Gotham (The Scarecrow) review

Gotham's depiction of the Scarecrow

Gotham’s depiction of the Scarecrow

Do they have to always kill the villain’s parent?

Why does the parent of the future super villain have to die? Is it a rule in the writer’s rulebook? Gotham introduced a creepy Gerald Crane last week.  He was trying to cure  fear to placing people in life or death situations. Gerald Crane is the father of Johnathan Crane, The Scarecrow (future Batman villain).  Julian Sands played Crane to the perfectly because Sands is talented at playing disturbed individuals. The creator’s of Gotham force unnecessary situation by killing Sands at the end of the episode (spoiler alert).

 Brief Synopsis:

Jim Gordon and Detective Bullock are still looking for Gerald Crane. Falcone gives Cobblepot, The Penguin, Fish Mooney’s nightclub.  Falcone and Maroni make a deal that keeps Penguin safe from Maroni’s retribution for the time being. Fish is held captive at unknown location and takes over the place. Bruce Wayne wants to go a quest by himself for the day but hurts himself. Alfred does find Bruce but lets Bruce take care of himself in an effort to strengthen the boy’s tolerance for pain and determination to succeed by not helping him.

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan  Crane's father AKA the Scarecrow

Julian Sands stars as Jonathan Crane’s father AKA the Scarecrow

The episode was pretty good but the Gotham writer’s are taking the show into the wrong direction.  The Mafia and the Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock storyline are headed in the right direction. The Penguin is becoming a big player in the mob and Gordon and Bullock are developing as the two central characters.  They have handled the Riddler and other villains are completely wrong.  The Riddler doesn’t need to have a few riddles every episode. We, the audience, is not watching him for his riddles. They want to see what sets him off to become a nice mild manner weird guy to the person who loves showcase his intellect with complex traps and puzzles that leads to the death of innocent people.

The Scarecrow was on the list of another recently poorly handled villain. Julian Sands is a talented television actor. However, they killed off his character to make his son Johnathan become the Scarecrow sooner than later. It would have been cool to see Jonathan kill his own dad by the show’s ending. Now it looks like Gotham is introducing the Joker.  The audience doesn’t need the Joker! This is purely speculation for next week’s promo. The show continues to poorly misused the villains.

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee)

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee)

Bruce Wayne and Alfred are characters who continue to evolve in the likability category. The two actors who play Bruce and Wayne have great chemistry together on screen. Alfred and Bruce have a complex relationship with many dynamics such as Surrogate father-son, mentor-student, and other complex relationships between two people. Both actors really do excel at their roles.

Overall, the Scarecrow was a good Gotham episode. The episode was really entertaining and use a lot of characters well.  However, if the Joker is introduced next week then I am done watching Gotham. However, if it is the actor from Shameless that plays Ian then I might be ok with it.  “The Scarecrow” gets a 4 out 5.


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