The Flash (Revenge of the Rogues)

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold (left) Dominic Purnell as Heatwave (right)

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold (left)
Dominic Purnell as Heatwave (right)

Captain Cold is back with a friend!

Captain Cold is perhaps the Flash’s most formable foe.  His power to freeze all objects nullifies the Flash’s powers.  However, in the first meeting, Captain Cold did best the Flash. Captain Cold was intrigued by the Flash and now wants to kill him. He is the most vicious and cunning of all of the Flash’s foes that he has faced.  The Flash episode, “Revenge of the Rogues” introduced a new foe for the Flash, Heatwave!

Captain Cold and his partner, Mick Rory, return to Central City to kill the Flash. They break into a warehouse with expensive foreign cars to provoke the Flash into stopping them. The Flash declines their invitation and decides not to fight both criminals. Barry Allen is more concentrated on training to stop the Reverse Flash.  Reserve Flash is the priority for the Flash team. However, Captain Cold and Heatwave take the initiative in provoking a fight with the Flash and capture Catlin Snow.

Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Thawne

Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Thawne

The best moments of this episode was the interaction between Captain Cold and Heatwave. Both actors brought great charisma and had chemistry as a team on the small screen. Purcell as Heatwave had a temper and had sarcastic tone.  He was a fun character but was overshadowed by fellow actor, Wentworth Miller. Miller is spectacular as Captain Cold. The way he plays Captain Cold is so fantastic. He is cold, cunning, and malicious.  Miller’s presence on screen comes across as he enjoys playing his character in a sadistic way. Cold wants to kill the Flash. He doesn’t care how he will does it or who he uses to achieve his goal. He actually might be the closest villain as a representation to the Joker on the either the Flash or Arrow.

Overall, this Flash episode was fun and entertaining. It was enjoyable and the villains were entertaining. The love story between Iris and Eddie needs to be cut down. It takes away from the screen time of the Flash. The Flash “Revenge of the Rogues” gets a 3.5 out of 5. The villain story showed up but the love story between Iris and Eddie went out for coffee.


Flash ( Going Rogue) Review

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Hello Captain!!!!!

The Flash is now CW’s most watched show and there are many reasons why.  The Flash is super loveable, and Grant Gustin does a great job in playing Barry Allen.  The whole cast in general have maintained a high quality level of acting in the first few episodes. The plot and the episode plots are good. The special effects on this show are terrific for television and its never a dull moment with the effects.  More importantly, The Flash is very comic book like because of his powers and his villain powers. The introduction of Captain Cold as a primary villain is why the Flash has mass appeal.

Arrow is very ground and dark as a television show, and Gotham, on Fox, is the same.  The two televisions are supposed set in the real world and abide by the rules of reality.  However, the Flash takes these rules and turns them upside down.  People love superheroes because they love the power that these heroes display.  The counterpart to the heroes processing the power are the villains who have an opposite power that can severely challenge or kill our superheroes. Captain Cold is the tip of the iceberg for the villains that will be introduced during the Flash, television show.

Leonard Snart is criminal that commits arm robbery. He very much plans the response time of the Central City police and knows when he needs to leave the scene of the crime. Barry Allen being his nerdy self is at Star Labs with the team and playing each other person in a different game. The team hears about an arm robbery in process, and Barry takes off to save the day.  He foils Snart’s plan to rob an armory car. Snart is fascinated by the Flash and sees the hero as challenge. He finds a way to defeat the Flash and will kill any one who gets in his way. The Flash will have a find way to stop Snart, Captain Cold, without being hit by Snart’s cold gun.

He destroyed a train moments before and didn't care.

He destroyed a train moments before and didn’t care.

“Going Rogue” had many positives as a episode. The special effects were great.  Felicity Smoak came to see Barry, and they rekindle their little fling.  Iris continues to be blind as a bat when it comes to Barry and his feelings towards her.  Seriously, the biggest positive was Leonard Snart, Captain Cold, vs. Barry Allen, The Flash.  The episode mainly focused on the first battle in a long drawn out war between Captain Cold and Flash. Wentworth Miller was so damn cold as Captain Cold. Cold means he would kill you like you were just fly on the wall.  His character didn’t want to get away with the stolen diamond but wanted to kill the Flash in the process.  Miller displayed a complete lack of humanity and compassion as Captain Cold and captured the attention of the audience.  The Flash can’t get hit by his ice gun because the absolute zero freezes the skin on contact.  Captain Cold will be in several episodes this season. The episode was a great introduction to his character, and Flash has no idea how to defeat Cold at the moment when he decides to resurface.

The episode had a few negatives but mostly it was with the subplots like the relationship between Eddie and Iris. Seriously, it is supposed to be important but it feels annoying because the writers kind of force down our throats every week. The episode was great overall and “Going Rogue” gets a 4.5/5.  The introduction of Captain Cold was brilliant.