The Flash (Fastest Man Alive)

Michael Smith as Danton Black

Michael Smith as Danton Black

Flash finds a new partner!

The Flash premiered last week and it was well received by fans and critics. The episode Fastest Man Alive was a good episode also. The series is still finding its voice and establishing itself.  However, Jesse L. Martin plays a giant role in this episode.  The Flash is already getting noticed by the city calling him the Red Streak.

Barry Allen as the Flash saves people from a burning building. Central City has taken noticed of him.  He and his best friend, Iris, go to the honorary ceremony for Simon Stagg.  Three men show up and crash the ceremony.  Barry is having trouble maintaining his energy by the constant burning of energy every time he runs.  Star Labs investigates the gunmen and finds Danton Black can clone himself. Barry saves his surrogate father, Joe West, from Black which leads to an argument between Joe and Barry. Barry must decide for himself either to be the Flash or just be a regular guy?

This episode accomplishes several key elements that will make this series into a good show. First, the relationship between Barry and Joe is a lot like Bruce Wayne and Alfred. Joe sees Barry as a son and doesn’t want harm to come to Barry. He tries to persuade Barry not to fight crime. Joe sees Barry’s real life job a way to fight crime.  The two become closer in the end of the episode.  Secondly, the writers help us discover about Barry’s bodily mechanics.  In other media versions, Barry constantly eats to keep up his energy. The lack of sugar causes him to faint.  The writers did a wonderful job of putting this key component of the Flash in this episode.  Finally, Danton is  prototype for a villain known as Mirror Master. Danton can clone himself into multiple version. For example, the Flash can be facing Danton then face a hundred. He’s a terrifying villain.

The only negative issue is the Flash Team. Arrow has a distinct team with Dingle and Felicity.  Catlin and Cisco really don’t do that much. They dragged the episode a bit. Looking forward to more character development for these two characters. .

Overall, this Flash episode is a good. The series is still finding its feet. The actors need to settle into their roles but Jesse L. Martin has only settled into his. This episode gets a 3.5/4 because the episode didn’t wow me like Arrow or Gotham does.


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