Gotham (Penguin’s umbrella) review

Anthony Carrigan as zsasz

Anthony Carrigan as Zsasz

Zsasz makes his presence known!

Penguin dropped a bomb on Gotham by showing up at the GCPD alive on the conclusion of last’s week episode. Penguin’s Umbrella is the fallout from the revelation of Cobblepot being alive.  Jim Gordon is supposed to kill Cobblepot but lets him live.  Cobblepot has infiltrated the Maroni family and become Maroni’s new favorite person.  Now that Cobblepot is alive and kicking it causes Fish Mooney to become worried.

Fish Mooney becomes super paranoid when she finds out Cobblepot is alive. She begs Falcone to kill him but Falcone disagrees. Gordon is shunned by his fellow officers, his partner (Harvey Bullock), and even Barbara is reluctant to leave his side.  However, Gordon decides to take action and make arrest warrants for the Mayor and Falcone.   Victor Zsasz, a mob hitman, is order to bring Gordon alive to Falcone and the consequences are almost catastrophic for Gordon.

The episode starts off with a bang when Penguin happily walks down the street and his own protection.  Penguin, played Robin Lord Taylor, is again the force who drives the action in the episode. He decides to tell Maroni where he can hit Falcone at the most vulnerable place after Falcone steals guns from the Maroni family.  The Penguin uses the raid against Falcone to accomplish several goals.  He kills Maroni’s number lieutenant, and Mooney lover thus making himself the most powerful lieutenant for Maroni and striking Mooney at her core.  His presence starts a gang war, and Gordon is caught in the middle.

Part of Penguin's plan

Part of Penguin’s plan

Ben Mackenzie always does a wonderful job playing Jim Gordon. Mackenzie always has a cool confident poise on screen.  Mackenzie’s chemistry with Donald Logue is brilliant.  Their characters decide to take the fight to Falcone.  Mackenzie feels comfortable playing Gordon that the character is unbelievably likeable and heroic.

Victor Zsasz was another positive about this episode. Zsasz is a lunatic in the comics but in the episode, he has his sanity. I’m sure that Zsasz will be featured in more episodes.  John Doman plays Falcone is also amazing in this episode because he acts like a wiseman who knows the outcomes of life before they happen. Falcone has everything figured out about his surroundings and knows that nothing can touch him. The Falcone character is definitely entertaining.

“Penguin’s Umbrella” is a overall a really fun episode that felt more like a season finale than a regular episode. However, there are not a lot of negatives about this episode maybe the Bruce Wayne scene when young Bruce hugs Gordon.  Penguin’s Umbrella gets a 4.5/5.


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