Gotham (welcome back Jim Gordon) review

Jim Gordon and Edward Nygma investigate a murder inside GCPD

Jim Gordon and Edward Nygma investigate a murder inside GCPD

Gordon is taking the GCPD!

Gotham is such a roller coaster of a show. Gotham has moments when it looks like it could be one of the best television shows on television then it suffers a setback.  Tonight’s Gotham was that set back.  It is because they choose to focus on characters other than Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock.

“Welcome Back Jim Gordon” is about Jim Gordon’s first day being reinstated as detective and trying to catch a killer. A witness saw the killer and Jim Gordon persuaded the witness to come to the GCPD to talk to the police sketch artist.  The witness ends up dead and it causes Gordon to butt heads with fellow cops in the GCPD.  Arnold Flass, a fellow detective, seems to be impeding Gordon’s investigation. Meanwhile, Fish escapes interrogation and goes after the Penguin.  Zsaz pursues her and her assistant Butch helps get away.  Bruce Wayne is thrown into this plot trying to find Cat because he fancies her. She tells him to get lost and officially sort of starts the on and off again relationship between Bruce and Selina.


Gotham needs to focus on Jim Gordon. Gordon’s story is why Gotham has such a large audience. They want to see the Batman references and easter eggs but they are curious about the backstory of Gotham before Batman’s time. Gordon vs. corrupt police is something that I want to see more of not Fish Mooney, Edward Ngyma, and even Penguin, who might be the strongest character on the show. This season should be about Gordon butting heads with his fellow cops. The episode was super strong in storyline with Jim Gordon investigating a possibly of a dirty cop.   The episode was weak when Fish Mooney escapes and goes after the Penguin.  I feel like Gotham is trying to infuse two separate main story arcs into a 45 minute episode. It feels like overkill.

Overall, Gotham is a decent show again but they need to settle down. The show is about Jim Gordon and the first episode about him solving the Wayne’s murder. We are no closer to that the mystery. However, I feel we are closer to Edward Ngyma becoming the Riddler than we are to seeing Jim Gordon solve the Wayne’s murder. I give this episode of Gotham a 3 out 5.


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