The Drop (review)

Tom Hardy  With Rocco the Dog Directed by Michael R. Roskam  Screenplay by Dennis Lehane  Released by Fox Searchlight

Tom Hardy
With Rocco the Dog
Directed by Michael R. Roskam
Screenplay by Dennis Lehane
Released by Fox Searchlight

It’s All About the Dog!

The Drop is a crime suspense thriller starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and James Gandolfini’s (his last film appearance.)  The film is based on Animal Rescue, a short short, written by Dennis Lehane.  It’s Michael R. Roskam’s second directorial film.  Right now, it is in limited release but it has a possibility of expanding on ticket sales and audience reception.  The small crowd of people in the theater really loved this movie.

Tom Hardy plays Bob Saginowski, a bartender, for his Cousin Marv’s bar, James Gandolfini.  Marv doesn’t own the bar but instead makes payments to the mob.  Bob is walking home when he finds a stray beaten bloody dog in a trash can.  Nadia, Noomi Rapace, lives in the house  where Bob found the little dog and helps him stitch up the dog’s wounds. They form a friendship and start to bond over Rocco, the dog.  One night the bar goes robbed and the mobsters threaten Bob’s and Marv ‘s life if they don’t find the people.  Nadia’s ex boyfriend, Matthias Schoenaerts, shows up and threatens to take Rocco away if Bob doesn’t give him money. The pressures of Bob’s life become intense and it will awaken something in him that he has kept buried for a long time.

The movie has an excellent narrative  that is suspenseful. The plot revolves around Bob struggling to deal with a stalker who is a known pyschopath. He demands compensation for Rocco, the dog.  The mob bears down on Cousin Marv and Bob to find the money. Lenane wrote scenes filled with intense moments in the script. Roskam directed these scenes with excellent.  The best part of the movie was the acting.

Tom Hardy is masterful as a silent nice guy in this Drop.  James Gandolfini is a complete dick and reminds me of his portrayal of Tony Soprano.  Noomi Rapace delivers a good emotional character. Hardy steals the show like he always does. We never know much about his character but he is seriously crazy.  His character is very protective and the wrong person to double cross.  Hardy has delivered two masterful performances this year.

Overall, this film is very spectacular and suspenseful.  It is well directed film and the acting is Oscar worthy.  The Drop is worth going out to see in theaters because it is a great movie. Hardy and Rocco, the dog, will melt your heart, and Gandolfini’s last performance on screen is worth watching.  I give the Drop 4.5 out 5.  It’s an Oscar worthy film.


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