Gotham (Spirit of the Goat) review

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock

Bullock actually has conscience!

Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon have been at a crossroads in how their view of the law. Harvey is very corrupt and doesn’t really want to put effort in solving case.  He is friends with a crime lord, Fish Mooney.  Jim Gordon on the other hand is man who only sees black and white in terms of a law. You either break the law and abide by it in Gordon’s book. He feels compassion for Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne and has sort of taken each of them under his wing. He is not a killer but Bullock would have no problems killing someone.  The episode “Spirit of the Goat” is about Harvey Bullock being faced with his troubled past.

Bullock and his partner, Dix, ten years ago were investigating a series of murders.  The killer called himself, the Goat.  The Goat would capture Gotham’s wealthiest 1st born females and murder them.  Bullock wanted to be a hero and his actions caused harm to Dix. He has never forgiven himself since and even pays for Dix’s health care.  Present day Gotham, the Goat has struck again and killed another person. Harvey can’t believe it and tells Gordon it is a copy cat killer.  Dix suggests as a partner when Gordon and Harvey visit him in his nursing home.  Harvey and Gordon struggle to find the connection between the two cases and have to turn to the smartest man in the GCPD, Edward Nygma.

The episode has three negatives.  Cobblepot gets bathe by his mother and it was pretty disgusting to watch. Cobblepot does a  have Oedipus complex in the comic books. He tends to date nurturing women like his mother and sort of resemble.  The only other negative is Selina Kyle breaks into Wayne Mansion and steals whatever from Bruce Wayne. The question is, how can 13 year old girl climb over the wall and break into one of the most heavily secured places on the planet.  Selina Kyle feels sometimes forced into an episode. Barbara and Rene romance needs to go. Barbara needs to get a job and do something useful. Rene needs to get investigated by the Internal Affairs.

The episode was very good overall.  The episode focused on Bullock.  He has been a corrupt asshole for most of the season but in this episode, he shows his humanity. He cares about his old partner.  He gets excited when he solves the case and thanks Gordon for saving his life.  Bullock had some bright moments in the episode. Donald Logue did an exceptional job of playing a tormented man.  The other biggest positive was the Edward Nygma.

Michael Cory Smith as Edward Nygma

Michael Cory Smith as Edward Nygma

Michael Cory Smith has been given a few lines of dialogue here and there in several episodes. The character has been sort of a joke until this episode. Smith in his episode really was given a chance to shine and show why he was hired to play Edward Nygma. Nygma is the Riddler. He is narcissistic,violent, introverted,  and severely lacks social skills. The episode shows cases several scenes with Nygma’s personality disorder. For example, the filing clerk for the GCPD is rather cute, and Nygma is attracted to her.  He tries to make small talk but stutters. He rearranges her whole filing system because he believes his way is better and gets told off by her when she finds out.  The character had a minor role but was show cased in his importance. It reminded us all why we love Edward Nygma.

Overall, the episode was very solid. The acting was solid, the story was clever, and there was character development. Harvey Bullock actually has a heart and the episode showed that. Edward Nygma is a creeper and that was brought to the attention of the audience.  Gotham “Spirit of the Goat” gets a 4/5. Gotham is a good show overall.


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