2015 Comic Con Movie Panels Thoughts

San Diego Comic Con gets an massive amount visitors.

San Diego Comic Con gets an massive amount visitors.

News and Reaction from Comic Con!

San Diego Comic Con happens once a year, and it is the event brings so much media and fans to the event.  It has become a spectacle to witness.  Recently, the movie studios such as Fox, Marvel, and Warner Bros have put emphasis on promoting their material and future movies in the last few years at Comic Con due to the media attention.  Warner Bros has taken the Comic Con Crown by having the media focus on their material in the last two years.  Marvel didn’t come to Comic Con this year. Warner Bros, Fox, and the Star Wars panel were the focus of  the attention this year. Warner Bros again really dominated the new cycle with their announcements and footage that they shown.

Warner Bros Panel Reaction:

Warner Bros. won comic con again this year with an announcement and the two trailers that they showed.  Warner Bros. showed footage for Man from Uncle and Peter Pan which took third minutes. Their announce was title for the new Green Lantern movie called, “The Green Lantern Corps.”   David Ayer, the Director of Suicide Squad, came out and spoke about his film a little bit before the Batman V. Superman became all of the buzz.

Suicide Squad Reaction:


The cast of Suicide Squad came out for a photo besides Jared Leto, who plays the Joker.  David Ayer said “The film is still being shot and the official trailer will be released in the fall.  All this good vs. evil played out. It’s time for bad vs. evil.”  He showed some footage which blew some of the media’s minds. The footage leaked and now is officially online.

The footage looks awesome. Viola Davis sounds like the sadistic Amanda Waller who is apathetic towards the villains. Harley was a focus and Maggot Robbie sounded like crazy Harley Quinn  The ending shot stole the show with the Joker saying “I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to hurt you really really bad.” The movie looks like it will be great. Ayer looks like he has nailed these characters.  Suicide Squad comes out August 5th, 2016.

Batman V. Superman Thoughts.

The footage for Batman V. Superman looks fantastic.  The leaked set pics confirms that Bruce Wayne saw his building get totaled during the fight between Superman and Zod in Metropolis at the end of Man of Steel. Zack Synder stated that Gotham and Metropolis are sister cities like San Fran and Oakland.   However, the footage reveals a lot more of the story and helps answer critics of Man of Steel.

My thoughts on the new footage from Batman V. Superman begin with a “Holy @#$%” that looks amazing.  Kryptonite looks like it is finally being introduced. Batman has a Robin Suit that the Joker torn up. Lex Luthor is being the master manipulator that he is.  Wonder Woman looks amazing and looks like she is a huge fight. The money shots are the times when Batman and Superman face each other.  Personally, I feel Warner Bros will need to introduce Nightwing or Robin into their DC Universe. They are the only two characters that humanize Batman and help bring down his rage level so he can see things clearly.  Alfred can lecture like a father and irritate Bruce Wayne too much. Martha Kent tells her son that he doesn’t the owe the world a damn thing. That’s pretty un-Superman like. I also like how Clark Kent sees Batman as the dangerous villain. Perry White tells him to get over.  Of course, Superman is on trial by the US Senate led by Holly Hunter.  She is going to Lex Luthor for help. I don’t like the line “The Red Capes are coming, The Red Capes are coming.” I don’t get the line and it sounds so campy. It is also probably out of context.   Batman V. Superman will be released on March 25th, 2016.



I’m not going to review the Fantastic Four Panel because the movie will be released in about a month.  Deadpool might have stole the show! The Deadpool footage got chants of “play it again.”  The crowd at Comic Con was pleased. The footage has been leaked online. It shows Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, being told that he is terminally ill. His girlfriend Vanessa, Morena Baccarin, tries to comfort him. Wade Wilson is approached by Ajax, Ed Skrein, being told that he can heal him. The procedure turns Wade into Deadpool with accelerated healing powers.  Deadpool is set to hunt down the man who did this to him.


The footage looked fantastic. It has leaked online but Ryan Reynolds stated on twitter that an official trailer will be released online in three weeks.  The Comic Con trailer showed Deadpool at his best. He was dropping F-bombs, talking to the audience by breaking the fourth wall, and the action looked great. This film will be an hard R. It is not meant for kids.  Deadpool will be released on February 12th, 2016.

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

X-Men: Days of Future Past was one of my favorite movies last year.  It reenergized the X-Men movie franchise.  Age of Apocalypse is actually a famous X-Men storyline. The first mutant ever was En Sabar Nur or known as Apocalypse.  Apocalypse seeks out to rule all of mutant kind or destroy the mutants that resist him.  Apocalypse has four horsemen: Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence.  They carry out Apocalypse’s bidding. Apocalypse will be played by Oscar Isaac


Description of the Footage:

First, the footage opens with the world blowing and Jean Grey seeing the destruction. Xavier, James McAvoy, tells Jean, Sophie Turner, it was all a dream.  Moira MacTaggert, Rose Byrne, contacts Xavier and states in the last ten years, Mutants have become a cult symbol for gods. One cult in particularly worships the first Mutant known as Apocalypse. Apocalypse on the other hand sees his fellow mutants being lead by blind leaders. He promises that they will fall, and he and his followers will build a better one.  Magneto responds with a “who the fuck are you?” while Apocalypse responds with “Come and see.”   Mystique claims that she come to help the X-Men.  Apocalypse and his horsemen which includes Storm (Alexander Shipp), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Psylocke (Oliver Munn), and Archangel (Ben Foster) break into the X-Mansion and take control of Xavier. The trailer ends with the money shot of bald James McAvoy in his wheel chair.

My Thoughts:

My excitement for this movie can’t contain itself. I love the fact that Apocalypse is finally get the big screen spotlight. For X-Men 4 which most X-Men fans thought it would be released after X-Men: Last Stand would feature Apocalypse. Ironically, we had to wait ten years before finally getting to see this malicious super villain grace the screen.  Oscar Isaac looks like he nailed the part. Apocalypse looks amazing and very much like he does in to the comics.  I love the Magneto line “Who the fuck are you?” and the respond of “Come and See.”  Gambit and Wolverine will be appearing in this movie.  They were not shown. Storm is a bad guy! I really like that arc because Storm is one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Her power can be unlimited deadly.  The movie only has been shooting for five weeks so special effects are not done. I do expect an official trailer to come out around fall or early winter.  X-Men: Age of Apocalypse comes out May 27th, 2016 on memorial day weekend.

Star Wars Panel:


The Star Wars panel didn’t release any new footage. It was Kathleen Kennedy (the producer), J.J. Abrams (the director), and Lawrence Kasdan (the writer) first taking the stage.  Kathleen thanked all of the fans and said that they were the reason why they were here tonight.  She also stated the first spin off will start shooting in three weeks. JJ introduced a creature that will be in the movie called Bobbajo.  The effects are mostly practical. They are editing and finishing up the movie now.  Lawrence said he was excited about JJ directing and how he felt grateful to George Lucas.


Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega came onto the stage.  They will be playing the good side of the force. Boyega stated he like playing a storm trooper and turning around to become a good guy.  Daisy Ridley said she trained a lot of the part and hopes the fans will see the final pay off. Isaac asked Harrison Ford about piloting tips and Ford responded with “Its fake and in space.”

2015 Comic-Con - "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Panel

The Dark Side came out next which included Adam Driver, Domhall Gleeson, and Gwendolyn Christie.  Driver stated the approached the character’s point of view and didn’t see him as good or evil. Kylo Ren is the evil sith that we see in the trailer.  Domhall Gleeson is playing General Hux, and he’s British so he is evil according to the actor.  Christie said that she was so excited to play a woman Storm Trooper.

starwarspanel 1

The original cast took the stage next.  Carrie Fisher expressed she had flashbacks when being on set again. Mark Hamill took the stage next and stated “he’s very moved when he hears from fans — whether they named their son Luke or met their wife at the premiere of Return of the Jedi. He says you don’t often realize the impact you could have on someone’s life.”  Of course, Harrison Ford took the stage and expressed so much gratitude. Ford actually had tears coming from his eyes.  He stated that story was so well written that fans will be pleased.  Storm Troopers entered the Hall H and escorted the panel and crowd to a live Star Wars Concert.

Star Wars didn’t need to show any footage! It’s Star Wars that they win no matter what!


Intriguing Movie Trailers

A few movie trailers that might get to the theater


The Martian

During a manned mission to Mars, astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after being caught in a fierce storm, and is left behind when the rest of the crew evacuate the planet and begin to head back to Earth. Watney finds himself stranded and alone, with only meager supplies and his ingenuity, wit, and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal home, despite knowing that even if his survival is made known there is no realistic prospect for a rescue.  The Martian is released October 2nd, 2015.

Train Wrecked

Since she was a little girl, it’s been drilled into Amy’s (Schumer) head by her rascal of a dad (Colin Quinn) that monogamy isn’t realistic. Now a magazine writer, Amy lives by that credo-enjoying what she feels is an uninhibited life free from stifling, boring romantic commitment-but in actuality, she’s kind of in a rut. When she finds herself starting to fall for the subject of the new article she’s writing, a charming and successful sports doctor named Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), Amy starts to wonder if other grown-ups, including this guy who really seems to like her, might be on to something. Released on  July 17th, 2015.

Bridge of Spies

Tom Hanks stars as the American attorney tasked with negotiating the release of a U-2 spy plane pilot who was shot down over Russia at the height of the Cold War.  Released on October 16th, 2015.

Crimson Peak

Set in Cumbria, in a crumbling mansion in a largely rural and mountainous region of northern England in the 19th century, young author Edith Cushing (Wasikowska) discovers that her charming new husband Sir Thomas Sharpe (Hiddleston) is not who he appears to be.  Released on October 16th, 2015.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania has gone through several changes since Jonathan first stumbled onto it. The hotel is now opened to human guests. Mavis and Johnny have a baby boy named Dennis whose lack of any vampire abilities worries his grandfather Count Dracula.[3] When Mavis and Johnny go on a visit to Johnny’s parents, Dracula calls his friends Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin to help him put Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp.[3] Meanwhile, Vlad, the grumpy vampire father of Dracula, arrives at the hotel and to his dissatisfaction finds out that his great-grandson is not a pure blood vampire and that Hotel Transylvania now accepts humans. Released on September 25th, 2015.

Fantastic Four

When four people teleport to an alternate universe, which alters their physical form and grants them new abilities, they must learn to harness their abilities and work together as a team to save the Earth from a familiar enemy. Released on August 10th, 2015.

Who is Vision?


Paul Bettany as Vision

Behold The Vision!

Marvel’s cinematic universe continues to expand by adding new heroes or villains all of the time. Most recently, the Guardians of the Galaxy were added to Marvel’s space universe. The film itself was the biggest domestic hit of 2014 until American Sniper over took it last weekend at the box office. The first Avengers film was so successful that audiences have been flocking to Marvel movies and trying to find teases what will come into Avengers 2. Joss Whedon, the director of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, announced that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be part of the cast. Last summer, it was announced Paul Bettany, the voice of Jarvis, will play Vision.

Who is Vision?

Vision is an artificial intelligent robot created either Tony Stark or Bruce Banner or Ultron depending on what comic book or television series you watch. It’s rumored that Ultron, the big evil robot from the Avengers 2 trailer, will create Vision. Vision is very unique character. He is part of the West Coast Avengers, ( include heroes such as Wasp, Ant-Man, or a few other), Defenders (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and a few other members), and more importantly is a big hero of the Avengers.  Vision in all likelihood help connect Ant-man and Daredevil with the current Avengers roster. The character help form a connection between movies and the Netflix’s, TV series called the Defenders.  Fan really want to see Daredevil help defeat Thanos along with Iron Man, Spider-man, Captain America, and the newest Avengers from the upcoming movies. Vision might the be key to everything.

What Can Vision do?

Vision has multiple abilities.

  • Density control ranging from invulnerability to intangibility
  • Mass control ranging from extraordinarily heavy to weightlessness
  • Utilizes phasing into beings/objects then solidifying as a means of molecular disruption, causing pain/damage or death/destruction
  • Flight
  • Solar energy projection (via eyes or solar jewel on forehead)
  • Computer/IT network interfacing
  • Superhuman strength, intelligence, reflexes and senses as an artificial being
  • Capable of self repair and regeneration

Vision is also like Data from Star Trek: Next Generation. He strives to be more human. He has a long relationship with Scarlett Witch. They actually get hitched in the comic book but it might happen in Marvel movies someday.  Scarlett Witch will be played Elizabeth Olson in Avengers 2.  The android is nearly indestructible and really is a complex hero for a machine.

The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron comes out on May 1st, 2015. The movie is already expected to break the billion dollar mark again at worldwide box office. Vision, Scarlett Witch, and Quicksilver will be introduced as key potential members of the future Avengers teams.  Vision needed to be written about because many people are already familiar with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. He is also getting less attention from major movie media because people don’t realize how important the character is. More importantly, Vision could be that hero who shows up and helps out Daredevil along Spider-man to bring the man without fear into the cinematic universe.

side note: Netflix released a new trailer for Daredevil and below is that trailer.

Hello Suicide Squad plus the Joker!

Harley Quinn and Deadshot are the usually the two leaders of the Suicide Squad team.  Amanda Waller in the background is the overall commander of the team of villians

Harley Quinn and Deadshot are the usually the two leaders of the Suicide Squad team. Amanda Waller in the background is the overall commander of the team of villains

Warner Bros. is putting Marvel, Sony, and Fox on alert that they are ready to play ball!

So far, Warner Bros has been heavily criticized on how they handle their DC superhero properties compared to Marvel.  The criticism has been fair because Marvel is almost on its phase 3 with introducing Dr. Strange, Black Panther, the Inhumans, and Captain Marvel. However. Warner Bros announced their DC slate not to long ago and they are continuously stock piling acting talent for their key roles.  Warner will introduce the first Black Superhero first with Cyborg in Batman V. Superman, have a Wonder Woman movie before Marvel’s Captain Marvel movie, and have a villain team up movie before Sony’s Sinister Six movie.  Warner Bros might be fashionable late to the party but they are introducing their characters first. Yesterday, Warner Bros and DC announced the cast for Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad is a team of villains under the command of Amanda Waller who take out bad guys or take on dangerous missions for the government in order to get a reduced sentences or full pardons. Warner Bros. has said this movie will be like the Dirty Dozen. They have kind of officially announced that Deadshot will be the leader of the team. David Ayers, director of Fury, wrote the screenplay and will direct the film.   Who are the characters that we will see in this movie?

Smith will play Dead Shot

Smith will play Deadshot

Deadshot is known as Deadshot because he is a master marksmen that never misses. He is an assassin for hire who has a sense of honor. He will not kill anybody but his target usually. However, if a cop or some other hero were to stand in between his target and his line of sight. Deadshot can manipulate a trajectory of a bullet to hit his target. He kills to pay for his daughter’s medical bills. Will Smith needs this role because he has been mostly crap since he did Hancock. Smith will bring a cold likeable charm to his master marksmen.

Tom Hardy will play Rick Flagg

Tom Hardy will play Rick Flagg

Rick Flagg is not a supervillain.  He is a master tactician and strategist, expert on explosives, and very good marksmen. I believe this version of the Rick Flagg will be a leader of the team but will the go to guy to get new weapons or surveillance equipment. He will help the team navigate on their mission. He is the most vulnerable member of the team.  Flagg still can kick ass in hand to hand combat when he needs to.  Hardy is one of the best actors in Hollywood right now. He will make Rick Flagg be important because of his charismatic.

Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang

Jai Courtney will play Captain Boomerang

Digger Harkness is the man who is known as Captain Boomerang. He is Australian but his specialty are his boomerangs which are his weapons.  His Boomerang are a lot like the Batarangs which have special capabilities. They are can penetrate the Batsuit and or follow the Flash at high speeds. Courtney is a upcoming action star who is from Australia. He will be Kyle Reese in Terminator Genesis and that movie will be coming out next summer.

Cara Delevinge as the Enchantress

Cara Delevinge will play the Enchantress

Enchantress is a powerful sorceress. She appears to possess the ability to manipulate magical energy for any number of effects, from healing to teleportation, and can directly affect any non-living objects with her magic. She can also walk through walls. She is a member of the Suicide Squad for keeping her evil side in check.  Personality, I applaud DC and Warner Bros. for bringing in their magic universe into their film universe already. Wonder Woman fights magical enemies as does Dr. Fate, Zatanna, or even Constantine. Delevinge doesn’t have  a big acting resume so she is an unknown.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  As the Joker likes to say Harley Harley Harley multiple times

Margot Robbie will play Harley Quinn. As the Joker likes to say Harley Harley Harley multiple times

Margot Robbie is the second big fish in this movie. Will Smith is a big movie star and playing most likely the leader of the team but Robbie is playing almost the fan favorite. Harley Quinn is a character transcends any other character in this movie besides one other character. She is the Joker’s girlfriend or wife depending on what version of the comic you are reading. She has a likeable charm, is a psychopath, and has no problems in being seductive to stab a person in a back.   Robbie has gained frame from her role in Wolf of Wall Street. I didn’t like the movie so I can tell if she is going to be a good Harley Quinn. I do believe the fact she looks like Harley Quinn is one of the reasons why Robbie was cast. The Hollywood casting brass will tell you that Robbie has talent so I am not going on a fanboy about how she is awful. I mean she is no Gal Gadot after all.

Jared Leto will be the Joker or Mister J. as Harley calls him.  She even calls him Pudding.

Jared Leto will be the Joker or Mister J. as Harley calls him. She even calls him Pudding.

The Joker is the big fish of his movie. I don’t care if Lex Luthor might be in it or rumor Oprah is being considered for Amanda Waller. Waller is the commander of the Suicide Squad. The Joker is the household name. He is so beloved by many that they can’t screw him up. I do believe the Joker will be the bad guy. They will go get him because Lex Luthor wants to use him to kill Batman. The announcement gives a sense how Batman V. Superman will end. The two heroes will become friends and will decide to work together but Lex Luthor’s hatred of Superman will cause to find another villain who can take down Batman. There’s the key, The Joker is really super villain who ultimately break the will of Batman. It will be curious to see how the other villains will fit in or like this plan.  I’m Leto’s Joker will be more like Mark Hamil’s take from the Batman Arkham Games.

Overall, I like the cast annoucement of the Suicide Squad. I think the esemble cast will deliver and the movie comes out August 5th, 2016.

Sinister Six Scheduled for November 11th, 2016

The original sinister six  Dr. Octopus, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman,  Kraven the Hunter,  Electro

The original sinister six
Dr. Octopus, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Electro

There will be a Sinister Six Movie!

Who are the Sinister Six? They are a team up of Spider-man’s most deadly super-villains.  Originally, Doctor Octavius put the call out that he wanted to meet with every super villain that Spider-man defeated.  The Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, and Electro all came to meet with Doc Oct. They formed the Sinister Six. They were defeated by Spider-man but individually because he can’t defeat them as a team.

Drew Goodard, who directed of Cabin in the Woods, is directing the Sinister Six.  He also wrote Cloverfield, episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Lost,  and Alias.  We can assume that Harry Osborn who is the Green Goblin will be the leader of Sinister Six. Rhino will be part of the Sinister Six as indicated by the last film.  Truthfully, Goddard has stated that he doesn’t know who will be the six because he hasn’t finish the screenplay yet.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 was awful like Batman and Robin. However, The Amazing Spider-man 3 will open in June 10th, 2018.  The Sinister Six will give Sony time to correct some mistakes that The Amazing Spider-man 2 made like jamming different tones into a movie. The Rhino and Electro was written as campy characters but the Green Goblin was dark and vengeful.  Hopefully the Sinister Six will set the tone for The Amazing Spider-man 3.  I do believe this would be the perfect movie to introduce characters like Eddie Brock and Jonah Jameson.  Hopefully Sony announces more at Comic Con.

Possible Members of the Sinister Six


Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is a safe bet for the Sinister Six.  The end of the Amazing Spider-man 2, Harry Osborn wanted to put together a team and wanted to keep it small. The Rhino shows up a few moments later.  The Amazing Spider-man films set up Oscorp to be financial backer and supplier for the Sinister Six.


The Vulture

Adrian Toomes is elderly man who found out his business partner was backstabbing him. He steals a the Vulture suit and discovers he can fly and has super strength.  He crosses paths with Spider-man most of the time and has a great deal of money. He would be a challenge to Spider-man because like Green Goblin. His ability to fly makes it hard for Spider-man to escape his clutches often.  He will likely be a member.



Quention Beck is a specialist with Special Effects and visuals.  He tried being an actor but failed horribly. He decided to take up a life of crime when his special effects gadgets made him able to steal money.  He uses holographic devices and illusions to defeat his enemies. He is one the villains like Doctor Octopus to almost defeat Spider-man by himself.  The end credits maybe hinted at Mysterio being a member of the Sinister Six in film.



The Rhino is a Russian mobster. The suit allows him crash through walls and destroy buildings with a single punch. He is impervious to pain in that suit. He will be the muscle. However, Paul Giamatti’s performance was so god awful; i hope the Rhino has a little role in the Sinister Six.



The Sandman might be one of the coolest Spider-Man villains. He is pretty indestructible. You can defeat him with water but he can always come back. He is also anti-hero who has helped Spider-man from time to time. He is immune to most chemical and physical attacks. Venom is has poisoned him but most of villains have never come close to destroying him.  His shape shifting ability makes one of the best enemies to use in film.


Kraven the Hunter

Kraven is a strong physical foe for Spider-man. A serum that he took gave him superior human strength, flexibly, and superhuman senses abilities.  He also been an anti-hero when it has suited his purpose. He also almost defeated Spider-man on several occasions.  Marc Webb, the director of the Amazing Spider-man films, mention that Kraven is top choice for a villain in the next Spider-man movie. It is a safe bet that he will be there.


Doc Oct

First, there could be no sinister six film without Doc Oct.  Doctor Octavius is sometimes mention as the greatest Spider-man villain next to the Green Goblin and Venom.  He is a scientist that built 4 mechanical arms to help him with his experiments.  An radioactive accident wrapped his mind and turned him into a life of crime. Doc Oct has developed countless abilities which makes him tougher to defeat Spider-man.  Doc Oct is the smartest of Spider-man’s foes and appreciates  Spidey’s scientific intellect.  He is the brains of the Sinister Six.  I would say he will be in the Sinister Six as a set up character.



Personalty, I loved Electro in The Amazing Spider-man 2.  Jamie Fox did an excellent job of portraying him given what he had to work with. My issue was the story telling because the story telling in the movie was pathetic. Electro is an unstoppable force. He could steal the power from the whole world if he wanted to. Fox is a popular actor who could come back but I guess we will wait and see.

Who would you like to see in Six Sinister movie? Comment Below and let me know

Dawn of the Planet of Apes Final Trailer (review)

Dawn of the Planet of Apes Final Trailer (review)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes came out in 2011. I didn’t see the movie in theater because the trailers were not exciting. However, I watched the movie on HBO or Starz and fell in love with the movie. I am big Planet of the Apes fan. The Apes themselves are an allegory for contemporary human society throughout the films. Fox announced Dawn of the Planet of Apes, and I was excited.  They released the first teaser trailer which was about 1 min and a half. The second trailer showed more of Caesar and his apes living peacefully in their society. This final trailer is so fantastic.

The brief summary of the trailer. The trailer begins with Caesar and his Apes on horses outside of the compound where human survivors of Simian Flu are living. Caesar yells to the human survivors that “Apes don’t want war.” We finally get introduced to the the main bad guy. It’s not Gary Oldman. It’s Kobra, the other ape who was given the test serum that enhances cognitive and intellectual ability.  Kobra will be the character who starts a war between Humans and Apes. The trailer also indicates that Oldman’s character, Dreyfus, has made contracted a surviving US Navy ship. They ship will probably lunch missiles at Caesar’s home. I could see the movie ending with a depressing tone.

Andy Serkis, who played Golum, stars as Caesar. The director, Matt Reeves, motioned capture all of the actors playing the Apes. Motion captures the actor’s movements, expressions, and voice which is scanned into a computer. The special effects people use the recording for CGI characters such as Caesar and Kobra. Toby Kebbell plays Kobra and will be the new Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four Reboot. Gary Oldman, Dreyfus, plays the antagonistic Human leader who wants to kill the Apes.  Jason Clarke, Malcolm, and Keri Russell, Ellie, are the human couple who want to broker a peace between Ape and Human.

The trailer excited me for two reasons. First, Caesar is one of the best characters in all of film history. He’s such a stoic leader, intelligent, compassionate, and more human than most human beings are. Caesar values humanity as equals. The best part of this trailer is the human interaction between Caesar and Malcolm. Caesar calls him “friend, a good man.” However, my favorite part of the trailer is Kobra. Kobra has a voice in this trailer and he’s the asshole of the ape race who wants war. He thinks Apes are superior to humans. I loved in the scene in the trailer where he acts like a silly ape when approaching the human guards. He sneakily takes a gun from them and mercilessly kills the guards with a smile. He reminded me of the Joker.  He also has the best line of the trailer “Caesar loves Humans more than Apes.”  In the movie; we will see the conflict between Caesar and his Lt. Kobra. The new trailer show cased these two narrative story arcs and has increased my excitement for this movie.

Overall, I think Dawn of the Planet of the Apes could be the best summer blockbuster of this year. It will be released on July 11th, 2014.

I will go see Transformers 4: Age of Extinction on Wed and have my review for it on Thursday night.

Top 6 major new stories in the last week

Coop’s Major Movie New Stories

Edgar Wright leaves Ant-Man

Edgar Wright tribute to Ant-Man

Edgar Wright tribute to Ant-Man

Edgar Wright and Marvel formed an partnership to make a Ant-Man movie in 2006. This movie was in development before Marvel decided to make a Cinematic universe.  Last Friday, Marvel and Wright announced jointly that Wright has stepped away from being the director of Ant-Man. Each party cited creative differences. The film is set release on July 17th, 2015.  The film has yet to begin filming, and Marvel hasn’t announced a new director.  Who is Ant-Man?

Ant-Man is a scientist, Hank Pym, who created Pym particles which causes the  ability to change the body size. Michael Douglas is slated to star as Hank Pym.  Scott Lang is the successor of Hank Pym who is a petty thief.  Paul Rudd is slated to play Scott Lang.

The reports state that Marvel had a few of their in house writers rewrite the script and made changes without Wright’s consent.  Wright was unhappy with the changes and left the production.  Marvel has used this strategy on many films such as Thor 2, Captain America 2, and etc. Marvel has to create an Ant-Man movie that fits within their universe. Wright might wanted to make a movie based on more thievery and comedy.

All I want is a good Ant-Man movie and a plot that teases Avengers 3 and Thanos. I don’t care who they hire as along.  I want my Ant-Man movie super entertaining, with great action, and cool characters. How many people really know about Ant-Man anyways?

Bennett Miller wins best director for The Foxcatcher at the Cannes film festival

Channing Tatum, Steve Carrell, and Mark Ruffalo

Channing Tatum, Steve Carrell, and Mark Ruffalo

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most predominant film festivals of the year. Films are shown have turned out to be Oscar contenders or winners.  The Cohen Brothers have premiered their films at the Cannes and won awards which has garner them Oscar buzz. The Foxcatcher is garnering that buzz. Bennett Miller won best director at the Cannes.

The buzz is around Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum might look like a model but he can act. Major critics have mentioned him an Oscar contender for best actor. We have halfway through the year and there a lot other movies coming out. I’m excited about the Foxcatcher.  You can catch the teaser trailer here.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel in the works

Written and stars by Nia Vardalous

Written and stars by Nia Vardalous

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was released in 2002. It was made for 5 million and made 368 million at the box office. It is  the highest grossing romantic comedy of all time. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, his wife, produced the film. Variety has reported there is a sequel in the works.

Vardalous will write and star in the film again with John Corbett playing as her husband. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are producing again. The story will follow the family ten years later and will have a reunion with new family members. I loved the first movie so much that my cousin’s stole my DVD of it.

Stephen King’s IT is coming to big screen

The villain of IT, Pennywise

The villain of It, Pennywise

Stephen King (my favorite author ever) wrote the horror classic It . It is about 6 friends who come together to defeat the villainous clown, Pennywise. It was made into a mini-series (1990 starting John Ritter, Harry Anderson, and Tim Curry as Pennywise. Warner Bros brought the rights to the project a few years ago.

Warner Bros handed the project to their newline cinema branch. Newline is responsible for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. It might be produced into two movies or one big long movie. The novel is about 1,100 pages. There is no release date, writer, or director attached to the project yet but don’t be surprised to see It come out in a 2 to 4 years.

X-Men Dominates at the Box Office Globally

The poster for X-Men Days of Future Past

The poster for X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past might be one of the best comic book movies ever. It dominated the box office over the weekend. It made 301.5 million over the holiday weekend.  The domestic take was 110.5 million and it made 191 million at the foreign box office. It has made 301.5 million worldwide. It could be the highest grossing film ever.

The production budget was 200 mill not counting marketing. X-Men could make up to the 400-600 million range. The film is not only a classic action movie. It is overall a great movie. Godzilla made 38 mill this weekend and it is at 322.1 million worldwide. It has yet to open in China or Japan.  You can read my Godzilla and X-Men reviews by clicking the links.

Trailer News: This Is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave You is, based off the book with the same name, written by Jonathan Tropper. It is directed by Shawn Levy (Night of the Museum, Date Night). It is being released by Warner Bros. The story is about a man who left his cheating wife and finds out that his father died. He comes home to see his other siblings who he has no connection with. The film stars Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Tina Frey, Connie Britton, and Corey Stroll (Peter Russo from House of Cards).  It will be released Sept 12, 2014.  I watched the trailer and found it rather amusing.