Arrow (corto maltese) review

Willa Holland as Thea

Willa Holland as Thea

Thea and Malcolm come back

Thea has been a character on Arrow that had a tendency to be a drag in episodes. However, last season she and the audience found that her father is Malcolm Merilyn.  She agrees leave Starling City with Malcolm at the end of last season. Sara’s death has affected Oliver, and he needs his sister more than ever.  Thea’s storyline brings back one of the best actors of the Arrow, John Barrowman as Malcolm Merilyn.

Oliver, Roy, and Dingle decide to go search for Thea, and Felicity traces her whereabouts to Corto Maltese.  They travel to speak to her and bring her home. Oliver tells Thea that their father died in order to save Oliver but still doesn’t tell her that he is the Arrow. Felicity starts to work with Ray Palmer. She continuously gives excuses to Ray for her life is so secretive because she gets three calls asking her favors in a two minute period while Ray Palmer is looking curious. Dingle finds out an Argus agent has stolen the names of Argus’s agents and plans to sell them on the black market. Amanda Waller orders Dingle to kill the rogue agent. Laural attends an AA meeting and sees one of fellow members is constantly getting beaten by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is wanted in several different jurisdictions, and Laural decides to something about the problem. She tires to kick his ass with a baseball bat but gets her ass handed  to her instead. She decides to be trained by Ted Grant (known as Wildcat) and began her training to become Black Canary when Oliver refuses to train her himself.  Oliver delivers a powerful line “Sara would never forgive me” meaning if Laural gets hurt as a crime fighter.

The guys who bring the awesome fights in Arrow to the small guy

The guys who bring the awesome fights in Arrow to the small guy

Arrow always has one positive which are the stunts and action sequences.  The stunt team does a hell of a job to train the actors to be so light footed and make the fights look a dance. Roy even does a double kick move and gets praise from Oliver in this episode. His double kick move was pretty cool. The fights are wonderful to watch.  Thea and Malcolm are together as student and mentor. The flashbacks give their relationship a hostile feel at first but as the episode progresses Malcolm feels a sense of pride for his daughter’s skills and her choices. She has been trained to be an Assassin the same way the League of Assassins trained Merilyn.  Brandon Routh is so likeable. He would have been a great Superman if given the chance to make more films. The discovery he makes about OMAC that Queen Consolidated was building was intense.  His expression give the feeling that he was looking for that specifically. He might know Oliver is the Arrow.  OMAC is a like Ultron from Marvel, a machine who creates robot  copies of itself to destroy humanity.

J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant/Wildcat

J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant/Wildcat

The last thing that needs to be mention is Laural. The character is becoming rather important in show’s story lines. The fact that she got her ass handed to her in her first vigilante attempt was so grounded. A woman on her first try would not be able to kick the crap out of a abuser because she is ill prepared to fight. The writers are going to give her and Ted Grant one to two seasons where she trains to become Black Canary. Thea has been training with her father for 5 months and is skilled. Her father could easily kill her if he wanted too. Laural has no training what so ever and it will take her awhile before she is ready to use a staff to kick criminal asses.  Wildcat is her mentor from the comics and even Batman has a lot of respect for his fighting styles.

Overall, this episode was fun and entertaining. The fight choreography was spectacular. Thea and Laural are assuming the roles of the dominant women on the show. The league of Assassins return next week. They want answers about what happened Sara. Good luck with that Ollie.  Corto Maltese gets a 4/5.

Next week’s Arrow preview…what did you think of the episode comment below and let me know.


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