Arrow (Midnight City) Review

Vinny Jones as Brick

Vinny Jones as Brick

Arrow  is probably the best action drama on television.  It continues to improve every week by developing the main character’s story along the supporting character’s stories. The best part about last week’s episode was the main character, Oliver Queen, was not even in the show until the end of it. Stephen Amell plays Queen and again he was given the backseat to a few other main characters.  Ollie’s partners Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), Diggle (David Ramsey), Felicity, (Emily Brett Rickards), and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) all take starring roles in this episode to stop Brick (Vinny Jones).   Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) is also showed cased more in this episode as a catalyst for things to come in the future of Arrow.

Colton Haynes as Arsenal  Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

Colton Haynes as Arsenal
Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

Oliver Queen is supposedly dead and the maniac known as Danny Brickwell as taken over the city.  Laurel Lance steps into the Black Canary costume in attempt to fight Brick’s men. She gets her ass pretty much kicked but Arsenal shows up and helps her.  Roy remind Laurel that he has had training from Oliver and years on the street.  Ray Palmer and other city officials hold a meeting to discuss the Brickwell problem.  Brickwell doesn’t oblige their meeting because he shoots his way into the office and captures several city officials.  The mayor decides to give against the consent of Captain Lance.  Meanwhile Malcolm Merlyn tries to convince Thea Queen, his daughter, to leave Starling City because they are endanger. Malcolm tells her the truth about Ra’s Al Ghul.  Felicity has a conversation with Laurel and realizes Laurel is continuing Ollie’s fight so she has too. She helps Ray Palmer solve his Atom Suit problem.  Oliver is in a shack healing with the help of old friends.

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn and Will Holland as Thea Queen

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn and Willa Holland as Thea Queen

First of all this Arrow episode really didn’t have a lot wrong with it. John Barrowman and Willa Holland did detract from the main storyline a little bit of the heroes trying to stop Brick. However, their storyline is important. Roy shows up at Thea’s apartment and demands Malcolm stop seeing Thea. Merlyn replies “thanks, I needed a laugh.”  Thea also demands to know the truth why they have to leave the city.  She reminds her father that he taught to be a fighter and not a person who runs away from a fight.  These scenes set up the more important part of the main storyline of Malcolm finally confronting Ra’s Al Ghul.

This episode deserves a lot of props on how they handled their main female characters, Laurel and Felicity.  Laurel has been an awesome or stupid character depending on the episode. This episode highlighted the strengths and weakness of Laurel.  Laurel is a strong commanding district attorney. She uses her power and authority to exploit criminals into making deals.  However, she is a weak crime fighter. She nearly was killed three separate times in the show and escaped her almost final fight by kicking Brick in the balls.  Laurel and Felicity have a great chemistry on screen with their interactions to each other. Felicity is super stupid when she is a nagging witch but she is strongest she stands with and helps the people she loves.  Emily and Katie showed a great deal of emotion during this episode.  They really made this episode special.

Ray Palmer played Brandon Routh and Felicity Smoak  played Emily Brett Rickards

Ray Palmer played Brandon Routh and Felicity Smoak played Emily Brett Rickards

The last positive that I want to touch on is Brandon Routh and Vinny Jones.  They make their characters fun, likeable, and command the screen when they are in a scene and one of them plays a bad guy. Brandon plays a great romantic hero who wants to the save because he is noble and good.  He might get his own show playing the Atom. Vinny Jones on the other hand is evil. He has fun playing the evil greedy one lining bad guy who will kill anybody for the hell of it. He needs to be reoccurring villain every season because he is so good.

Overall, this arrow episode was great.  The secondary characters are being developed more and more each episode.  Midnight City gets a 4.5/5.

Thea has an Assassin working for spoiler alert

Thea has an Assassin working for her spoiler alert


Arrow (Left Behind) Review

RA Al GHUL killing Oliver Queen in combat RA Al GHUL played by Matt Nable Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell

Ra Al Ghul killing Oliver Queen in combat
Ra Al Ghul played by Matt Nable
Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell


Who fights crime now?

The Climb, the previous Arrow episode,  ended with Oliver Queen being killed by Ra Al Ghul in mortal combat.  In this episode, tells the story what is Starling City like without Oliver Queen as the Arrow to fight crime. The episode also is a catalyst for Arsenal’s future independence as a crime fighter (at some point in the show) and starts the countdown to Laurel apocalypse.  Laurel Apocalypse was coined by John Campea but the meaning of the word is when Laurel Lance starts to pose as the Black Canary and fans might quit watching the show.

The episode starts with Diggle and Roy pursuing a truck with two criminals. They capture one criminal and discover he works for a crime boss named Brick, played by Vinny Jones. Felicity has trouble focusing on her work and needs to find out if Oliver Queen is dead. Malcolm Merlyn looks into the matter and discovers that Oliver Queen is dead by the traditional practice of Ra Al Ghul leaving the killing weapon on holy ground to honor the dead. Felicity tests the blood on the weapon and discovers that it is Oliver’s blood. Roy and Diggle need to stop Brick but Felicity prevents them in succeeding by quitting the team. Meanwhile, Oliver has an old friend who helps him even though he is dead.

Diggle played by John Ramesy  Arsenal played by Colton Hayes

Diggle played by John Ramesy
Arsenal played by Colton Hayes

The episode was a very good episode because of the conflicts within the Arrow team. Roy still wants to fight crime and stand up for the innocent. Diggle has mixed feelings about fighting crime. Felicity wants out of the crime business because she lost Oliver. Colton Hayes was more a feature in this episode which was nice. It is like having a Robin or Nightwing centric storyline in a series of Batman issues. Roy in the episode was put on display. He was skilled with a bow but still lack that intuition to be near as good as Oliver Queen. Felicity had internal conflicts which made her walk away from Ray Palmer and his goal of building a crime fighter suit.  It was nice to see all three pivotal characters featured in a episode without Oliver Queen being the main focus.

Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

Katie Cassidy as Black Canary


The biggest negative was Laurel Lance but not until the end of the episode. She does show up in the Black Canary outfit.  Katie Cassidy looks gorgeous as the Black Canary but her character is no Canary. Her crime fighting skills makes Roy look like Oliver Queen.  However, the writers of the show can prove us wrong.

Overall,  Left Behind was a great mid season premiere. It was better than Gotham’s or the Flash’s premiere. The villain was great and Vinny Jones should reoccur as Brick every couple of episodes per season. Brick will be talked about more in next week’s review. Left Behind gets 4.5/5.

Arrow (the climb) review

Arrow vs. Ra Al Ghul; what could go wrong?

Arrow vs. Ra’s Al Ghul; what could go wrong?

Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the most vicious DC comic book villains. Liam Neeson played Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins, and David Warner did the voice for the character in the Batman Animated series.  Ra’s Al Ghul has two daughters, Nyssa and Talia. He is pretty ruthless in exacting vengeance for his daughters if they get hurt. This is why Arrow, Oliver Queen, is in his cross hairs.  Oliver finally comes face to face with the Head of the Demon tonight.

Oliver finds out his DNA matches the DNA on the arrow that killed Sara Lance. Diggle quickly speculates that Malcolm Merlyn, John Barrowman, has something to do with Sara dying. The team investigate and find out that Thea Queen came back to Starling the night before Sara died. The League of Assassins gives Oliver 48 hours to find Sara’s killer or they will kill fifty innocent people. Malcolm shows up and tells Oliver that Thea killed Sara Lance. She was under the influence of a drug that he gave her and that Ra’s Al Ghul would kill Thea if Oliver turns Malcolm over to the League. Oliver realizes that he must face Ra’s in combat but it could cost his life. (Oh positive note, Ray Palmer showed Felicity his Atom suit or the design of it.)

Oliver meets his fate

Oliver meets his fate

First, this mid-season finale was not as good as the Flash’s but it still a good episode.  The revelation that Malcolm has been playing innocent the whole time about Sara dying, but he is really a sadistic SOB that formed a plan to get out of facing Ra’s Al Ghul. Hell, he uses his daughter as leverage to make Oliver fight Ra’s because he knows Oliver has no chance in hell. Oliver is no where near as skilled in combat as Ra’s. Oliver’s martial arts skills don’t even touch the surface where Batman is compared when Batman takes on Ra’s. I want to warn fans not to compare the two heroes. Batman has been fighting for crime and learning master his stealthy technique and his knowledge of unarmed combat for he was a teenage. Oliver has been doing this for 5 to 8 years and still couldn’t beat Deathstroke without some help from Felicity. The comparison is unfair so Arrow fans don’t bring up on how Batman can kick Ra’s ass and Oliver Queen can’t. Deathstroke couldn’t even take down Ra’s Al Ghul. Ra’s is the world’s most formidable killer.

Matt Nable as Ra's Al Ghul

Matt Nable as Ra’s Al Ghul

Matt Nable was a good Ra’s Al Ghul. Yes, Liam Neeson might have been a better Ra’s Al Ghul but he had more screentime. Neeson was more a cold unattached assassin while Nable’s Ra’s has some love for his daughter. Nable nailed the character in his limited screentime. He was more deceptive as Ra’s because honestly, had a feeling that Oliver would win during the fight tonight and kill him.  Nable does look like he is 50 to 60, and he kicked Oliver’s ass.  Kudos, to  Matt Nable for being a menacing Ra’s Al Ghul.

Overall, this episode of Arrow was good. It wasn’t like the Flash’s mid-season finale but it was entertaining. Honestly, this episode was design humble and evolve Oliver Queen as a crime fighter. He has pretty much been the top dog for a year or two. He pretty much defeated the Flash but he showed weakness in his skill level to defeat one or more assassins. “The Climb” gets a 4/5.

Arrow (corto maltese) review

Willa Holland as Thea

Willa Holland as Thea

Thea and Malcolm come back

Thea has been a character on Arrow that had a tendency to be a drag in episodes. However, last season she and the audience found that her father is Malcolm Merilyn.  She agrees leave Starling City with Malcolm at the end of last season. Sara’s death has affected Oliver, and he needs his sister more than ever.  Thea’s storyline brings back one of the best actors of the Arrow, John Barrowman as Malcolm Merilyn.

Oliver, Roy, and Dingle decide to go search for Thea, and Felicity traces her whereabouts to Corto Maltese.  They travel to speak to her and bring her home. Oliver tells Thea that their father died in order to save Oliver but still doesn’t tell her that he is the Arrow. Felicity starts to work with Ray Palmer. She continuously gives excuses to Ray for her life is so secretive because she gets three calls asking her favors in a two minute period while Ray Palmer is looking curious. Dingle finds out an Argus agent has stolen the names of Argus’s agents and plans to sell them on the black market. Amanda Waller orders Dingle to kill the rogue agent. Laural attends an AA meeting and sees one of fellow members is constantly getting beaten by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is wanted in several different jurisdictions, and Laural decides to something about the problem. She tires to kick his ass with a baseball bat but gets her ass handed  to her instead. She decides to be trained by Ted Grant (known as Wildcat) and began her training to become Black Canary when Oliver refuses to train her himself.  Oliver delivers a powerful line “Sara would never forgive me” meaning if Laural gets hurt as a crime fighter.

The guys who bring the awesome fights in Arrow to the small guy

The guys who bring the awesome fights in Arrow to the small guy

Arrow always has one positive which are the stunts and action sequences.  The stunt team does a hell of a job to train the actors to be so light footed and make the fights look a dance. Roy even does a double kick move and gets praise from Oliver in this episode. His double kick move was pretty cool. The fights are wonderful to watch.  Thea and Malcolm are together as student and mentor. The flashbacks give their relationship a hostile feel at first but as the episode progresses Malcolm feels a sense of pride for his daughter’s skills and her choices. She has been trained to be an Assassin the same way the League of Assassins trained Merilyn.  Brandon Routh is so likeable. He would have been a great Superman if given the chance to make more films. The discovery he makes about OMAC that Queen Consolidated was building was intense.  His expression give the feeling that he was looking for that specifically. He might know Oliver is the Arrow.  OMAC is a like Ultron from Marvel, a machine who creates robot  copies of itself to destroy humanity.

J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant/Wildcat

J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant/Wildcat

The last thing that needs to be mention is Laural. The character is becoming rather important in show’s story lines. The fact that she got her ass handed to her in her first vigilante attempt was so grounded. A woman on her first try would not be able to kick the crap out of a abuser because she is ill prepared to fight. The writers are going to give her and Ted Grant one to two seasons where she trains to become Black Canary. Thea has been training with her father for 5 months and is skilled. Her father could easily kill her if he wanted too. Laural has no training what so ever and it will take her awhile before she is ready to use a staff to kick criminal asses.  Wildcat is her mentor from the comics and even Batman has a lot of respect for his fighting styles.

Overall, this episode was fun and entertaining. The fight choreography was spectacular. Thea and Laural are assuming the roles of the dominant women on the show. The league of Assassins return next week. They want answers about what happened Sara. Good luck with that Ollie.  Corto Maltese gets a 4/5.

Next week’s Arrow preview…what did you think of the episode comment below and let me know.

Arrow (Sara) review (minor spoilers)

Arrow Sara

Who Killed Sara?

Team Arrow is faced with their biggest lost when Sara Lance, Black Canary, was murdered.  Many fans posed questions all week who killed Sara?  Fans should applaud the show creators because they have killed main characters in the past. Tommy Merlyn died in the first season, and he was an integral part of the show. Black Canary has been murdered, and her character was rather important in Oliver’s life.   The question is: who really killed Sara?

Sara Lance is standing on a rooftop as she turns around to go fight crime  three arrows are shot in her chest. She falls backwards from the roof and dies as she hit the concrete.  Laurel sees her fall to the death and takes her body to Team Arrow. The sight of Sara dying is very powerful and upsetting that the team is thrown in chaos.  Oliver Queen needs Thea Queen, his sister, now more than ever.  She is nowhere to be found except training with her father. Oliver doesn’t know this.  Felicity is constantly being pursued by Ray Palmer to work for him.  He wants to hire her to be his right hand. She does end up taking the job. However, the main question is who killed Sara?  All signs to point to a master assassin called Komodo.  But did he really kill Sara or was someone else?

Matt Ward as Komodo

Matt Ward as Komodo

Arrow episode “Sara” was a step up from the season premiere.   Fans will throw out speculation on who killed Sara Lance.  Personally, I think someone from the League of Assassins killed her or it could be someone from ARGUS.  Komodo was a formidable fore for Arrow.  One scene had Arrow and Komodo playing chicken on their motorcycles. They would drive towards each other and shooting arrows at each other.  One of the best scenes in this episode was when Komodo was about to kill his final target but Roy shoots an arrow at his bow to knock out of his hands.  Roy and Oliver fight Komodo after that and the stunts were impressive for the minute they fought.  These few scenes made some really fun action moments on television.

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer   Emily Bett Richards as Felicity Smoak

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer
Emily Bett Richards as Felicity Smoak

Brandon Routh was a great choice for the character Ray Palmer.  Routh is charming, caring, and has this arrogance about him.   His acting performance draws in that you, as a viewer, want to like him but in the back of your mind you dislike him. He did takeovr Oliver’s Queen Company.  Honestly, the writers might need to keep him in the cast because many fans have taken to him.

My last positive about this episode is Laurel. Katie Cassidy is really growing into her role. She is no longer some attractive chick who weeps over guys. She is showing her emotions and starting to use her acting chops to command more of a presence on screen. Laurel hasn’t told her father that Sara has died either. There was one point that I thought she was really to going to tell her father that his sister died. However, Detective Lance has gone through so much that she couldn’t break his heart. It’s tough choice to do but she couldn’t do it until they have Sara’s killer.

Overall this Arrow Episode was very fun.  The episode has intriguing plot lines and the mystery of Sara’s killer is still at large.  Laurel is really growing into a good character. The fight choreography is very spectacular.  Arrow is one of the best shows on television and it will continue to gain viewers.  The episode “Sara” gets a 4.2/5.

Arrow “Streets of Fire” review spoilers

Malcolm Merilyn by John Barrowman

Malcolm Merilyn by John Barrowman

Arrow has been consistently one of the best television shows on television this year. Arrow is about Oliver Queen, who is a nighttime vigilante in Starling City. Queen is a rich playboy billionaire but in this season he has been knocked down to poverty. Oliver has been visited by a blast from the past. Slade Wilson (Deathstroke is his alias) has come to Starling City to obliterate Oliver’s family, fortunate, and his city. At the end of the last week’s episode Slade has an army of superhuman soldiers who have taken over Starling City.

Oliver and Laurel Lance are trapped underground by the street collapsing on them.  Thea, Ollie’s sister, is stuck in a train station with the super soldiers. Dingle, Oliver’s right hand, is in a deadlock battle with Isabel Rochev, Ravager.  Felicity, Ollie’s tech nerd, saves Dingle by hitting Ravager with a van.  Oliver and Laurel meet up with the group. Felicity finds out that fellow partners in Star Labs have found a cure to make the superhuman soldiers human again. Detective Lance and his police force are being attacked by Slade’s army. Lance uses several grenades to kill the intruders. The police force makes a deal with the Arrow that they will fight along side him to save the city.  Mayor Sebastian Blood has his office attacked by one of Slade’s superhuman soldiers. Everybody in the office dies except Blood and it forces a confrontation with Slade. Slade gives Blood the finger in 3 short sentences causing Blood to switch sides. Blood calls Oliver to give him the cure but Ravager kills Blood for his betrayal. Laurel is saved by her sister, Sarah or  the Black Canary. Canary and Laurel have a heart to heart about being a hero. Canary saves a child from a burning building and the citizen’s of Starling look at her as a hero. Thea during the episode is rescued by her father, Malcolm Merilyn.  Malcolm wants to save Thea but she refuses. The episode ends by her shooting a gun, presumably at her father.

The episode has two main positives.  I really loved the fact it was Felicity, Dingle, and Oliver teaming up to try to stop Slade’s army. The episode was very centered on their characters. All three actors gave stellar performances. The final positive was the Sebastian Blood arch. The writers of the show wrapped and ended his arch in a satisfying conclusion. They killed the bastard off and the actor gave a great performance that I thought he might survive the night of hell in Starling City. Ravager showed up and took care of the problem.  Action sequences, Slade Wilson’s character, ARGUS going to bomb the city, and a great narrative were other positives of this episode.

I have two things that really pissed me off about this episode. The first is Thea. Thea has become the bitch on the show. She can’t stand for her father for valid reasons and he give her the option to get to safety. Thea refused to take it. She might have shot him at the end of the episode. Her father is played by John Barrowman. He’s a super talented actor and brings charisma to the screen. The other thing that annoyed me was the beating of the hero drum over and over for Black Canary. We know she is a hero. We don’t need to feel like it is getting shoved down our throats. The Amazing Spider-man 2 and Man of Steel had sequences like this in their movies. It’s one of the reason why I cringed watching the two movies.

Arrow Overview and Blind Spot Review

I wrote sort of a short premise about the show Arrow from last season to this current episode.

The show Arrow is about the Green Arrow. His alter ego is rich boy Oliver Queen. Queen’s family has controlled their town Starling City for generations (this sounds for familiar right!).  The Green Arrow is designed from the Bruce Wayne/Batman. Oliver is more actively involved in social issues and he’s a lefty. Bruce Wayne keeps away from the spotlight buts funds numerous charities. Oliver Queen is a current day Robin Hood who doesn’t mind killing people.

Oliver is shipwrecked on an island from his father’s boat being sabotaged. He is found 5 years later. Before his dad committed suicide gave Oliver a list of names who people who hurt Starling City. Ollie makes a promise that he’ll avenge his father.   The Green Arrow starts taking these people out by killing them.  Arrow starts to make some noise with arrows sticking up out of their chests which gets noticed by the police and reporters. The reporters call him the Hood and the police call him the vigilante.  The police task force is led by Detective Lance to capture the vigilante. He actually starts to help Ollie because there is a bigger threat to Starling City called the Undertaking. The Undertaking is a plot by Malcolm Merlyn who is destroys the crime ridden half of the city.  Oliver stops him and puts an arrow through his heart. However,  the Undertaking was successful and kills Ollie’s best friend, Tommy Merlyn. Oliver exiles himself after season 1 to the island.

Oliver in season 2 has been found by two his other allies, Dingle (his bodyguard like his version of Alfred), and Felicity (his version of oracle, Barbra Gordon, from the Batman). They come looking for him on the Island. Oliver also takes a vow not to kill but he will do it when someone threatens someone he loves.  Oliver  discovers he’s not the only hero in town. A blonde woman is Sarah Lance who’s Ollie’s ex gf’s sister, Laural Lance, and Detective Lance’s Daughter. She was supposed to be dead. She brings company to town in the form of the League of Assassins who trained her. Sarah is Black Canary, and she leaves Starling after the League of Assassins incident to protect her family.  A super soldier serum that is given to one of Ollie’s shipwrecked friends on the island, Slade Wilson is the main story line for this season.  Slade Wilson turns psychopath apparently and tries to kill Ollie on the island. Ollie’s wins that fight apparently. Ollie thinks he has killed Slade but Slade is alive in well and trying to take revenge on Ollie.  He wants revenge on Ollie because in season 1 and 2 there was a woman Shado who they both loved and gets killed on the island. Ollie chooses Sarah Lance over Shado and a man named Professor Ivo kills her to get super soldier serum. Slade Wilson is allowing a man named Sebastian Blood to use his blood to create super soldiers.

Now onto my review; this week’s episode has Laurel Lance investigating Sebastian Blood.  She visited his mother the previous episode and learns Sebastian killed his dad.  Sebastian later pays his mother a visit and kills her.  Laurel finds out and runs to the Arrow for help. His nickname by the press in the show.  Arrow helps Laurel investigate Sebastain because he still loves her. Laurel gets framed by Blood for illegal procession of a drug that is not prescribed by a doctor. Blood is threaten by Slade Wilson to kill Laural, and he captures her.  Laural gets rescued by Arrow and she thinks he kills Sebastian Blood by shooting a mask man six times. Ollie takes off Blood’s mask and they find a cop who has been working for Blood.  He dies and the police think he’s the villain and not Laural’s theory of Sebastian Blood.  Laural’s fires her because of the drug problem. Ollie returns to his hideout, and thinks he has destroyed the super soldier serum permanently. He actually is being to doubt Laural’s as sane logical person now. He has another problem his sister’s boyfriend, Roy Harper, was injected with the serum and has displayed super human powers.

I really liked this episode because it was compelling. The show writers have shown they have no problems killing main characters.  I thought for awhile that Laural might die.  However,  they didn’t kill her. They discredited her character to other characters in the show. However, as the audience we know she is telling the truth. I also thought they killed Sebastian Blood. For a few seconds; i thought Laural killed Blood and it will expedite the Slade/Ollie revenge story line.  I loved what they have done with Roy Harper. Roy has been concerned with trying to save people in this season like the Arrow who saved him in the first season. Roy and his friend, Sin, team up to catch a killer. The killer almost kills Sin but Roy tears off the car door. He pummels the dude to the brink of death and Sin stops him. Roy called the cops and looks like a hero not the villain. The creators were very clever to do this.  The negatives were probably the Island Flashbacks. I thought that sequences slowed down the episode but overall is a good episode. It’s also important because it gives Roy a purpose instead of being the silly sidekick who gets into trouble. This season Laural has been a bitch and sucked. Her character’s direction reminds me of Lois Lane. I would give this episode a 4 out 5.

The reason why people should watch Arrow  (Wed nights at 8). It’s a gritty realistic version a superhero who doesn’t have superpowers.  It’s a lot like Nolan’s Batman movies. They keep adding characters. They have already added several major fan favorite characters from DC Comics in this season like Slade Wilson as Deathstroke (super assassin), the Flash (Barry Allen), and Black Canary (Sarah Lance, possibly Ollie’s future wife). They also make mention to Star Labs, which could give Lex Luthor some face time. The creators have name dropped Ra Al Ghul who you might remember from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises played Liam Neeson. There are rumors that show will create it’s own Justice League and add an appearance by Batman or Nightwing (Dick Grayson after Robin).  I have friends who watch this show, and they are not big superhero fans. Plus watching Arrow will help time fly by every week until Avengers 2 in 2015 and Batman vs. Superman comes in 2016. It also helps the summer movie season come faster i noticed. Everybody should watch an episode or two of Arrow.  I really think given a chance that Arrow could be one of the top watched shows on Wednesday nights and it’s awesome to see the trick arrow like Batman’s different batarangs.