2015 Comic Con Movie Panels Thoughts

San Diego Comic Con gets an massive amount visitors.

San Diego Comic Con gets an massive amount visitors.

News and Reaction from Comic Con!

San Diego Comic Con happens once a year, and it is the event brings so much media and fans to the event.  It has become a spectacle to witness.  Recently, the movie studios such as Fox, Marvel, and Warner Bros have put emphasis on promoting their material and future movies in the last few years at Comic Con due to the media attention.  Warner Bros has taken the Comic Con Crown by having the media focus on their material in the last two years.  Marvel didn’t come to Comic Con this year. Warner Bros, Fox, and the Star Wars panel were the focus of  the attention this year. Warner Bros again really dominated the new cycle with their announcements and footage that they shown.

Warner Bros Panel Reaction:

Warner Bros. won comic con again this year with an announcement and the two trailers that they showed.  Warner Bros. showed footage for Man from Uncle and Peter Pan which took third minutes. Their announce was title for the new Green Lantern movie called, “The Green Lantern Corps.”   David Ayer, the Director of Suicide Squad, came out and spoke about his film a little bit before the Batman V. Superman became all of the buzz.

Suicide Squad Reaction:


The cast of Suicide Squad came out for a photo besides Jared Leto, who plays the Joker.  David Ayer said “The film is still being shot and the official trailer will be released in the fall.  All this good vs. evil played out. It’s time for bad vs. evil.”  He showed some footage which blew some of the media’s minds. The footage leaked and now is officially online.

The footage looks awesome. Viola Davis sounds like the sadistic Amanda Waller who is apathetic towards the villains. Harley was a focus and Maggot Robbie sounded like crazy Harley Quinn  The ending shot stole the show with the Joker saying “I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to hurt you really really bad.” The movie looks like it will be great. Ayer looks like he has nailed these characters.  Suicide Squad comes out August 5th, 2016.

Batman V. Superman Thoughts.

The footage for Batman V. Superman looks fantastic.  The leaked set pics confirms that Bruce Wayne saw his building get totaled during the fight between Superman and Zod in Metropolis at the end of Man of Steel. Zack Synder stated that Gotham and Metropolis are sister cities like San Fran and Oakland.   However, the footage reveals a lot more of the story and helps answer critics of Man of Steel.

My thoughts on the new footage from Batman V. Superman begin with a “Holy @#$%” that looks amazing.  Kryptonite looks like it is finally being introduced. Batman has a Robin Suit that the Joker torn up. Lex Luthor is being the master manipulator that he is.  Wonder Woman looks amazing and looks like she is a huge fight. The money shots are the times when Batman and Superman face each other.  Personally, I feel Warner Bros will need to introduce Nightwing or Robin into their DC Universe. They are the only two characters that humanize Batman and help bring down his rage level so he can see things clearly.  Alfred can lecture like a father and irritate Bruce Wayne too much. Martha Kent tells her son that he doesn’t the owe the world a damn thing. That’s pretty un-Superman like. I also like how Clark Kent sees Batman as the dangerous villain. Perry White tells him to get over.  Of course, Superman is on trial by the US Senate led by Holly Hunter.  She is going to Lex Luthor for help. I don’t like the line “The Red Capes are coming, The Red Capes are coming.” I don’t get the line and it sounds so campy. It is also probably out of context.   Batman V. Superman will be released on March 25th, 2016.



I’m not going to review the Fantastic Four Panel because the movie will be released in about a month.  Deadpool might have stole the show! The Deadpool footage got chants of “play it again.”  The crowd at Comic Con was pleased. The footage has been leaked online. It shows Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, being told that he is terminally ill. His girlfriend Vanessa, Morena Baccarin, tries to comfort him. Wade Wilson is approached by Ajax, Ed Skrein, being told that he can heal him. The procedure turns Wade into Deadpool with accelerated healing powers.  Deadpool is set to hunt down the man who did this to him.


The footage looked fantastic. It has leaked online but Ryan Reynolds stated on twitter that an official trailer will be released online in three weeks.  The Comic Con trailer showed Deadpool at his best. He was dropping F-bombs, talking to the audience by breaking the fourth wall, and the action looked great. This film will be an hard R. It is not meant for kids.  Deadpool will be released on February 12th, 2016.

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

X-Men: Days of Future Past was one of my favorite movies last year.  It reenergized the X-Men movie franchise.  Age of Apocalypse is actually a famous X-Men storyline. The first mutant ever was En Sabar Nur or known as Apocalypse.  Apocalypse seeks out to rule all of mutant kind or destroy the mutants that resist him.  Apocalypse has four horsemen: Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence.  They carry out Apocalypse’s bidding. Apocalypse will be played by Oscar Isaac


Description of the Footage:

First, the footage opens with the world blowing and Jean Grey seeing the destruction. Xavier, James McAvoy, tells Jean, Sophie Turner, it was all a dream.  Moira MacTaggert, Rose Byrne, contacts Xavier and states in the last ten years, Mutants have become a cult symbol for gods. One cult in particularly worships the first Mutant known as Apocalypse. Apocalypse on the other hand sees his fellow mutants being lead by blind leaders. He promises that they will fall, and he and his followers will build a better one.  Magneto responds with a “who the fuck are you?” while Apocalypse responds with “Come and see.”   Mystique claims that she come to help the X-Men.  Apocalypse and his horsemen which includes Storm (Alexander Shipp), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Psylocke (Oliver Munn), and Archangel (Ben Foster) break into the X-Mansion and take control of Xavier. The trailer ends with the money shot of bald James McAvoy in his wheel chair.

My Thoughts:

My excitement for this movie can’t contain itself. I love the fact that Apocalypse is finally get the big screen spotlight. For X-Men 4 which most X-Men fans thought it would be released after X-Men: Last Stand would feature Apocalypse. Ironically, we had to wait ten years before finally getting to see this malicious super villain grace the screen.  Oscar Isaac looks like he nailed the part. Apocalypse looks amazing and very much like he does in to the comics.  I love the Magneto line “Who the fuck are you?” and the respond of “Come and See.”  Gambit and Wolverine will be appearing in this movie.  They were not shown. Storm is a bad guy! I really like that arc because Storm is one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Her power can be unlimited deadly.  The movie only has been shooting for five weeks so special effects are not done. I do expect an official trailer to come out around fall or early winter.  X-Men: Age of Apocalypse comes out May 27th, 2016 on memorial day weekend.

Star Wars Panel:


The Star Wars panel didn’t release any new footage. It was Kathleen Kennedy (the producer), J.J. Abrams (the director), and Lawrence Kasdan (the writer) first taking the stage.  Kathleen thanked all of the fans and said that they were the reason why they were here tonight.  She also stated the first spin off will start shooting in three weeks. JJ introduced a creature that will be in the movie called Bobbajo.  The effects are mostly practical. They are editing and finishing up the movie now.  Lawrence said he was excited about JJ directing and how he felt grateful to George Lucas.


Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega came onto the stage.  They will be playing the good side of the force. Boyega stated he like playing a storm trooper and turning around to become a good guy.  Daisy Ridley said she trained a lot of the part and hopes the fans will see the final pay off. Isaac asked Harrison Ford about piloting tips and Ford responded with “Its fake and in space.”

2015 Comic-Con - "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Panel

The Dark Side came out next which included Adam Driver, Domhall Gleeson, and Gwendolyn Christie.  Driver stated the approached the character’s point of view and didn’t see him as good or evil. Kylo Ren is the evil sith that we see in the trailer.  Domhall Gleeson is playing General Hux, and he’s British so he is evil according to the actor.  Christie said that she was so excited to play a woman Storm Trooper.

starwarspanel 1

The original cast took the stage next.  Carrie Fisher expressed she had flashbacks when being on set again. Mark Hamill took the stage next and stated “he’s very moved when he hears from fans — whether they named their son Luke or met their wife at the premiere of Return of the Jedi. He says you don’t often realize the impact you could have on someone’s life.”  Of course, Harrison Ford took the stage and expressed so much gratitude. Ford actually had tears coming from his eyes.  He stated that story was so well written that fans will be pleased.  Storm Troopers entered the Hall H and escorted the panel and crowd to a live Star Wars Concert.

Star Wars didn’t need to show any footage! It’s Star Wars that they win no matter what!


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