Gotham (The Fearsome Dr. Crane) review

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan  Crane's father AKA the Scarecrow

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan Crane’s father AKA the Scarecrow

Hello Origins of the Fear Toxin

Gotham might be a rollercoaster of a show sometimes with focusing on too many characters in episodes and not giving enough screen time to the important characters. Screenwriter, John Stephens, wrote a great episode that introduces one of Batman’s most formable foes, Scarecrow.  However, it is not the Scarecrow that we know as Jonathan Crane but Gerald Crane, Jonathan Crane’s father. John Behring directed this episode and his credits include Charmed, Arrow, Grimm, and other supernatural shows. It turned out to be an entertaining episode and a very good one.

Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate a murder of a man being hanged off a side of a building. Bullock discovers the victim is part of a phobia support group after he chats with another member named, Scottie. Edward Nygma is suspended from the GCPD because he is supersedes his position and examines victims bodies. It pisses of the medical examiner but Edward gets his own revenge though. However, the Penguin is finally ousted by Fish who calls and tells Maroni that Penguin is a Falcone plant. Maroni takes matters into his own hands.

Robin Taylor Lord as the Penguin David Zayas as Sal Maroni

Robin Taylor Lord as the Penguin
David Zayas as Sal Maroni

“The Fearsome Dr. Crane” had many positives and one of the biggest highlights was the confrontation between The Penguin and Maroni.  David Zayas plays Sal Maroni and does a wonderful job each week bringing life to the character. He brings poise, charisma, and humor to the character.  The Penguin is the Penguin. Lord always portrays a slimy little worm as the Penguin but also has an ace up his sleeve. The two actors have a great scene together. Penguin is trapped in a car pleading for his life with Maroni watching and getting revenge for Penguin’s actions.  Penguin finds a way to escape the situation because worms don’t die easily.

Harvey Bullock having a major part in the episode was great.  He meets a normal girl that takes his eye, Scottie played Maria Thayer.  He goes to the support group for fears and phobias that she is involved in and tells the group his fear.  His fear is about dying in an alleyway alone not in bed as an old man with someone that he loves. Scottie’s chemistry with Harvey was really great and hopefully the character will stick around.  However, the killer is a member of the group. The killer is Gerald Crane, father to Jonathan Crane AKA The Scarecrow, play Julian Sands.  Sands is so creepy as Mr. Crane. Hopefully, the writers of Gotham will keep the character around because he is so good. The reason why the Scarecrow is popular as a villain because audiences and readers can relate to being afraid of something and it killing you.  This backstory for Jonathan Crane’s eventually rise as the Scarecrow is entertaining and clever.

Overall, this episode was good and a great introduction the Scarecrow origin. Harvey took a front and center role in his episode. Donald Logue humanized the character like always. Zayas played a perfect Sal Maroni who wanted to kill the Penguin but failed. The Penguin is the Penguin! No one knows the Penguin’s plan or intentions in each episode.  “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” gets a 4.5/5.


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