San Andreas (Review)

Directed by Brad Peyton

Directed by Brad Peyton

The Rock took on an Earthquake and walked out like a champ!

Disaster movies are so popular with the worldwide audience. Hollywood has made several fairly good disaster movies in the last ten years. The Day After Tomorrow, Wars of Worlds, Children of Men, and 2012 are just a few to mention. Disaster movies are movies that global catastrophic events happen in the world such as aliens coming to invade, natural disasters (volcanos, hurricanes, snow storms), and epidemics such as diseases. San Andreas is the disaster blockbuster about the San Andreas fault producing a massive earthquake that strikes California.

Dawyne “The Rock” Johnson plays a helicopter rescue pilot named Ray. He going through a divorce with his former wife Emma, Carla Cugino. Ray’s and his daughter Blake, Alexandra Daddario, are planning a back to school road trip together.   Lawrence, Paul Giamatti, is the leading seismologist at ULCA and his partner Dr. Kim Park,  Will Yun Lee, head to Nevada to test if they can predict Earthquakes.  However, an Earthquake strikes the Hoover Dam killing Dr. Park and forcing Ray to cancel plans with his daughter. Emma’s boyfriend, Daniel Riddick (Ioan Gruffudd), wants to take Blake to school after he completes business in San Francisco.  Lawrence is back at UCLA and is interrupted during an press interview when a massive 9.6 Earthquake hits California. Ray makes a choice to save his ex wife and they head to San Fran to save their daughter.  They don’t know that San Fran is about to be hit by two huge natural disasters.

San Andreas is an entertaining movie and it is a fairly good movie. It’s not a Oscar winning movie but it will entertain you for two hours.  The acting is one of the strongest positives in the film. The Rock is exceptionally charismatic and charming like usually.  Alexandra Daddario and Carla Gugino are spectacular in the movie.  Every actor in the movie delivers a great performance.  Alexandra might steal the show a little bit. She displays a lot of emotional and terror in her eyes. Her career in Hollywood is one to watch.

The problem with San Andreas are the cheesy dialogue that the characters say sometimes. Paul Giamatti has a cheesy line from the trailer “call everybody.” He said the line after an intense moment of discovering another major quake is about to hit LA.  There are other cheesy moments in San Andreas. The movie also takes a 10 to 15 minute break for character development.  San Andreas is an action movie and character development can be easily be woven into the action sequences.

Overall, San Andreas is a fun disaster movie. It’s not as good as the Day After Tomorrow but the special effects are amazing. The sounds of buildings collapsing are great too. The Rock and the other actors deliver and carry the movie to make memorable. The worst part is that I expected to see California sink into the ocean at the end of the film. San Andreas gets a 3/5.


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