Terminator Genisys (Review) Minor spoiler or two


He’s Back!

Terminator Genisys will be one of those summer blockbusters that will divide people. The critics and fans reactions can be compared to Man of Steel. Man of Steel (the newest superman movie) has a lot passionate fans who truly love the movie and went to see a few times in theaters but there critics who really found the movie uninspiring and disappointing.  Judging from the reaction from the fans on twitter and social media, Terminator Genisys will divisive.  However, everybody seems to agree that Arnold hits a homerun as the Terminator again.

Terminator Genisys begins in the future 2029 that fanbase knows. Skynet and the Terminators have captured and exterminating the human race. John Connor (Jason Clarke) appears in the future, and Skynet starts to be defeated. John and his right hand man, Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney), launch a offensive to take down the time machine that Skynet used to send a Terminator back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), John’s mother.  They fail so John sends Kyle back in time like he is supposed to but this isn’t the same 1984 that John told Kyle about.  Kyle encounters a T-1000 and is saved by Sarah Connor.  Sarah and her parents were attacked in 1973 by the T-1000. Her parents were killed and a Terminator known as the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) saved Sarah Connor. Sarah knows about everything in her future: Skynet and Judgment Day,  Kyle is supposed to be John’s father and her lover, and John Connor will lead the humans to victory. Her goal is stop the existence of Skynet so she can decide her future for herself.  She, Kyle, and the Guardian (Sarah nickname for the Terminator is Pops) destroy the T-1000 and decide they must go forward in time to 2017.  Cyberdyne is going to launch an app called Genisys which is the Artificial Intelligent known as Skynet. They must stop it but John Connor stands in the way.

Lets start with the bad first, Genisys is divisive.  For one Jai Courtney has no business being Kyle Reese. Courtney is a vanilla actor because he is not charismatic or even likeable on screen. The movie begins with Courtney as Kyle Reese talking about his childhood and being rescued by John Connor. He seriously lacked chemistry with Jason Clarke who played John Connor in the beginning. He did grow on me a little bit in the last act of the movie. It was a bad casting decision to hire him. Emilia Clarke also delivered a vanilla performance at first but she grew on me and kind of like her at the end of the movie. The screenwriters (Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis) and the director (Alan Taylor) did a poor job of having redundant dialogue and not really flushing out characters.  Despite these flaws, the movie was rather enjoyable.

The action was fun to watch although the studio shot itself in the foot by showing a majority of it in the trailers. The dynamic between Sarah Connor and her Terminator was great. I think the audience felt that Sarah deeply loved her Terminator and he felt the same about her although he never said it.  The dynamic and banter between the Terminator and Kyle Reese was hilarious. The two men are obviously competing for Sarah’s affections. Despite what the critics say, the plot is easy to follow. It is not full of holes but it does leave a few questions open like who sends the Guardian Terminator back in time. J.K. Simmons also plays a detective in 2017, and he is memorable with the little screen time   Arnold, the Terminators, and Skynet make this movie worth watching several times.

The T-1000 is played by Lee Byung-hun and the T-1000 is still as cool as in the second Terminator movie. Lee doesn’t have the charisma that Robert Patrick did but he is also given little to do in the movie.  Jason Clarke plays the T-5000, a nanomachine hybrid, that still can bleed but resurrect himself.  Clarke plays a good bad guy but isn’t memorable like Arnold being the bad guy in the first and Robert Patrick in the second movie. His action scenes along the T-1000 really enjoyable, and they make the movie fun. Spoiler Alert, Matt Smith (Dr. Who himself) plays Skynet. Skynet has a humanistic body in the future, and Matt Smith is Skynet. He is the T-5000 who infects John Connor. He only appears in the movie for 5 minutes but he does survive in 2017 and is supposed to have bigger roles in the sequels.  Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers as the Terminator protector. I felt like you can tell that he loved Sarah Connor like a father.  He has great one liners like “I’m old but not obsolete.”  Arnold is what makes the Terminator movies enjoyable. He is the primary why the franchise is still popular in global pop culture. Personality, I want him back for the sequel and the third movie too. He also gets a nice little upgrade at the end of the movie.

Overall, Terminator Genisys is a good entertaining movie.  The action involving the Terminators is great. The actors who play Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor grow on you. I will give the Terminator 3 out 5. I’m hoping Skydance Pictures finds better screenwriters for the next movie that help flush out characters.

Matt Smith in the sequels needs to have a personality. Skydance and the producers need to find writers who can really develop a personality for Matt Smith’s character. I see the character having a sadistic personality like the Joker. They should find writers can create a action driven story with a lot of character development.


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