Snowpiercer review

Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans John Hurt Jamie Bell Olivia Spencer Tilda Swinton Directed by  Bong Joon-ho

Snowpiercer starring
Chris Evans
John Hurt
Jamie Bell
Olivia Spencer
Tilda Swinton
Directed by
Bong Joon-ho

Snowpiercer reflects present day society

America politics frequently mentions the halves and the halves not. These two terms describe the wealth gap facing this nation.  Snowpiercer, directed by Bong Joon-ho, was a great take on contemporary society.  Chris Evans and John Hurt star in the film. Their characters are the leaders of a revolution on a train where the last remnants of humanity form a brutal cast system.

In 2014, human beings finally try to deal with climate change but end up releasing a chemical that causes the Earth to become an icy solid rock.  The last human survivors broad a train called Snowpiercer. The train has a perpetual-motion engine that super heats the train allowing it to continuously run in the extreme climate.  Humanity has developed a cast system where everybody has a role. Curtis Evertt, Chris Evans, is advised by Gilliam, John Hurt, lead a revolution for the tail passengers on the train.

The film’s plot divides humanity into two sections.  The rich have luxury sleeping quarters, eat fine meals, and have the comforts of life. They live in the front of the train. Everybody else lives in tail end where there is no education for children, their meals are protein bars, and guards patrol the section to maintain order. Snowpiercer has an  aristocratic society.  If the tail end passengers rebel then they either get beaten, killed, or have limps cut from the bodies.  The movie’s director made this film fantastic.

Bong-Joon Ho shot a beautiful action movie. The train cars are no bigger than 20 feet wide that house hundreds of humans in one car.   The train cars hold several hundred people who fight in the movie.  The fights were so grand in scale in a little train car that it wowed many people in the audience. Chris Evans does a beautiful job of playing a tormented soul. He doesn’t want to be leader a revolution. John Hurt’s character is the symbol of freedom. Hurt’s character is like George Washington being the great tactical general during the Revolutionary War.  All of the other actors were superb in the movie.

Overall, Snowpiercer is a great science fiction action and people walked out of the theater very entertained. It keeps you guessing and the audience seemed to enjoy it. Bong-Joon Ho could be getting several calls to start directing Hollywood blockbusters after the success of Snowpiercer.  People will love the political and historical references throughout the movie.  I give Snowpiercer 4.5/5.


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