Faux Paws (review)

Faux Paws Directed and Written by  Doug Bari Starring Doug Bari  Brain Wimer  Doug is on the left and Brian is on the right

Faux Paws
Directed and Written by
Doug Bari
Starring Doug Bari
Brian Wimer
Doug is on the left and Brian is on the right

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies are creatures of the night and meant to be scary. However, what if the werewolves were gay and the government knew about them.  Faux Paws is about two gay werewolves escape to freedom from government captivity.  Their destination is Maine because Maine is the freest state in the Union after all, at least historically.

Brian is held in government captivity because the government has found a use for werewolves. Their saliva has unique healing properties, and of course the government would exploit this.  Doug is Brian’s boyfriend and visits Doug on the weekend .  He’s old and doesn’t change into werewolf anymore. The couple plan their escape from this government facility and head to Maine to live free.

The film is written and directed by Doug Bari.  He’s a local cat from Charolettsville, VA.  He has other writing and directing credits to his name.  His character, Doug, is a laid back and chill kind of guy. He is most likely to roll up a joint and party with you and your friends.  Brian is an uptight ass most of the time but has a good dynamic with Doug. The two actors did tremendous amount of bickering like an old married couple. They were one of the most enjoyable parts of the film.

Faux Paws is a satire for homosexuals continuously being mistreated by contemporary society. The American public has made so many strides in the past decade in gay rights.  The film is very campy but they hit their jokes. A few jokes were too silly but the audience had a fun time watching this film. It is one of the better campy satirical movies that been has produced in a long time.

Faux Paws and it’s production should have had more financial backing from a studio. I could see this campy satirical film appeal to a wide audience and make good money at the box office. The filming locations were around Virginia. It should have more backing and maybe Netflix will pick it up for their online streaming.

Overall, Faux Paws is very funny. The acting is good and there is so much humor in it. The film would be better in quality if a studio backed it financially but it doesn’t mean that Faux Paws isn’t a good film. I give it a 4/5 because for an independent locally produced movie, this one is really good.


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