22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street starting Johan Hill Channing Tatum.  Directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller

22 Jump Street starting Johan Hill Channing Tatum.
Directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller

How Hilarious is 22 Jump Street?

How hilarious is 22 Jump Street; you may ask?  It’s super hilarious. It is one of the best comedy sequels ever, and it will have you laugh so hard throughout the duration of the movie. Phil Lord & Chris Miller directed the first movie 21 Jump Street.  It was a box office success. They did a great job with the sequel, and it will be a box office success. The film stars Jonah Hill (Morton Schmidt), Channing Tatum (Greg Jecko), and Ice Cube (Capt. Dickerson).

Schmidt and Jecko after their success with the Jump Street division are moved to undercover division but not Jump Street Division. They fail to bring in a nation wide drug dealer, and the Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) moves the duo back the Jump Street Division. Capt. Dickerson, leader of Jump Street, sent Schmidt and Jecko off to college to find a new drug and it’s supplier. The new drug called WHYPHY kills kids after they take it. They start to investigate the case and the investigation changes their lives forever.

The success of this comedy can be contributed to three main actors.  Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube make a great comedic team. Hill and Tatum have perfect chemistry together. I enjoyed watching them work on screen together when they fought or were partners. The two character often remind me of update characterizations of  Riggs and Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon movies.  Ice Cube is exceptional in every scene he is in.  I felt the audience paid more attention to him when he was on screen because of his charisma. He has one scene in particularly that made me bust out laughing.  Phil Lord and Chris Miller are two talented directors.

I didn’t see the first 21 Jump Street in theaters because I thought it would be stupid. I was wrong about it. The trailers for this movie didn’t excite me either. The sequel easily could have crash and burn to the ground but its directors are the reason it doesn’t. Lord and Miller make the story tangible and emotional. I felt like I was in college again. They capture the spirit and essence of college life and college academic life. People go to college to become individuals and the story blended that element and comedy to represent college life.  The two main characters do discover a lot about themselves while at college. They even played on simple truths of college that every major doesn’t gurantee a job.

Overall, 22 Jump Street is a hilarious movie. It’s a great time at the theater. It might be the best comedy of the year. It will rank up there with The Lego Movie, Grand Budapest Hotel, Chef, and Neighbors for comedy of the year. Hill, Tatum, and Ice Cube are brilliant in the movie. Ice Cube is a scene stealer because of his charisma. Phil Lord and Chris Miller wrote a beautiful comedic story that detail the negatives and positives of college life. Schmidt and Jecko are given character development in this movie. The audience learns more about them and their motivations. I will give 22 Jump Street a 4/5. Some of the jokes did strike out with me.

What did you think of 22 Jump Street. Comment below and let me know.


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