The Double Review

The Double  Starring Jesse Eisenberg Directed by Richard Ayoade

The Double
Starring Jesse Eisenberg
Directed by Richard Ayoade

Eisenberg gives a hell of permance

People believe Eisenberg can’t show a range of emotions or change his voice tone in movie but they should really see this movie. Eisenberg is fantastic in it.  The Double starts Jesse Eisenberg who stars as Simon James.  Richard Ayoade directed the film, and his picture is below.

Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade

The movie begins with Eisenberg, Simon James, a lonely government worker with no happiness in his life. He follows the same routine every day. He has this crush on a coworker, Mia Wasikowska, and precedes to find a way to go out to dinner with her.  They form a connection and things are looking up for his bleak lifestyle.  Simon is not notice by his coworkers and most think he is odd. One day at work, a new company employee looks identical to him in every way except for the confidence that the new employee displays. His life is taken over by the doppelganger.

The double has a lot of strong points that made the movie sensational.  First of all, Eisenberg plays a complete badass in the film. The doppelganger is a bad ass who sleeps with anybody and brown noses his way to the top of the company. His name is James and Simon is the good awkward to nice guy.  Simon has no confidence what so ever and too nice that people walk all over him. Eisenberg made you feel for both characters in hatred and love.  Another strong point was Richard Ayoade.  Ayoade co-wrote the script and infused his brand of humor in the dialogue and in specific sequences. However, he shot the film in multiple different ways that gave this film not a set film style to it.  The visuals are dark, there is a espionage plot, and noir crime drama going on. There are science fiction moments. He did a hell of job directing his movie. He will be a big name Hollywood director in a few years

The film had specific themes such as loneliness and dissatisfaction in life. Simon wants to be loved and noticed by his co-workers especially by his boss.. James wants the opposite. He is one of the people who want success at any cost and doesn’t care how he gets it. Suicide is a predominant  issue in the film as is self esteem. Bad self esteem leads to depression which could lead to suicide.  Eisenberg displayed a wide range of emotions which made all of themes come to life.

The only negative of the film is the beginning fifteen minutes is kind of slow.  It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to get see the doppelganger to show up. It is not a big negative because the last hour of the movie is speculator.  Overall,The Double gets a 4.5 out of 5  for me.

It is a great movie and everybody should catch it on Netflix if it comes out on Netflix.


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  2. Fans of Ayoade should also check out British comedy series The IT Crowd and his director’s work in Submarine.

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