Spy (review)

Spy is a wonderful action comedy

Spy is a wonderful action comedy

Fox Studios is Two for Two in Action Comedies this year!

Spy is one of the funniest movies of the year.  The characters and their banter with each other is reminiscent of the characters in the Lethal Weapon movies. Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham have a wonderful on screen chemistry together.  Spy was written and directed by Paul Feig with Fox Studios financing.  The Kingsmen, another Fox financed action spy comedy that came out this year, and Spy is helping Fox Studios gain the reputation that they have an eye to produce good action comedies.

Elaine Crocker, Allison Janney, and Susan Cooper, Melissa McCarty, are discussing Cooper's  assignment.

Elaine Crocker, Allison Janney, and Susan Cooper, Melissa McCarty, are discussing Cooper’s assignment.

Susan Cooper, McCarthy, is helping Bradley Fine, Jude Law, while working from Langley (CIA Headquarters), and they have to determine the location of nuclear weapon.  McCarthy is in love with Fine.  Cooper discovers that the nuclear weapon’s location is known by Rayna Boyanov, Rose Byrne. Fine is sent in to retrieve the location of the nuclear but Rayna kills him instead.  Rayna also knows the identities of all major CIA agents and warns the CIA to stay away.  Cooper is qualified to go watch Rayna but her assignment causes major friction between Rick Ford, the CIA’s top agent played Jason Statham, who wants to save the world himself.  Cooper must discover what it is like to be a CIA agent who has to save the world and prevent Ford from getting in the way.

The cast of Spy is what makes the movie really funny.  Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy are exceptional together on screen.  Every character or supporting character has a lot humor to them and have scenes where the character is involved in action humor.  Statham actually steals every scene he is in.  He is a very good action star but he is a hell of a comedian. McCarthy shines too because she doesn’t really play the same type cast role that she has been getting in movies.

Spy also makes a lot of homages all spy movies in the past.  The names sound like James Bond villains. The gadgets are like Q gadgets. The dialogue is sort of campy but not cheesy.  The storyline itself like one of the Rodger Moore James Bond movies. The action advances the plot. There is also a great cameo by a famous rapper in the movie. He also delivers one of the best lines in the movie in regarding to Kanye West.

Spy gets a 4 out 5.  The humor  and action with exceptional cast make this movie really worth seeing.


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