Birdman (review)

Birdman directed by Alejandro Iñárritu Starring:  Michael Keaton as Reagan Thompson  Zach Galifianakis as Jake Emma Stone as Sam Thomson Edward Norton as Mike Shiner

Birdman directed by Alejandro Iñárritu
Michael Keaton as Reagan Thomson
Zach Galifianakis as Jake
Emma Stone as Sam Thomson
Edward Norton as Mike Shiner

What happens to the major Hollywood actors when they walk away from the big blockbusters? Birdman answers that question. Birdman is not only a film about superheroes but what happens to the Hollywood actor after their career stalls when they walk away from the big franchise.  Michael Keaton walked away from Batman 3 and his career has slowed down dramatically. He wasn’t in the public spot light until he was noticed again in Toy Story 3, the voice of The Ken Doll, and the Other Guys where he played a comedic police captain.

Keaton has had in a resurgence of popularity, and Birdman will revive his career.  Alejandro Iñárritu co-wrote and directed Birdman.

Reagan Thomson is at the end of his rope where he has no fame or fortune. He played a famous comic book character called Birdman but his career has hit rock bottom after he walked away from Birdman 4. Reagan in his last shot of glory is starring in a play that he wrote, directed, and starred in. His play becomes dysfunctional when he casts Mike Shiner, Edward Norton.  Reagan’s daughter, Sam, is a recovering drug addict. However, the problem with Reagan is that taunted by an inner voice. His character Birdman speaks to him frequently and tells him to return his role as Birdman in order to become famous and relevant again.

Birdman is the inner voice of Reagan Thomson

Birdman is the inner voice of Reagan Thomson

Michael Keaton is a genius. He will always be known for Batman, however; his role as the lead in Birdman is why he is great actor. Keaton had great charisma throughout the whole film.  He was a tortured individual at moment while being a deprive lunatic who believes Birdman is talking to him.   The conversations between Birdman and Reagan are hilarious because Reagan wants to known for acting while Birdman wants to make money. Reagan is person that wants to inspire people while Birdman is greedy and vain. The point of the conversations are that no matter real life actors do in their career that the general public will always associate them for their most famous role. Ben Affleck and Christian Bale will always be associated as Batman until the rest of their lives just like Michael Keaton is.

Edward Norton, Zack Galifianakis, and Emma Stone round out a solid cast.  Edward Norton’s character, Mike Shiner, is so delusional about his greatness. Mike constantly seeks the spotlight and it causes embarrassment to Reagan and his attempted comeback.  Norton could get an Oscar nomination.  Emma Stone might be the best lead actress in a film all year besides Rosemund Pike. She plays a daughter with daddy and self confidence issues. Stone draws your attention to her in every scene that she is in. Galifianakis is awesome stellar. He gives a dynamite performance and should be consider for a support acting nomination like Tyler Perry should be from his performance in Gone Girl. The only reason why I say this because that both actors are considered to be comedians and both did great jobs performing in a dramatic movie.

Alejandro Iñárritu co-wrote and directed Birdman.  Iñárritu should get a nomination for Best Director. The clip above is a taste what the movie offers. Iñárritu directed every action in this film to make it feel real. The audience connected with film because there was a lot of buzz about the acting after the movie ended. Birdman is also shot to look like it is a continuously take.  The camera follows a character continuously in one shot. The character could have a conversation with another character in a different room then the camera will follow that character until he interacts with another character.  Birdman is a wonderfully directed film.

Birdman has great acting, great tension, it is describes Hollywood accurately, and Iñárritu did a great job directing the film. It gets a 4.0/5  Birdman is not an anti superhero movie but more anti-conception on what makes people considered to be relevant.


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