Gotham (The Fearsome Dr. Crane) review

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan  Crane's father AKA the Scarecrow

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan Crane’s father AKA the Scarecrow

Hello Origins of the Fear Toxin

Gotham might be a rollercoaster of a show sometimes with focusing on too many characters in episodes and not giving enough screen time to the important characters. Screenwriter, John Stephens, wrote a great episode that introduces one of Batman’s most formable foes, Scarecrow.  However, it is not the Scarecrow that we know as Jonathan Crane but Gerald Crane, Jonathan Crane’s father. John Behring directed this episode and his credits include Charmed, Arrow, Grimm, and other supernatural shows. It turned out to be an entertaining episode and a very good one.

Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate a murder of a man being hanged off a side of a building. Bullock discovers the victim is part of a phobia support group after he chats with another member named, Scottie. Edward Nygma is suspended from the GCPD because he is supersedes his position and examines victims bodies. It pisses of the medical examiner but Edward gets his own revenge though. However, the Penguin is finally ousted by Fish who calls and tells Maroni that Penguin is a Falcone plant. Maroni takes matters into his own hands.

Robin Taylor Lord as the Penguin David Zayas as Sal Maroni

Robin Taylor Lord as the Penguin
David Zayas as Sal Maroni

“The Fearsome Dr. Crane” had many positives and one of the biggest highlights was the confrontation between The Penguin and Maroni.  David Zayas plays Sal Maroni and does a wonderful job each week bringing life to the character. He brings poise, charisma, and humor to the character.  The Penguin is the Penguin. Lord always portrays a slimy little worm as the Penguin but also has an ace up his sleeve. The two actors have a great scene together. Penguin is trapped in a car pleading for his life with Maroni watching and getting revenge for Penguin’s actions.  Penguin finds a way to escape the situation because worms don’t die easily.

Harvey Bullock having a major part in the episode was great.  He meets a normal girl that takes his eye, Scottie played Maria Thayer.  He goes to the support group for fears and phobias that she is involved in and tells the group his fear.  His fear is about dying in an alleyway alone not in bed as an old man with someone that he loves. Scottie’s chemistry with Harvey was really great and hopefully the character will stick around.  However, the killer is a member of the group. The killer is Gerald Crane, father to Jonathan Crane AKA The Scarecrow, play Julian Sands.  Sands is so creepy as Mr. Crane. Hopefully, the writers of Gotham will keep the character around because he is so good. The reason why the Scarecrow is popular as a villain because audiences and readers can relate to being afraid of something and it killing you.  This backstory for Jonathan Crane’s eventually rise as the Scarecrow is entertaining and clever.

Overall, this episode was good and a great introduction the Scarecrow origin. Harvey took a front and center role in his episode. Donald Logue humanized the character like always. Zayas played a perfect Sal Maroni who wanted to kill the Penguin but failed. The Penguin is the Penguin! No one knows the Penguin’s plan or intentions in each episode.  “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” gets a 4.5/5.


Gotham (what a little bird told me) review

John Doman as Carmine Falcone  Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney

John Doman as Carmine Falcone
Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney

Don’t Mess with the Head of the Family!

Gotham has finally developed its identity as a show. Two weeks ago, Gotham featured Jim Gordon working with Dr. Leslie Thompkins in Arkham Ayslum. However, a criminal mastermind has broken out of Arkham to avenge his incarnation.  Gotham episodes have usually focused on other characters with side plots but finally this week, the show discovered its identity.  Jim Gordon was the main focal point.

Jim Gordon is reinstated as Detective to capture Jack Gruber aka Lester Buchinski.  Buchinski is out to kill Sal Maroni for betraying him. Jim Gordon meets Commissioner Loeb and the two men immediately despise each other.  Loeb gives Gordon 24 hours to capture Buchinski, or he will be back at Arkham. Fish Mooney finally makes her move and kidnaps Liza which prompts Falcone to think about giving up his position as head as the family.  However, the end of the episode was the best part.

Gotham is a good show; however, this episode might be a turning point in the show’s direction. The writers might finally get rid of the bad fish that is plaguing the plot lines. Positively, when Fish Mooney makes her move and causes Falcone to falter was interesting. Falcone hasn’t been a big powerhouse on the show. He has had moments but hasn’t felt like he was a threatening crime boss. His last scene on the episode was terrifying.  Finally, glad to see John Dorman will be showcased more in future episodes. Carmine Falcone and his ability to manipulate the powers that run Gotham is one of the reasons why Bruce Wayne puts on a batsuit in the future.  It is refreshing to see him because a mob crime boss and teach people lessons in person instead having one of his lackeys do it.

Jim Gordon in this episode was finally the main focus. He told off the commissioner and wouldn’t take no for an answer. This is the Jim Gordon that fans have been dying to see on the show. He had that Jim Gordon charisma from the Nolan movies. Fans of Batman lore know Jim Gordon to be a guy who isn’t afraid to tell someone off. Gordon also had great chemistry with his partner Harvey Bullock in the episode. Ben Mackenzie and Donald Logue really need to become the focus of the show. It will be interesting to Gordon’s rise to commissioner and how it affects his relationship with Harvey.

Overall, this Gotham episode was a good preamble for future storylines to come. Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and Selina Kyle were not forced in the episode’s plot which takes away screen time from the action in the episode’s plot.  Barbra Kern was forced on us but only for a few mins. Leslie Thompkins made it obvious that she wants to be an item with Jim Gordon. I give this episode of Gotham a 3.5 out 5.

Gotham (Rogues) Review

Jim Gordon meets Dr. Leslie Thompkins played Morena Baccarin

Jim Gordon meets Dr. Leslie Thompkins played Morena Baccarin

Gotham is back!

Gotham mid-season finale ended with a bang. James Gordon, and Harvey Dent target Gotham’s elite in the mid-season finale. The fall back is that James Gordon is sent to Arkham Asylum to work as a prison guard. The episode Rogue picks up Gordon’s storyline in Arkham Asylum and introduces an important potential ally.

Jim Gordon is a security guard at Arkham Asylum and no longer a member of GCPD. Inmates are being murdered with electric shock treatments. Gordon meets a doctor who shares his empathy of proper medical treatment for the inmates. Gordon decides to call in his former partner to help him in his investigation and all signs point to the warden.

Gotham introduced Dr. Leslie Thompkins tonight played by Morena Baccarin. She is an ally to Batman and Gordon in the comic books. She is actually has been written as young Bruce Wayne’s psychiatrist. Thompkins in the Gotham storyline works at Arkham as a medical doctor. She and Gordon had some moments of flirtation. Honestly, that might be the best thing for a future Gordon storyline. Baccarin is a wonderful talented actress who can be a strong female presence on the show. Gotham doesn’t have a strong female character. The villain also had strong spotlight tonight.

First, Penguin gets locked up in a cell and has to beg to Maroni to let him out. Cat and Ivy start their off and on again friendship. The two supervillains frequently team up which one of them double crossing the other. It was a nice touch for them to break into Jim Gordon’s apartment to find shelter from the rain. However, Barbra Kern as a storyline needs to be cut from the show. She is not a strong female character but super weak and needy. Her screentime is a problem because no one wants to see Barbra spend time in bed with her former lover. Overall, this Gotham’s episode was fun. There was some great chemistry between Gordon and Thompkins. The episode also left with a cliffhanger with the villain, Electrocutioner, terrorizing Gotham. This episode of Gotham gets a 4/5.


Gotham (Harvey Dent) review

Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent

Nicholas D’Agosto as Harvey Dent

Was Harvey Dent underutilized?

Batman fans all know and love Harvey Dent! Why shouldn’t we?! The character is considered to be one of the best comic book villains of all time. The character has been portrayed in multiple media such as television shows, graphic novels, film, and video games. Every fan comic book fan loves a good Two Face/Harvey Dent story. However, did Gotham introduce him to soon?

Harvey Dent is introduced on Gotham when Jim Gordon and the detectives from major crimes meet with Harvey. Harvey promises Gordon that he will not release any names to a newspaper about the Wayne murder but will stir the pot to see the reaction of the corrupt in Gotham. Gordon pleaded with Bruce and Alfred to take in Selina Kyle for her protection. Meanwhile, a well known explosive bomb maker is broken out of prison and sets off bombs in Gotham. Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate the criminal and their actions prevent a gang war.

Harvey Dent, played by Nicholas D’Agosto, was introduced to soon. One of the problems with Gotham is the misuse of characters. Edward Nygma and Selina Kyle have been misused and not really needed in certain episodes. Dent was underutilized as a character in this episode.  D’Agosto did have the likeable Dent charm that makes a audience to root for the guy. However, his outburst towards a person later in the episode was totally random and really thrown in there for a future reference to excite fan boys about Two Face.  Dent’s actions this episode will apparently play a big part in next week’s episode which does involve assassins trying to kill Bruce and Selina.

Barbara Kean is a big waste of a character. The storyline is so weak. Producers of Gotham, you didn’t have to introduce Barbara yet. Did you not think this through when you outlined her storyline for this season.  Erin Richards plays Barbara and does a decent job of acting from what she is given on the page. Her character could be given moments to shine if she wasn’t already introduced in the first season.

The positives of this episode was Bruce, Alfred, and Selina and their interaction to each other. Selina called Bruce “a weird kid.” Alfred told Bruce that “he fancies Ms. Kyle.” However, the biggest point that Selina made to Bruce is that “people in Gotham don’t fight with fists but guns!” Selina brought Bruce down to the real world just a bit. The Penguin was quite enjoyable as always. He blackmails Fish Mooney’s spy and he told the witch “I’ll kill you if you tell anyone about our discussion.” Mooney was not a bad character in this episode and rather enjoyable.

Overall, this episode of Gotham had some real good moments between Bruce, Alfred, and Selina. The Penguin brings his A game because he is a little creepy rat. Harvey Dent was likeable at first but then his character was under cut by bad storytelling. Barbara Kean needs to get cut from the show so Jim Gordon can date a nice girl not someone who is bipolar.

Gotham (Penguin’s umbrella) review

Anthony Carrigan as zsasz

Anthony Carrigan as Zsasz

Zsasz makes his presence known!

Penguin dropped a bomb on Gotham by showing up at the GCPD alive on the conclusion of last’s week episode. Penguin’s Umbrella is the fallout from the revelation of Cobblepot being alive.  Jim Gordon is supposed to kill Cobblepot but lets him live.  Cobblepot has infiltrated the Maroni family and become Maroni’s new favorite person.  Now that Cobblepot is alive and kicking it causes Fish Mooney to become worried.

Fish Mooney becomes super paranoid when she finds out Cobblepot is alive. She begs Falcone to kill him but Falcone disagrees. Gordon is shunned by his fellow officers, his partner (Harvey Bullock), and even Barbara is reluctant to leave his side.  However, Gordon decides to take action and make arrest warrants for the Mayor and Falcone.   Victor Zsasz, a mob hitman, is order to bring Gordon alive to Falcone and the consequences are almost catastrophic for Gordon.

The episode starts off with a bang when Penguin happily walks down the street and his own protection.  Penguin, played Robin Lord Taylor, is again the force who drives the action in the episode. He decides to tell Maroni where he can hit Falcone at the most vulnerable place after Falcone steals guns from the Maroni family.  The Penguin uses the raid against Falcone to accomplish several goals.  He kills Maroni’s number lieutenant, and Mooney lover thus making himself the most powerful lieutenant for Maroni and striking Mooney at her core.  His presence starts a gang war, and Gordon is caught in the middle.

Part of Penguin's plan

Part of Penguin’s plan

Ben Mackenzie always does a wonderful job playing Jim Gordon. Mackenzie always has a cool confident poise on screen.  Mackenzie’s chemistry with Donald Logue is brilliant.  Their characters decide to take the fight to Falcone.  Mackenzie feels comfortable playing Gordon that the character is unbelievably likeable and heroic.

Victor Zsasz was another positive about this episode. Zsasz is a lunatic in the comics but in the episode, he has his sanity. I’m sure that Zsasz will be featured in more episodes.  John Doman plays Falcone is also amazing in this episode because he acts like a wiseman who knows the outcomes of life before they happen. Falcone has everything figured out about his surroundings and knows that nothing can touch him. The Falcone character is definitely entertaining.

“Penguin’s Umbrella” is a overall a really fun episode that felt more like a season finale than a regular episode. However, there are not a lot of negatives about this episode maybe the Bruce Wayne scene when young Bruce hugs Gordon.  Penguin’s Umbrella gets a 4.5/5.

Gotham (Spirit of the Goat) review

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

Bullock actually has conscience!

Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon have been at a crossroads in how their view of the law. Harvey is very corrupt and doesn’t really want to put effort in solving case.  He is friends with a crime lord, Fish Mooney.  Jim Gordon on the other hand is man who only sees black and white in terms of a law. You either break the law and abide by it in Gordon’s book. He feels compassion for Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne and has sort of taken each of them under his wing. He is not a killer but Bullock would have no problems killing someone.  The episode “Spirit of the Goat” is about Harvey Bullock being faced with his troubled past.

Bullock and his partner, Dix, ten years ago were investigating a series of murders.  The killer called himself, the Goat.  The Goat would capture Gotham’s wealthiest 1st born females and murder them.  Bullock wanted to be a hero and his actions caused harm to Dix. He has never forgiven himself since and even pays for Dix’s health care.  Present day Gotham, the Goat has struck again and killed another person. Harvey can’t believe it and tells Gordon it is a copy cat killer.  Dix suggests as a partner when Gordon and Harvey visit him in his nursing home.  Harvey and Gordon struggle to find the connection between the two cases and have to turn to the smartest man in the GCPD, Edward Nygma.

The episode has three negatives.  Cobblepot gets bathe by his mother and it was pretty disgusting to watch. Cobblepot does a  have Oedipus complex in the comic books. He tends to date nurturing women like his mother and sort of resemble.  The only other negative is Selina Kyle breaks into Wayne Mansion and steals whatever from Bruce Wayne. The question is, how can 13 year old girl climb over the wall and break into one of the most heavily secured places on the planet.  Selina Kyle feels sometimes forced into an episode. Barbara and Rene romance needs to go. Barbara needs to get a job and do something useful. Rene needs to get investigated by the Internal Affairs.

The episode was very good overall.  The episode focused on Bullock.  He has been a corrupt asshole for most of the season but in this episode, he shows his humanity. He cares about his old partner.  He gets excited when he solves the case and thanks Gordon for saving his life.  Bullock had some bright moments in the episode. Donald Logue did an exceptional job of playing a tormented man.  The other biggest positive was the Edward Nygma.

Michael Cory Smith as Edward Nygma

Michael Cory Smith as Edward Nygma

Michael Cory Smith has been given a few lines of dialogue here and there in several episodes. The character has been sort of a joke until this episode. Smith in his episode really was given a chance to shine and show why he was hired to play Edward Nygma. Nygma is the Riddler. He is narcissistic,violent, introverted,  and severely lacks social skills. The episode shows cases several scenes with Nygma’s personality disorder. For example, the filing clerk for the GCPD is rather cute, and Nygma is attracted to her.  He tries to make small talk but stutters. He rearranges her whole filing system because he believes his way is better and gets told off by her when she finds out.  The character had a minor role but was show cased in his importance. It reminded us all why we love Edward Nygma.

Overall, the episode was very solid. The acting was solid, the story was clever, and there was character development. Harvey Bullock actually has a heart and the episode showed that. Edward Nygma is a creeper and that was brought to the attention of the audience.  Gotham “Spirit of the Goat” gets a 4/5. Gotham is a good show overall.

Gotham (viper) review

Gotham (viper) review

The Beginning of a Young Detective

Gotham is getting consistently better each week where there more easter eggs to Bruce Wayne’s future.  The recent episode Viper did the lay future setting of Gotham’s future. It still leaves a question in my mind.  Could we see a very primitive version of Batman sooner than later? The signs point yes but Fox really wants Gotham to be on as long as it can.  Viper was a really fun episode.

A new drug has come onto the streets of Gotham called Viper.  Viper gives the user increase strength.  The first user ripped ATM off the wall and dies a few minutes later.  Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock start to investigate.  They find out that Viper is connected to Wayne Enterprises.  Young Bruce Wayne is at Wayne Manor studying and reviewing Wayne Enterprises reports on the building of Arkham. Even at this age, Bruce Wayne is seeing the corruption into his own company. He wants to fix it because he is trying to live up to his father’s legacy.  He wants to speak with the board members of Wayne Enterprises.  Of course, Oswald Cobblepot is making his moves in the Maroni ‘s criminal organization and reveals the whole truth of his previous background.  Sal Maroni starts to call Oswald Cobblepot, Penguin.  They plan to rob a Falcone’s casino.

The Gotham episode, Viper, had so many positives. Young Bruce Wayne really taking a interest in his company and discovering criminal activities.  The highlight was Alfred at the end of episode coming in the living room, sits down on the couch, and begins to look at the files with Bruce. It was bonding moment between them that brought joy to my heart.  The Penguin is slowly becoming that character that we all love from the comics. The little ruthless twerp will sell out anybody so he can gain more favor in his current situation.   The storyline with the Penguin are getting better  every week. Oswald Cobblepot is really the main criminal show.  Viper the drug is an early form of Vemon. Vemon is what gives the Batman villain Bane his super strength.  The fact Wayne Enterprises is the one who is making Vemon is very intriguing and gives more logical reasons why Bruce Wayne will become Batman.

The main negative is Jada Pinkett Smith. Her character is so stupid and cartoony. It is sad to see good villains like Maroni and Penguin get uncut screen time for her plot lines.  She is so irrelevant to the show. Please Bruno Heller, executive producer, kill her off soon.

Overall this episode of Gotham was great beside the Fish Mooney storyline.  The writers of the show could in a few seasons start killing off the main crime families and replacing with the super villains like Penguin.  Gotham Viper gets 4.0/5.