The Maze Runner (review)

Directed by Wes Ball  Dylan O'Brien Kaya Scodelario Thomas Brodie-Sangster Will Poulter Patricia Clarkson

Directed by Wes Ball
Dylan O’Brien
Kaya Scodelario
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Will Poulter
Patricia Clarkson

Trapped in a Maze With No Where to Go!

Most people have fond memories as a kid going through corn mazes around Halloween.  Mazes are great hiding spots or places to get lost in that causes fear of the unknown. The Maze Runner expands on that idea.  What if you were trapped in a maze with no way out? The movie is adapted from the book by James Dashner.  The plot revolves around a group of young boys who have to find a way out of the maze so they can escape to their freedom.

A teenage kid named Thomas, Dylan O’Brien, is sent to live among other kids who are trapped in the middle of a maze. The maze constantly shifts and changes that makes it impossible for the children to find escape route. Thomas lives in the glade with the other teens, grassy place in the center of the Maze, where the children are protected at night from a creature called a Grievers. Grievers patrol the maze at night preventing the children from escaping.  The Maze starts to change more rapidly after Thomas is brought into the fold.

The Maze Runner is an entertaining movie with constant twists and turns.  Wes Ball’s direction of the younger actors  give the film a lot of emotion.  It will not make you cry but you will be sadden at certain moment.  The only spoiler is not all of the children get out of the maze. The story is very well crafted and it allows the audience to take a journey with the kids.

The grievers are a major force. They are good at blending in their surroundings and fast. The creatures are not controlled by an external force but have minds of their own.  Thomas and the kids have quite a few battles with them. The battle scenes between the grievers are very intense and the feeling of entrapment is in every scene.

Overall, the Maze Runner was a good movie not great. They’re making a sequel and the ending does create a buzz on what will happen next in their kid’s lives.  It was enjoyable and it gives off a lord of a flies feel. The Maze Runner gets a 3/5. It’s a fun movie and worth watching for two hours.


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