Gotham (Arkham) Review

Arkham Asylum will be relevant in this Gotham series

Arkham Asylum will be relevant in this Gotham series

Arkham Asylum: Here come the crazies!

Gotham has been on for about a month and continues to gain viewers. Overall, the series is a great prequel for setting up Batman lore. Warner Bros and DC Comics are probably going to use Gotham as a template so villains can be easily placed into a movies without having an origin story for each villain. Gotham is doing a wonderful job setting up the villains.  The latest episode “Arkham” is a major stepping stone to bring more Batman villains to Gotham.

The episode is about what will become of Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum is abandoned and the area around it is not being used. However, the city council are voting on two separate plans to determine the fate of Arkham.  Thomas and Martha Wayne had a plan where Arkham would be turned into a state of the art facility that provides care for the mentally ill. Low income housing will surround the Asylum. Sal Maroni’s plan is to tear down Arkham and store industrial waste there…maybe like Axis Chemicals products.  A hitman is killing  councilmen and it causes Jim Gordon to investigate the plans for Arkham Asylum.

The one negative about this episode is the character Barbara Kern. She comes out as bisexual to Jim Gordon. The altercation was forced by Oswald Cobblepot showing up at the home. The reveal was not that dramatic and way to move their relationship along. However, overall the episode had very strong points. For example, Alfred’s role is becoming more important each episode. He slowly becoming that voice that gives counsel to characters.  Jim Gordon’s vs. Harvey Bullock’s interpretation on how to enforce the law was always fun.  Gordon likes to make connections while Bullock beats people up. The one character who is really starting violence is the Penguin.

Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin

Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin

The Penguin is the strongest character on Gotham.  Robin Taylor Lord plays Oswald Cobblepot who has the significant limp in his leg already. He drives the action and the most clever villain on the show. Gotham is supposed to Jim Gordon’s show but the Penguin has stolen the spotlight.  It’s his character is setting up this conflict of gang violence. He will take over a section of the city before the season is done.

Gotham is really becoming a good crime drama. Jim Gordon is the only hero in Gotham but he is being manipulated by people. Oswald Cobblepot is a character that is finally getting his due in live action media .  This episode of Gotham gets 4.5/5.

Gotham, what did you think? Comment below and let me know.


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