Arrow “Streets of Fire” review spoilers

Malcolm Merilyn by John Barrowman

Malcolm Merilyn by John Barrowman

Arrow has been consistently one of the best television shows on television this year. Arrow is about Oliver Queen, who is a nighttime vigilante in Starling City. Queen is a rich playboy billionaire but in this season he has been knocked down to poverty. Oliver has been visited by a blast from the past. Slade Wilson (Deathstroke is his alias) has come to Starling City to obliterate Oliver’s family, fortunate, and his city. At the end of the last week’s episode Slade has an army of superhuman soldiers who have taken over Starling City.

Oliver and Laurel Lance are trapped underground by the street collapsing on them.  Thea, Ollie’s sister, is stuck in a train station with the super soldiers. Dingle, Oliver’s right hand, is in a deadlock battle with Isabel Rochev, Ravager.  Felicity, Ollie’s tech nerd, saves Dingle by hitting Ravager with a van.  Oliver and Laurel meet up with the group. Felicity finds out that fellow partners in Star Labs have found a cure to make the superhuman soldiers human again. Detective Lance and his police force are being attacked by Slade’s army. Lance uses several grenades to kill the intruders. The police force makes a deal with the Arrow that they will fight along side him to save the city.  Mayor Sebastian Blood has his office attacked by one of Slade’s superhuman soldiers. Everybody in the office dies except Blood and it forces a confrontation with Slade. Slade gives Blood the finger in 3 short sentences causing Blood to switch sides. Blood calls Oliver to give him the cure but Ravager kills Blood for his betrayal. Laurel is saved by her sister, Sarah or  the Black Canary. Canary and Laurel have a heart to heart about being a hero. Canary saves a child from a burning building and the citizen’s of Starling look at her as a hero. Thea during the episode is rescued by her father, Malcolm Merilyn.  Malcolm wants to save Thea but she refuses. The episode ends by her shooting a gun, presumably at her father.

The episode has two main positives.  I really loved the fact it was Felicity, Dingle, and Oliver teaming up to try to stop Slade’s army. The episode was very centered on their characters. All three actors gave stellar performances. The final positive was the Sebastian Blood arch. The writers of the show wrapped and ended his arch in a satisfying conclusion. They killed the bastard off and the actor gave a great performance that I thought he might survive the night of hell in Starling City. Ravager showed up and took care of the problem.  Action sequences, Slade Wilson’s character, ARGUS going to bomb the city, and a great narrative were other positives of this episode.

I have two things that really pissed me off about this episode. The first is Thea. Thea has become the bitch on the show. She can’t stand for her father for valid reasons and he give her the option to get to safety. Thea refused to take it. She might have shot him at the end of the episode. Her father is played by John Barrowman. He’s a super talented actor and brings charisma to the screen. The other thing that annoyed me was the beating of the hero drum over and over for Black Canary. We know she is a hero. We don’t need to feel like it is getting shoved down our throats. The Amazing Spider-man 2 and Man of Steel had sequences like this in their movies. It’s one of the reason why I cringed watching the two movies.


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