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CHEF_OSChef Review

John Favreau stars in, directs, and wrote the screenplay for Chef. Who is Jon Favreau Jon Favreau is the director of Swingers, Elf, Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2. He’s is going to direct the upcoming live adaptation of the Jungle Book produced by Warner Bros.  He is arguably one of Hollywood’s best character actors and directors.  His movies appeal to a wide audience.

The film is about Chef Carl Casper’s fall from grace and his subsequent need to reinvent himself. Casper (John Favreau) is the head chef at one of Los Angeles’ prestigious restaurants. A nationwide food critic (Oliver Platt) eats a 5 course meal prepared by Casper and gives his food a horrific review. Casper loses his composure and uses social media to trade barbs with the critic. The restaurant’s owner (Dustin Hoffman) fires Casper for not following his menu.  Casper doesn’t only have problems with his career but has to balance spending time with his son (Emjay Anthony).  Casper’s ex wife (Sofia Vergara) asks him to be his son’s nanny and travel to Miami with them. Her plan actually is to set up Casper with her second ex husband (Robert Downey Jr.) to buy the broken down food truck that he owns.  Casper, his son, and his long time fellow colleague (John Leguizamo) restore the food truck and plan to drive across country making varies stops along the way to LA.

Chef is a comedic drama. The film has three major themes which are predominant throughout the film. The first theme is juggling your work and family.  Casper puts his career first in the beginning of the film and spending time with his son burdens him.  His viewpoint changes when he goes to Miami with his son and ex wife. Casper and his son restore the food truck, and Casper teaches his son how to cook food. Father and son form a bond over running the food truck and allows them to share an activity together.

Another major theme throughout the film is being passionate about your career. Favreau is passionate about story telling, acting, and being in the film industry. I think it’s one of reason why people enjoy watching Favraeu’s movies. His passion for what he does translates on the screen. Casper is passionate about cooking.  Chefs see their food as art and as their lively hood. The film appealed to me, because I’m passionate about a being an educator.  I write these reviews for fun and my friends but teaching is my passion.  Chef will appeal to appeal everybody who is passionate about their career.

The final theme is how useful, destructive, and impactful social media can be. The critic sells his blog to AOL for ten million dollars in the film and now he is a renowned nationwide critic.  Casper doesn’t use social media in the beginning of the film. The first time he uses it his life gets destroyed. His son uses social media, and his use of twitter, facebook, and instagram positively affects the ending of the movie. Favreau and Peter Travers (Rolling Stone’s film critic and New York Film’s series host) discussed how twitter has changed the way films are made, reviews are done, and gives people the chance to express their voice.  Favreau did get major criticisms about Iron Man 2 on twitter from the hardcore fans, and he discussed that in his Q & A with Peter Travers. The Amazing Spider-man 2 is getting a lot of negative reception from fans on social media sites also, and Sony is probably noticing the negative reception. They might be considering a change for The Amazing Spider-man 3. Chef is getting so much positive feedback on social sites that the production is expanding it’s release to ten major cities next week.  The film will get an even wider one after that. Chef has a motto throughout the film “Fuck Twitter.” The film shows how destructive social media can be but how much a positive influence it can be to.

Chef is a hilarious film. It’s currently only playing in New York and LA. It’s going to get a wider release because social media has positively promoted the film.  Jon Favreau and the other cast members have re-tweeted people’s reactions, and people will go see this movie. The actors do such a wonderful job and brought the story to life. I learned about the art of cooking from watching the movie.  It’s one of the best movies of the year so far, and I give it a 5/5.



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