Ted 2 (review)

It’s ok!

Ted was one of the funniest comedies that has come out in the last few summers.  Ted 2 has big shoes to fill.  The film doesn’t fill the shoes.  Ted 2 stars Mark Whalberg, Seth MacFarlane, and Amanda Seyfried.

Ted 2 begins with Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) getting married to Tammy Lynn (Jessica Barth).  Ted and Tammy start to have marital problems.  Ted talks to Johnny (Mark Whalberg) about his problems, and John is suffering his own problems with his ex divorcing him.  Ted comes up with the brilliant to get Tammy Lane pregnant but she can’t because the frequent drug abuse. The couple decides to adopt but can’t since Ted is not legally a person.  Ted has to sue to become a person in the eyes of the law, but he has forces that is trying to stop him.

Ted 2 suffers from a lot of problems. The jokes are redundant and the film’s story is not like the first movie.  Ted suing for the right to be considered human is kind of boring!  Ted 2 is about to be a satirical and adult comedy. The movie takes a complete 360 shift and tries to be a drama. The tone and plot of the film go into opposite directions sometimes. The dirty jokes are not homeruns like the first movie.

Although, Ted 2 has benefits. For one, the movie in some parts will make you laugh ridiculously hard.  The chemistry between Mark Whalberg and Ted is there.  The film should about them.  Amanda Seyfried became one of the gang and she was excellent in the film.  Ted 2 has some excellent cameos and some jokes that play off those cameos. The cast includes some major nerd references such as a few Star Trek Alumni are cast in supporting roles.

Overall, Ted is ok and gets 2.5 out of 5.


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