Gotham Masks (review)

Richard Sionis

Richard Sionis played by Todd Stashwick

The Sionis Family makes their debut

Gotham has been introducing Batman lore all season.  On the newest episode they introduced a new character that could be a big player in future seasons. Tonight they introduced Richard Sionis who is the father of Roman Sionis. Roman is the villain known as the Black Mask. Richard owns half of Gotham and a giant law firm. Of course, he is super corrupt.

Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock stumble on a dead body by the dock. Jim and Harvey assume it is a mugging but they start to investigate. They discover that the deceased has office supplies in his system and on the body like staples on his skin and printer ink in his stomach. They come to find out that someone is holding Gladiator fights in Gotham.  Oswald Cobblepot makes a peace offering to Fish Mooney and she rejects his offering. He does pay her back in the worst way.

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

One of the biggest positives is Harvey Bullock starts to stick up for his partner, Jim Gordon. Gordon is goes by the book and honest. Bullock has fun not being honest but this week he grew up. Harvey Bullock makes a speech and calls his partner “an asshat.” He actually convinces several cops to help him search Gordon is in the gladiator fight.  The Gotham City Police Department seems to be getting on board with Gordon. The Penguin also had a huge moment in this episode when he beats up Fish Mooney’s new umbrella boy to gain information. He lets his guys dispose of the umbrella boy.

Bruce gets pizza he seeks revenge against Thomas Elliot

Bruce gets pizza he seeks revenge against Thomas Elliot

The episode biggest positive was Bruce Wayne. Bruce gets taunted and beaten by a kid named Thomas Elliot at school. Alfred and Bruce go to the Elliot’s house, and Bruce just lays into the his bully’s face. He tells Alfred that he has so much rage and anger every moment. He ask Alfred if he can teach him how to fight. Aflred smiles and replies with a yes. Bruce will get his basic fighting lessons from Alfred but he still a lot to learn until he becomes Batman.

Overall, this episode of Gotham was good. It is not a great episode but it is entertaining. Bruce Wayne and Alfred are pretty good on this show. Gordon is great and the Penguin is rutherless. Gotham “Masks” gets a 3.5 out of 5. Harvey Dent next week!



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