Frank (review)

Frank starring Michael Fassbender

Frank starring Michael Fassbender

Why does he wear that giant head?

Michael Fassbender and Domhnall Gleeson are two of Hollywood’s hottest actors. In Frank both men are the male leads and deliver excellent performances.  Lenny Abrahamson directed Frank  and it was written by Jon Ronson help give the film a very dark comedic tone to it.  This film takes an unexpected twist but is hilarious.

Jon, Domhnall Gleeson, is a struggling musician that writes complete shit as he expletive states in the film. Jon gets invited to be the keyboardist for the Soronprfbs, an oddball rock group. He meets Frank, Michael Fassbender, who is the lead for the Soronpfbs and invites Jon to record an album with the group.  Jon begins a kindred friendship with Don, Scoot McNairy, and becomes very close to Frank also. His friendship with Frank gives him the idea to use social media, record the recording sessions by the band, and put them on youtube.  Jon’s decision to record them will have lasting consequences on the future for the band.

Frank succeeds as a good film because the acting is impressive. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance as Clara outshines Fassbender, McNairy, and Gleeson.  Clara is the biggest psycho of all of the band members. The whole band is insane. Her performance as Clara makes you love Clara despite her being a wacko doodle.  Fassbender is exceptional as a man with deep emotional and mental problems. He knocked this role out of the park. Gleeson portrays this young guy in his 20s who is desperately trying to make a name for himself. His character caters to the younger generation who has college degrees and struggling to find a place in the world. Scoot McNairy is great any role and extremely hilarious is in the movie.

The actors and the comedic dialogue and scenes were the best parts of Frank.  The social interaction between the characters were dark and comedic. Frank and Don were in a psych ward but Clara who is the craziest has never been committed. The people who generally watch the band’s recording videos think these people are performing to be satirical. However, in reality what happens between the band members is result from their mental disorders.  The problem with Frank is the story.

The acting is exceptional and the comedy is super hilarious but the story tries to be too clever. The trailer portrayed the film to be something that it wasn’t.  The trailer for Frank makes it seem that this odd band comes together and  become a huge sensation in the rock world after their performance in a music festival. Spoiler alert, that story line doesn’t happen and the film becomes darker and darker in each moment. The story was a let down but the comedic scenes deliver because of the actors.

Overall, Frank is actually very dark comedy with a lot adult humor in it. The acting is nearly perfect and the characters come to life. There is not a lot of musical songs in the film and the story was a letdown. Frank did marketed itself as a dark comedy and it delivered so it gets 4/5.


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