going and very few subplots. We need to know where Superman stands with the world, government, and need a good introduction to Batman and Lex Luthor. Rumors suggest Metallo might be involved, a Cyborg made by Lex Luthor with a heart of kryptonite to defeat Superman. Alright introduce John Corben as a cop or journalist who Clark Kent investigates for dirty crimes. Superman stops him from fleeing and gets servely injured causing Lex to give him the chance to walk with cybernetic enchantments. He has a revenge mindset with Clark Kent and Superman. Look on how I connected the plot points which Man of Steel didn’t do. Another major plot could have Wonder Woman be Bruce Wanye’s love interest or part of Lex Corp’s board of trustees. The story line requires little action and very few intense fight sequences. The film would give a chance to develop the DC trinity as characters and Lex Luthor too. I think people would feel emotionally attach to these characters which Man of Steel didn’t do for a lot of fans. Wonder Woman and the Justice League as a whole is my next point.

5)  Wonder Woman’s part should be 20 to 30 minutes of screen time. Her part should be used sparingly because the actress they chose for Woman Wonder really needs to work out a lot. I hear that there are rumors of Aquaman being involved, Flash, and god knows who else. The movie should end with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman putting pledging to join forces when the world faces grave danger. The Flash since he is the heart of the Justice League could zip by, crack a joke, and join the team. The Green Lantern could follow the same model. Boom you got your Justice League Ending and the audience goes nuts in participation. Zach Synder and company need to make a good movie focusing on Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor. Please god no Justice League Origins. I don’t want to see Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lantern until the end of the film.

These are my ideas for on how to make Man of Steel 2 successful and open to a DC cinematic universe.  Man of Steel spilt audiences down the middle and people either love it or really hate it. Warner Bros really hasn’t confirmed any casting except Batman and Wonder Woman.  Man of Steel 2 comes out May 6th, 2016.Image

At Middleton Review


At Middleton is a romantic comedy of two parents meeting at fictional Middleton college. The movie is hilarious and it’s not like the standard comedy. The movie is sarcastic and situational funny.  The story involves around two parents who go on a tour of Middleton with their kids but end spending the day together. Meanwhile both of their kids also spend time together and go on separate paths to discover if they want or not want to attend Middleton.  The two adults find that their lives are not happy but happy with each other. I’m not going to spoil the ending.

First time director, Adam Rodgers who is from Baltimore, does a really good job with the pacing of the movie. The movie is super entertaining and time flies by.  It’s an excellent date movie. Rodgers came created the story when he tour bailed on his dad when they were looking at colleges. He wondered what his father did during that day. The two main actors are Andy Gracia (Oceans 13, Godfather part III) and Vera Farmiga (Departed, The Conjuring, Up in the Air). They were excellent and gave Oscar worthy performances. Garcia did a great job with his stuck up character and turning him into a guy who met his long lost love. Farmiga on the other hand is the girl who you are attracted to because she gets you into trouble by acting first. You have follow her to keep her out of trouble. Farmiga’s daughter is played by her  real life sister, Taissa (American Horror Story). She wants to go Middleton because her favorite author is a professor there.  At Middleton is not only a great story but it’s a fun movie. It’s a great date night movie and it touches on a lot themes like over eagerness to grow up, love, and enjoying life’s simple moments. I will give At Middleton 4 out 5.

Arrow Overview and Blind Spot Review

I wrote sort of a short premise about the show Arrow from last season to this current episode.

The show Arrow is about the Green Arrow. His alter ego is rich boy Oliver Queen. Queen’s family has controlled their town Starling City for generations (this sounds for familiar right!).  The Green Arrow is designed from the Bruce Wayne/Batman. Oliver is more actively involved in social issues and he’s a lefty. Bruce Wayne keeps away from the spotlight buts funds numerous charities. Oliver Queen is a current day Robin Hood who doesn’t mind killing people.

Oliver is shipwrecked on an island from his father’s boat being sabotaged. He is found 5 years later. Before his dad committed suicide gave Oliver a list of names who people who hurt Starling City. Ollie makes a promise that he’ll avenge his father.   The Green Arrow starts taking these people out by killing them.  Arrow starts to make some noise with arrows sticking up out of their chests which gets noticed by the police and reporters. The reporters call him the Hood and the police call him the vigilante.  The police task force is led by Detective Lance to capture the vigilante. He actually starts to help Ollie because there is a bigger threat to Starling City called the Undertaking. The Undertaking is a plot by Malcolm Merlyn who is destroys the crime ridden half of the city.  Oliver stops him and puts an arrow through his heart. However,  the Undertaking was successful and kills Ollie’s best friend, Tommy Merlyn. Oliver exiles himself after season 1 to the island.

Oliver in season 2 has been found by two his other allies, Dingle (his bodyguard like his version of Alfred), and Felicity (his version of oracle, Barbra Gordon, from the Batman). They come looking for him on the Island. Oliver also takes a vow not to kill but he will do it when someone threatens someone he loves.  Oliver  discovers he’s not the only hero in town. A blonde woman is Sarah Lance who’s Ollie’s ex gf’s sister, Laural Lance, and Detective Lance’s Daughter. She was supposed to be dead. She brings company to town in the form of the League of Assassins who trained her. Sarah is Black Canary, and she leaves Starling after the League of Assassins incident to protect her family.  A super soldier serum that is given to one of Ollie’s shipwrecked friends on the island, Slade Wilson is the main story line for this season.  Slade Wilson turns psychopath apparently and tries to kill Ollie on the island. Ollie’s wins that fight apparently. Ollie thinks he has killed Slade but Slade is alive in well and trying to take revenge on Ollie.  He wants revenge on Ollie because in season 1 and 2 there was a woman Shado who they both loved and gets killed on the island. Ollie chooses Sarah Lance over Shado and a man named Professor Ivo kills her to get super soldier serum. Slade Wilson is allowing a man named Sebastian Blood to use his blood to create super soldiers.

Now onto my review; this week’s episode has Laurel Lance investigating Sebastian Blood.  She visited his mother the previous episode and learns Sebastian killed his dad.  Sebastian later pays his mother a visit and kills her.  Laurel finds out and runs to the Arrow for help. His nickname by the press in the show.  Arrow helps Laurel investigate Sebastain because he still loves her. Laurel gets framed by Blood for illegal procession of a drug that is not prescribed by a doctor. Blood is threaten by Slade Wilson to kill Laural, and he captures her.  Laural gets rescued by Arrow and she thinks he kills Sebastian Blood by shooting a mask man six times. Ollie takes off Blood’s mask and they find a cop who has been working for Blood.  He dies and the police think he’s the villain and not Laural’s theory of Sebastian Blood.  Laural’s fires her because of the drug problem. Ollie returns to his hideout, and thinks he has destroyed the super soldier serum permanently. He actually is being to doubt Laural’s as sane logical person now. He has another problem his sister’s boyfriend, Roy Harper, was injected with the serum and has displayed super human powers.

I really liked this episode because it was compelling. The show writers have shown they have no problems killing main characters.  I thought for awhile that Laural might die.  However,  they didn’t kill her. They discredited her character to other characters in the show. However, as the audience we know she is telling the truth. I also thought they killed Sebastian Blood. For a few seconds; i thought Laural killed Blood and it will expedite the Slade/Ollie revenge story line.  I loved what they have done with Roy Harper. Roy has been concerned with trying to save people in this season like the Arrow who saved him in the first season. Roy and his friend, Sin, team up to catch a killer. The killer almost kills Sin but Roy tears off the car door. He pummels the dude to the brink of death and Sin stops him. Roy called the cops and looks like a hero not the villain. The creators were very clever to do this.  The negatives were probably the Island Flashbacks. I thought that sequences slowed down the episode but overall is a good episode. It’s also important because it gives Roy a purpose instead of being the silly sidekick who gets into trouble. This season Laural has been a bitch and sucked. Her character’s direction reminds me of Lois Lane. I would give this episode a 4 out 5.

The reason why people should watch Arrow  (Wed nights at 8). It’s a gritty realistic version a superhero who doesn’t have superpowers.  It’s a lot like Nolan’s Batman movies. They keep adding characters. They have already added several major fan favorite characters from DC Comics in this season like Slade Wilson as Deathstroke (super assassin), the Flash (Barry Allen), and Black Canary (Sarah Lance, possibly Ollie’s future wife). They also make mention to Star Labs, which could give Lex Luthor some face time. The creators have name dropped Ra Al Ghul who you might remember from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises played Liam Neeson. There are rumors that show will create it’s own Justice League and add an appearance by Batman or Nightwing (Dick Grayson after Robin).  I have friends who watch this show, and they are not big superhero fans. Plus watching Arrow will help time fly by every week until Avengers 2 in 2015 and Batman vs. Superman comes in 2016. It also helps the summer movie season come faster i noticed. Everybody should watch an episode or two of Arrow.  I really think given a chance that Arrow could be one of the top watched shows on Wednesday nights and it’s awesome to see the trick arrow like Batman’s different batarangs.


Jack Ryan: Shadown Recruit review

ImageJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Copyright paramount.

Chris Pine is the right actor to start and carry a franchise.  His new movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is average action spy thriller.   Pine stands out from the rest of cast and the audience can see why Paramount chose him to be the new Jack Ryan. Chris Pine in ten years could be an actor who can become to an academy award winner instead of being a major movie action star now.  For me, his take on Jack Ryan might be one of the reasons why the movie will get a sequel.  I see similarities between this film and the first Mission Impossible movie.  Tom Cruise carried the first Mission Impossible movie and critics gave it average reviews.  Chris Pine carries this film with his charm and confidence.  Jack Ryan: Shadow Review has gotten average reviews so far.

The plot of the film does give a back story to Jack Ryan and his wife.  The previous Jack Ryan movies make mention to his accident that turned him from solider into desk jockey. In this film, you will get to see that accident and his rehab.  I also loved how the plot showed that Ryan is unwilling to venture in the field because of his past.  My favorite sequence in the film is when Jack Ryan makes his first kill.  Movie audiences will emotionally connect with Jack Ryan for the next 10 to 15 minutes throughout the film.  Chris Pine was excellent in portraying a man who was unhinged that took a other human being.  For me, I enjoyed Russia’s attempt to wreck the United States economy. The plot gave this spy movie more of a contemporary feel to the picture.

Overall, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit doesn’t add anything new to the spy genre.  The film could make 100 to 125 million domestically depending on how much it makes this weekend. It will hopefully have huge success international markets. This will give the studio a reason to make a sequel and then the film producers could have a more complicated plot line. I want to see where Chris Pine takes his incarnation of Jack Ryan.    However, Kenneth Branagh was a good choice for director but a lackluster villain. He does speak Russian throughout the film and so does the rest of the cast when they are speaking to other Russians.   Kevin Costner is a good choice for mentor but he isn’t like his counterparts, James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman from the previous films.  I would like to see his role expand in the sequel.  Keira Knightley isn’t a bad actress but her part should be limited in a sequel. She wasn’t that great in this movie. I didn’t feel any chemistry between her and Pine.  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a decent movie which will give you two hours of entertainment.