Arrow (The Calm) review

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer

At least they ended the episode on a shocker!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Arrow’s season three premiered tonight.  Overall, the episode was very weak and felt like they were pulling teeth to get the end of it. This episode follows the consistency of weaker and more boring episodes follow the high action pact meaningful episodes.  Don’t worry, Arrow will rebound because the show is pretty freaking great.

Season three starts off with Oliver, Roy, and Dingle stopping a shipment full of illegal arms. Roy is Oliver’s partner but still a sidekick. He has as much freedom as Robin does. The Arrow is now widely accepted and loved by Starling City. He has the lower crime rate and  is an ally to the police force.  Oliver is also trying to reclaim his company but so is a guy named Ray Palmer. Dingle and Lyla are going to be parents soon. Oliver finally has time to date. He asks Felicity out and then suddenly a new crime boss comes to town. A crime boss takes up the mantle of Count Vertigo and starts to terrorize Starling City.  It forces Team Arrow to make personal choices.

The New Count Vertigo, Peter Stormare, was the best part of this episode. He somehow finds a way to use The Scarecrow fear toxin combined with Vertigo. Maybe, the Scarecrow will show up on Arrow. Stormare is very menacing in his role. He’s ruthless like the Joker in someways. He doesn’t mind killing people or blowing up buildings with people to make his point.  David Ramsey was also a strong positive aspect of the episode.  I hope he doesn’t leave the show because he is Oliver’s consciousness and reasoning like Alfred is Batman’s.  Honestly, the fight choreography is still spectacular. The team did a good job training Colton Haynes, Roy Harper, to perform the action sequences that Stephen Amell does.

Despite these positives, this episode was lackluster.  The reason why this needs mentioning because these season premieres don’t need to feel lackluster and boring. A lot of Arrow fans like: John Campea, Ann Campea, Kaori Takee, (John, Ann, and Kaori do the Arrow After Show on Stream TV’s youtube channel) and Dennis Tzeng and his Think Hero YouTube channel spend their time and energy reviewing Arrow episodes all season and trying to convince people to watch Arrow. This wasn’t a good episode to have after that mind boggling season finale in May. The writers maybe took the week off in the creativity department. Honestly, the Felicia and Oliver off and on again love story has already gotten old. I hope Ray Palmer steals Felicia from Ollie, because Oliver is such a pansy when it comes to his emotions.

Another problem with this episode that the writers decided to throw in Ray Palmer to steal Oliver’s company and continue to make Oliver a poor average man that somehow can afford Italian. How does Oliver pay for those trick arrows? Oliver is not supposed to be poor. To quote my mother, “The reason why we love superheroes like Tony Stark, Oliver Queen, and Bruce Wayne because they are the rich bastards who use their wealth to fight crime and save the city/world.” The writers of Arrow please correct this mistake because most of the Arrow fanbase doesn’t want to see A Dark Knight Rises retell on Arrow. It was cool when Slade Wilson stole Oliver’s company but isn’t cool when Ray Palmer, who will the hero the Atom, steal his company.

Overall, the season premiere was very boring and felt like a bad romantic comedy between Oliver and Felicity. The last five minutes were awesome and a shocker. It does help jump start the main central plot line in this season of Arrow. Stormare and Ramsey gave stellar performances and the fight scenes were fun and spectacular as usual. Arrow’s the Calm gets a 3/5.  (was checking my cellphone for the hour to be over during the episode people).

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