Nightcrawler (review)

Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Riz Ahmed as Rick  Nightcrawler directed and written by Dan Gilroy

Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou
Riz Ahmed as Rick
Nightcrawler directed and written by Dan Gilroy

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater and thought to yourself that one actor in the film is poised to win Oscar Gold?  Jake Gyllenhaal’s role in Nightcrawler makes you have the feeling that he will.  Gyllenhaal carries the whole movie but not only because his main character is the focus.  The reason is because he delivers an intense exceptional acting performance that is gaining Oscar buzz from the movie critics.  Nightcrawler is directed and written by Dan Gilory which he could be nominated for best director and screenplay at Academy Awards.  Nightcrawler is his directorial debut.

Nightcrawler is about Louis “Lou” Bloom a young man trying to find his way in the world. He witnesses a camera crew filming a rescue by the police and discovers this camera crew is freelance. Joe Loder, Bill Paxton, is the head of the camera crew and describes his job to Lou.  Lou steals a bike and bargains it in a pawn shop for camcorder equipment to start his own freelance production company. He takes his first footage to Nia, Rene Russo, who is head a news station in LA.  Lou suddenly keeps reinventing his skills to make him the most successful freelance cameraman in LA with partner, Rick (Riz Ahmed).  Lou driven to succeed crosses that line of ethical journalism by illegal means.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou being unethical.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou being unethical and violating the law by moving a body in a DUI accident.

Nightcrawler is one of the best films of the year; however, this Jake Gyllenhaal’s film.  He lost twenty pounds for this role and showed why people want him to be in their movies.  Gyllenhaal is not one of my favorite actors but he is a great actor. His character, Lou, does everything unethical thing in the book. For example, he will move a body in a crime scene to get a better lighting shot to film in DUI. He is an intelligent character who never went to college but spends his free time researching everything. Lou spends several days learning the police code so he film the most horrific stuff like home robberies or murders throughout.  His has no empathy towards other people, pathological liar, or has no conscience.  Praise needs to be given to the director.

Dan Gilroy is the son of Frank Gilroy, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, and Dan’s brother Tony is a producer and his other brother John is a film editor.  Tony and John both worked on the film with Dan, and Tony helped produce the movie. Dan did not only do exceptional job at directing scenes that made Gyllenhaal an unethical little worm. He made an compelling two hour narrative that makes the audience continue to think about this film after they see it. The film club that brings independent to my area was talking about this movie after they saw it.  Gilroy’s storytelling is that great and will get nominated for an Oscar for best screenplay. His cinematography and visual shots of crime scenes and LA was excellent because the camera never shook except when Lou was starting out as a cameraman.  Gilroy did a wonderful job directing a pivotal car chase scene at the end of the film. It is a beautifully shot sequence of action and drama. Nightcrawler has an important theme to it which is contemporary journalism has become tainted.

Nightcrawler is about journalism and news headlines often mislead  the viewing audience all of the time.  The news station in night crawler uses headlines like “suburban crime hits again” and “the rich neighborhood terrorized by murder”. The sad part is blood and violence gain ratings while the government and other stories get pushed out in most local news cast. People sometimes wonder if the news stations want to keep fear going as diversion from what really happened. Nightcrawler tackles the unethical style of journalism that we have today in our national news networks.

Nightcralwer is a great film and gets 4.8 out of 5 from me. It would have been nice to see Bill Paxton have a little more screen time with Jake Gyllenhaal as rivals.  The Nightcrawler is below.


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