The Babadook (review)

Directed and written by Jennifer Kent Essie Davis as Amelia Noah Wieseman as Samuel

Directed and written by Jennifer Kent
Essie Davis as Amelia
Noah Wieseman as Samuel

Being terrified once was enough!

Horror movies are usually very lame and one dimensional.  Most horror films are cheap slasher films or stupid possession movies like the purge or the paranormal activity.  However, every once and awhile there is a great horror movie that does strike fear and nightmares in its audience.  The Exorcist, Poltergeist, Alien, and a few others are examples of these movies.  The Babadook will be the next great horror film.

The Babadook is about Amelia and Samuel, her son, coping with the loss of Samuel’s father. He died in a violent car accident six years ago, and mother and son can’t seem to move on.  Samuel is like any normal six year kid who is afraid of monsters and the dark. However, a book called Minster Babadook is read to Sam before bedtime and everything starts to change for the worst.  Is Mister Babadook real or part of Sam’s imagination?

This film does pull from several horror genres such as slashers, suspenseful horror, and the plain old run, hide, and don’t open your eyes.  Jennifer Kent wrote a horror masterpiece. The screenplay probably did have a Stephen King tone to it.  The film uses particular visuals, tones, and setting that give it a really frightening feel to the movie. These elements combined to make the best horror movie in a long time.

The Babadook has an underlying theme to it, parenting.  The film is about what it takes to be an understanding parent. Sam is a problem child and has several behavioral problems. It might explain why he has nightmares and sees monsters. His mother brushes him off most of the time because adults always believe its the kid’s imagination. The Babadook is sort of representation of the mother.  The movie nails what it takes to be a great parent in today’s society.

Overall, the Babadook is a great horror film. The acting, storytelling, and directing are exceptional. It has super intense moments and one scene that I wish that could have been cut from the movie. The Babadook gets a 4/5 and scheduled to be release in December.


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