Gotham (Selina Kyle review)

Selina Kyle played Camren bicondova

Selina Kyle played Camren Bicondova

Don’t piss off the Cat!

“Don’t piss off the Cat” is a phrase that accurately describes the temperament and vicious nature of Selina Kyle (who becomes Catwoman).  Catwoman of course is the signature anti-hero in the Batman Universe.  The episode “Selina Kyle”  on the surface is about the development of Selina Kyle into becoming seductive thief known as Catwoman.  The pilot underutilized Selina Kyle by showing her steal jewelry in the first minute of the show having her popping up for no reasons throughout the episode.  The second episode of Gotham gives her the spotlight.

Selina Kyle is a homeless teenage girl who lives on the street and steals items to survive.  A man and a woman drug her friends and shot an elderly homeless veteran who tried to protect the homeless children.  Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock start to investigate the murder and find that homeless children are being abducted off the streets . Their investigation gets Gotham’s power players involved demanding action and justice for the children while Selina Kyle, the only witness, quietly slips away in the shadows.

The main positive about this episode is Selina Kyle.  Carmen Bicondova is the young teenage actress who plays Selina Kyle. The writers of Gotham teased us with the qualities of Selina Kyle in this episode that make Batman fans love the character.  She is sneaky, violent (crawling someone’s eyes out, (spoiler alert)), and has that sarcastic attitude throughout the episode.  She is very tentative around people and a good judge of character.  Her bond with James Gordon will get stronger throughout the series until she utterly disappears off the grid and starts to steal dressed in a cat outfit. She  also likes to be called “Cat” by people.

However, another big positive of the episode is Alfred.  Yes, Batman fans all love the kind gentle Alfred who snitches up Batman after his long nights of fighting crime. However, Alfred in this show has become Bruce Wayne’s surrogate father while Bruce has lost his faith in humanity.  The two should butt heads throughout the show so be on guard for this dynamic. The only character that has Bruce Wayne’s respect in this show is Jim Gordon but Alfred doesn’t yet.  Just a reminder, every major superhero has to earn and prove themselves to Bruce Wayne/Batman before they get the respect and acknowledgement  from the Bat.

This episode had more action, dynamic plot lines, and better dialogue. Ben Mckenzie and Donald Logue were great as Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Robin Lord Taylor is delightful as the Penguin and has great charisma in every scene that he is in. Jada Pinkett-Smith actually showed some viciousness and anger in her performance as Fish Mooney. She was a big improvement from last week.  There is a Killer Croc reference for all you Batman fans in this episode.

Overall, “Selina Kyle” was a very strong episode.  Bruce and Alfred butted heads like they should at this point in their lives. Selina Kyle developed into a sneaky sarcastic character.  The visuals were great, the writing was good, and a well acted television episode. I give this episode 4/5 because the villains were kind of lame.


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