Arrow (The Magician) review

Katrina Law returns as Nyssa Al Ghul

Katrina Law returns as Nyssa Al Ghul

The League of Assassins were introduced last year on season 2 of Arrow. They’re a ruthless bunch and will kill anybody that gets in their way.  However, this league seems to be for hire in the show.  Malcolm Merilyn was a member of the league but was able to get released by Ra Al Ghul, the head of the demon and leader of the league of Assassins.  Ra has put a bounty on his head ever since he destroyed half of Starling City.  Ra’s daughter, Nyssa, was lover to Sara Lance who was killed by an unknown assailant.  Nyssa returns to demand answers from Oliver Queen.

Oliver and Roy were in the Arrow Cave talking about Thea being different, and Nyssa shows up with an Arrow pointed at Oliver.  Nyssa demands to know where Sara is, and Oliver informs her that she was killed by an archer.  Nyssa tells Oliver that Sara was investigating the rumors of Malcolm Merilyn’s return.  Oliver, Nyssa, and the team investigate where Malcolm is hiding and track him down.  Oliver and Nyssa find him but Oliver doesn’t kill him then Malcolm escapes.  Oliver must decide to kill Malcolm or keep him alive to find out the truth about Sara’s murder.

Nyssa confronts Merilyn

Nyssa confronts Merilyn

The writers of Arrow did a wonderful job of writing the story and script for this episode. Their writing made the audience try to guess if Malcolm Merilyn killed Sara. Nyssa refuses to follow Oliver’s lead and relentlessly pursues Malcolm.  Katrina Law, Nyssa, did a fine job of playing a cold witch in this episode.  John Barrowman, Malcom Merilyn, also did a wonderful job in this episode.  He was clever and even told Nyssa and Oliver their dirty laundry and still looked like cool kid on the block.  Barrowman was charming but sneaky.  He is a great audition to the regular cast.  At the end of the episode, we see the man himself, Ra Al Ghul.

Nyssa talks to her father, Ra Al Ghul played by Matthew Nable.

Nyssa talks to her father, Ra Al Ghul played by Matthew Nable.

Matthew Nable plays one of the evilest men in all of comic book history. Nable is not very known by the public. He was only in the episode for a few seconds.  He calls Sara a punk who deserved to die.  He tells Nyssa to cool it on Malcolm so he can kill Malcolm himself. He also declares war on Oliver Queen for protecting Malcolm.  Ra Al Ghul and the league will be the big bad in this season.  My question is did Ra Al Ghul kill Sara himself or who did he hire to kill her? Maybe he broke Slade Wilson out of Prison to kill Sara?  Honestly, this season will very entertaining in its main storyline.

Overall, there were a few negatives.  Detective Lance doesn’t know his daughter is dead and couldn’t figure it out when Nyssa showed up at the police station. Roy and Thea might rebrewed their romance…lets hope not.  However, the episode was still solid and entertaining.  Arrow “the Magician” gets a 4.2 out of 5 from me.

What did you think of this week’s episode comment below and let me know?

(side my thoughts on the DC lineup and Marvel lineup are coming?


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