Sinister Six Scheduled for November 11th, 2016

The original sinister six  Dr. Octopus, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman,  Kraven the Hunter,  Electro

The original sinister six
Dr. Octopus, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Electro

There will be a Sinister Six Movie!

Who are the Sinister Six? They are a team up of Spider-man’s most deadly super-villains.  Originally, Doctor Octavius put the call out that he wanted to meet with every super villain that Spider-man defeated.  The Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, and Electro all came to meet with Doc Oct. They formed the Sinister Six. They were defeated by Spider-man but individually because he can’t defeat them as a team.

Drew Goodard, who directed of Cabin in the Woods, is directing the Sinister Six.  He also wrote Cloverfield, episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Lost,  and Alias.  We can assume that Harry Osborn who is the Green Goblin will be the leader of Sinister Six. Rhino will be part of the Sinister Six as indicated by the last film.  Truthfully, Goddard has stated that he doesn’t know who will be the six because he hasn’t finish the screenplay yet.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 was awful like Batman and Robin. However, The Amazing Spider-man 3 will open in June 10th, 2018.  The Sinister Six will give Sony time to correct some mistakes that The Amazing Spider-man 2 made like jamming different tones into a movie. The Rhino and Electro was written as campy characters but the Green Goblin was dark and vengeful.  Hopefully the Sinister Six will set the tone for The Amazing Spider-man 3.  I do believe this would be the perfect movie to introduce characters like Eddie Brock and Jonah Jameson.  Hopefully Sony announces more at Comic Con.

Possible Members of the Sinister Six


Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is a safe bet for the Sinister Six.  The end of the Amazing Spider-man 2, Harry Osborn wanted to put together a team and wanted to keep it small. The Rhino shows up a few moments later.  The Amazing Spider-man films set up Oscorp to be financial backer and supplier for the Sinister Six.


The Vulture

Adrian Toomes is elderly man who found out his business partner was backstabbing him. He steals a the Vulture suit and discovers he can fly and has super strength.  He crosses paths with Spider-man most of the time and has a great deal of money. He would be a challenge to Spider-man because like Green Goblin. His ability to fly makes it hard for Spider-man to escape his clutches often.  He will likely be a member.



Quention Beck is a specialist with Special Effects and visuals.  He tried being an actor but failed horribly. He decided to take up a life of crime when his special effects gadgets made him able to steal money.  He uses holographic devices and illusions to defeat his enemies. He is one the villains like Doctor Octopus to almost defeat Spider-man by himself.  The end credits maybe hinted at Mysterio being a member of the Sinister Six in film.



The Rhino is a Russian mobster. The suit allows him crash through walls and destroy buildings with a single punch. He is impervious to pain in that suit. He will be the muscle. However, Paul Giamatti’s performance was so god awful; i hope the Rhino has a little role in the Sinister Six.



The Sandman might be one of the coolest Spider-Man villains. He is pretty indestructible. You can defeat him with water but he can always come back. He is also anti-hero who has helped Spider-man from time to time. He is immune to most chemical and physical attacks. Venom is has poisoned him but most of villains have never come close to destroying him.  His shape shifting ability makes one of the best enemies to use in film.


Kraven the Hunter

Kraven is a strong physical foe for Spider-man. A serum that he took gave him superior human strength, flexibly, and superhuman senses abilities.  He also been an anti-hero when it has suited his purpose. He also almost defeated Spider-man on several occasions.  Marc Webb, the director of the Amazing Spider-man films, mention that Kraven is top choice for a villain in the next Spider-man movie. It is a safe bet that he will be there.


Doc Oct

First, there could be no sinister six film without Doc Oct.  Doctor Octavius is sometimes mention as the greatest Spider-man villain next to the Green Goblin and Venom.  He is a scientist that built 4 mechanical arms to help him with his experiments.  An radioactive accident wrapped his mind and turned him into a life of crime. Doc Oct has developed countless abilities which makes him tougher to defeat Spider-man.  Doc Oct is the smartest of Spider-man’s foes and appreciates  Spidey’s scientific intellect.  He is the brains of the Sinister Six.  I would say he will be in the Sinister Six as a set up character.



Personalty, I loved Electro in The Amazing Spider-man 2.  Jamie Fox did an excellent job of portraying him given what he had to work with. My issue was the story telling because the story telling in the movie was pathetic. Electro is an unstoppable force. He could steal the power from the whole world if he wanted to. Fox is a popular actor who could come back but I guess we will wait and see.

Who would you like to see in Six Sinister movie? Comment Below and let me know


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