Gotham (Harvey Dent) review

Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent

Nicholas D’Agosto as Harvey Dent

Was Harvey Dent underutilized?

Batman fans all know and love Harvey Dent! Why shouldn’t we?! The character is considered to be one of the best comic book villains of all time. The character has been portrayed in multiple media such as television shows, graphic novels, film, and video games. Every fan comic book fan loves a good Two Face/Harvey Dent story. However, did Gotham introduce him to soon?

Harvey Dent is introduced on Gotham when Jim Gordon and the detectives from major crimes meet with Harvey. Harvey promises Gordon that he will not release any names to a newspaper about the Wayne murder but will stir the pot to see the reaction of the corrupt in Gotham. Gordon pleaded with Bruce and Alfred to take in Selina Kyle for her protection. Meanwhile, a well known explosive bomb maker is broken out of prison and sets off bombs in Gotham. Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate the criminal and their actions prevent a gang war.

Harvey Dent, played by Nicholas D’Agosto, was introduced to soon. One of the problems with Gotham is the misuse of characters. Edward Nygma and Selina Kyle have been misused and not really needed in certain episodes. Dent was underutilized as a character in this episode.  D’Agosto did have the likeable Dent charm that makes a audience to root for the guy. However, his outburst towards a person later in the episode was totally random and really thrown in there for a future reference to excite fan boys about Two Face.  Dent’s actions this episode will apparently play a big part in next week’s episode which does involve assassins trying to kill Bruce and Selina.

Barbara Kean is a big waste of a character. The storyline is so weak. Producers of Gotham, you didn’t have to introduce Barbara yet. Did you not think this through when you outlined her storyline for this season.  Erin Richards plays Barbara and does a decent job of acting from what she is given on the page. Her character could be given moments to shine if she wasn’t already introduced in the first season.

The positives of this episode was Bruce, Alfred, and Selina and their interaction to each other. Selina called Bruce “a weird kid.” Alfred told Bruce that “he fancies Ms. Kyle.” However, the biggest point that Selina made to Bruce is that “people in Gotham don’t fight with fists but guns!” Selina brought Bruce down to the real world just a bit. The Penguin was quite enjoyable as always. He blackmails Fish Mooney’s spy and he told the witch “I’ll kill you if you tell anyone about our discussion.” Mooney was not a bad character in this episode and rather enjoyable.

Overall, this episode of Gotham had some real good moments between Bruce, Alfred, and Selina. The Penguin brings his A game because he is a little creepy rat. Harvey Dent was likeable at first but then his character was under cut by bad storytelling. Barbara Kean needs to get cut from the show so Jim Gordon can date a nice girl not someone who is bipolar.


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