Doctor Who (Last Christmas Review) Christmas Special 2014

The Doctor-Peter Capaldi  Clara Oswald-Jenna Coleman  Santa-Nick Frost

The Doctor-Peter Capaldi
Clara Oswald-Jenna Coleman
Santa-Nick Frost

It might be time for a change!

The Doctor Who Christmas Specials are particularly fun, exciting, and sometimes introduces a new doctor or is a regeneration episode. The new episode  “Last Christmas” where the Doctor meets Santa Clause should be extremely fun, right?  The complete opposite happens. The newest episode of Doctor Who is mind bending boring. The episode is not only boring and has a shift of tones throughout the plot but a complete rip off of 1979’s Alien.  Honestly, the BCC has to address the main problem of Doctor Who which is Steven Moffat because his direction of the show will alienate fans with the Doctor being such an ass along his companion.

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his bipolar companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) heading to the North Pole. The Doctor and Clara find creatures, which are a rip off of the Alien Facehugger, have taken over four scientists. The Doctor calls them Dream Crabs that eat your brain. However, the Santa Clause (Nick Frost) shows up to save Doctor and Clara but no one can explain why Santa Clause is even there.

The Doctor's face hugger from Alien

The Doctor’s face hugger from Alien

The biggest elephant in the room is the writing and how it is progressively getting worst every season. Steven Moffat took over as show runner in the fifth season. It turned out to be a special season with clever writing and deep heartfelt moments between the Doctor and companions.  Moffat seems to lost his magical and creativity because he rips off a previous Doctor Who’s plot, the face hugger from Alien, and steals plot twists from inception with the Doctor and Clara being in a multiple dreams within each other. Amy’s Choice was a episode written by Simon Nye but again executive producer approves storylines before writers write the episode.  Amy’s Choice is about Amy Pond being in a dream state being forced between the Doctor or her fiancée, Rory Williams.  All three cast members are in a dream state and this is episode was no different.  Clara is forced to choose between a dream state where her dead boyfriend is with her or the Doctor. She chooses the Doctor.  It feels like all of the animosity between Clara and The Doctor dissipates at the end of the episode. The writing of his episode was horrendous and had no interesting storyline what so ever. Moffat, I’m begging you as a fan,  the current direction of Doctor Who is going to kill Doctor Who again. It will be the Colin Baker years all over again. The next negative about the episode is Nick Frost.

Nick Frost was a great Santa Clause in this episode; however, he is severely underutilized and misused. Santa Clause (spoiler alert) is the Doctor’s, Clara’s, and the other four member’s subconscious. Frost’s introduction in the episode was pretty hilarious and his banter with the Doctor was great. However, Santa is turned into a joke. Nick Frost is one of the most hilarious and recognizable British comedians in the world, and Moffat gave him little screen time. Frost’s punch line’s did work like saying “Santa’s bag was bigger on the inside” like the TARDIS thus the reason why Santa can carry so many presents. Honestly, this episode should have had Nick Frost/Peter Capaldi team up, and not Frost leading the Doctor and Clara into a dark nightmare dream on Christmas Day.  The Doctor’s and Clara’s relationship is a huge negative.

The Doctor has had some troublesome companions that give him headaches but Clara is a witch. It feels like the Doctor and Clara are that married couple who at one moment are at each other’s throats then they get all nice to each other. Clara brings out the worst in the Doctor, and The Doctor brings the worst in Clara. The relationship it’s self is so bipolar. The relationship turns the Doctor into an asshole. The Doctor is mean and malicious to other people. For example, he is particularity mean to Clara’s boyfriend, Danny Pink. The Doctor knows that Danny Pink is dead but he still calls him “PE” in Clara’s dream. Danny was a math teacher but The Doctor calls him “PE” to demean Danny. The Doctor is egotistical but has never displayed such demeaning qualities towards other individuals like Capaldi’s Doctor has. He calls people idiots and makes fun of them for being stupid. He seriously lacks empathy and his companion doesn’t give him any empathy because of the constant arguing or the damsel in distress situation that Clara finds herself in. However, a positive is the Scottish accent is great and it makes me like the Doctor but really despise where the direction of the character is heading along with his companion.

Overall, “Last Christmas” is a pathetic episode which lacks a lot of creativity and entertainment. The episode misuses the characters and force feeds the audience a mean spiteful Doctor who calls people morons. The direction of Doctor Who is starting to go down hill and it is not Capaldi’s fault. The man has been a big Doctor Who fan since he was a kid but the writing makes him so unlikeable.  His evil mean streak was funny in the first part of season 8 but now he is becoming more like the Master.  “Last Christmas” gets a 1 out of 5 from me.

I’m not trying to bash the show but very critical of the problems that is turning long time fans like myself away from getting excited and wanting to watch the show.