The Amazing Spider-man 2 review (minor spoilers)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2  May 2nd, 2014 Spidey takes on Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
May 2nd, 2014
Spidey takes on Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro

This movie was epically so bad that its on the same level as Spider-man 3

The Amazing Spider-man is perhaps one of my favorite superhero and Marvel movies. I include all of the movies about Marvel characters (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Thor, etc)  by using the words “Marvel movies.”  Properties from Marvel have been made into really good films: Captain America 2, the Thor movies, Iron Man, X-Men: 1, 2, and First Class, and of course the Avengers.  Spider-man 1 and 2 are considered to be the godfather of the modern superhero movie.  It was only natural that people resisted the t The Amazing Spider-man reboot.  The Amazing Spider-man captured the charm and essence of Peter Parker.  In the reboot, Spider-man has more sarcastic dialogue when he captures the villains.   The predecessor also left questions to be answered, like: why did  Peter’s parents leave  so suddenly; what was Norman Osbourne dying from; and what will happened between Gwen and Peter? The Amazing Spider-man 2 answers all of these questions.  The problem is that the Amazing Spider-man 2 has major narration problems.   Here’s a quick synopsis of the film with minor spoilers.

The film starts out with the Parkers leaving New York and taking a plane to Geneva. His father leaves his son, Peter Parker, with his brother, Ben. The Parkers’ plane gets sabotaged and  causes their deaths. The film cuts to Spider-man free falling from a high rise building and swinging through New York with so much admiration from the city.  The cops are chasing a Russian mobster, Aleksi Sytsevich, who stole plutonium from Oscorp. During the heist, Spider-man saves Max Dillon, a outcast electrical engineer at Oscorp. Max thinks Spider-man and him have become instantaneous friends. Spider-man eventually captures Aleksi who threatens vengeance.  It turns out Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey are still dating, and Peter sees the ghost of Gwen’s father follow him everywhere. Peter finally breaks up with her again, which happened at the end of the first film.

Peter learns that Harry Osborn has taken control of Oscorp after Norman Osborn died. Peter goes to see his old friend, and they rekindle their friendship.  Dillion is pushed around by his boss, Alistair Smythe, and is forced to fix an electrical problem in the bio-electrical lab.  Max fixes the problem.  A feedback charge electrocutes Max, and he falls into a tank of electric eels. The eels change has genetic makeup to be a conductor of electricity.  Peter calls Gwen after his afternoon with Harry to talk about dating again. Max shows up in Times Square and starts to suck the power from the city. The cops start to shoot him and then Spider-man shows up to battle Max. Spider-man and Max have talk but the cops start shooting Max. Max (Electro) uses his electricity to destroy Time Square but Spider-man defeats him.  Electro gets sent to Ravencroft, a mental institution, and becomes a lab rat for Oscorp.

Harry calls Peter and asks him  if he knows where Spider-man is. Spider-man’s blood will cure Harry’s disease and prevent Harry from dying. Spider-man swings by Harry’s apartment and tells Harry that he can’t give him his blood.  Harry is pissed and his assistant, Felicia Hardy, tells him about the special projects at Oscorp. Harry discovers that Oscorp’s, Donald Menken, has covered up Dillon’s tragic accident. He breaks out Electro, and they form a team to kill Spider-man. Harry learns about a formula at Oscorp that could save his life and  takes the formula to become the Green Goblin. At the end of the film, Spider-man defeats Electro, Green Goblin, and suffers a personal loss.

The last ten minutes teases the Sinister Six.  Harry is colleagues with the mysterious man from the shadows from the first film. Harry tells the man that everything that they both need to form a small team of villains is at Oscorp in the special projects section. The man has some candidates in mind and has access to Oscorp’s special projects.  Aleksi is broken out from prison and appears in downtown New York, with the mechanized Rhino Suit, destroying everything. He calls himself the Rhino.  Spider-man shows up, and Rhino and Spidey exchange barbs.   The film fades to black as they’re about to battle.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has 3 positives to me. The first one is Andrew Garfield who plays Spider-man. Garfield makes Spider-man sarcastic, nerdy, and hip like a comic book Spider-man. Peter Parker/Spider-man is portrayed more of a scientific genius in the film.  Jamie Fox as Electro/Max Dillon was perfect. Fox is an academy award winning actor and proved it in this movie by his spectacular portrayal of Electro. Fox is a creepy obsessed stalker who worships Spider-man one moment then uses his acting chops to turn into himself a bad ass villain. Dane Dehaan was perfect as Harry. He had a suave and coolness that made me like the character.  I will say that Garfield, Fox, and Dehaan did a hell of job of acting in the movie with what they had to work. The problem with the movie was narration, tone, and misuse of characters.

Captain America 2: the Winter Solider, the Dark Knight, and Spider-man 2 had great narratives that drove audiences to see them over and over again.  The Amazing Spider-man 2’s narrative falls flat. One of the biggest issues in the film is the multiple story lines and subplots with Peter Parker/Spider-man. At the end of the last film, Peter ends it with Gwen but in the beginning of this movie they’re still dating. He ends the relationship several times throughout the film which caused massive problems in my head. Peter Parker/Spider-man even admitted to stalking Gwen multiple times every day. Spider-man deliberated on saving people from a building on fire because he was creeping on Gwen. My mom felt “Every Breath You Take” should be playing in the background.  I felt no connection to their love story because it was like a CW romance. The love story fell so flat, and I didn’t mind Gwen dying. It means Peter can start stalking Mary Jane apparently in the third movie.  Peter stops being Spider-man for 5 months, and the film’s creators tried to make his return look like epic. Damn people, you only killed off Gwen 5 minutes ago. I had no emotional connection to the love story like I did in the  Amazing Spider-man reboot.

Peter’s issues with his parents were another problem in the film’s narrative. We finally find out what Norman Osborn was going to do with Richard Parker’s research.   The parent storyline lacked focus and had no solid direction or structure in it’s plotline. The characters Electro and Green Goblin made me wonder about the tone of this movie.

The movie has two different tones. The first sequences with the Parkers are serious and dark. However, present day Spider-man switches back to being fun and cheesy. The Rhino is played Paul Giamatti and his accent is god awful. It might be as bad as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin.  Max Dillon is supposed to be a quiet outcast who  builds a temple to Spider-man like a stalker.  He quickly turns from praise of Spider-man to hatred. There is about a 50 minute period where Fox doesn’t really show his face as Electro.  They shortchanged his part in the movie.  The Harry Osborn character is the same way. We see Norman Osborn, his father, give Harry a data pack which houses all of Oscorp’s secrets.  Harry’s plotline goes into multiple directions. Harry’s purpose was to be catalyst for the last 20 minutes of the movie and they failed. However, Dane Dehaan did a great job with the hand he was dealt.  The team of writers wrote Harry to be a whiny baby claiming “save me, save me, save me” to Spider-man.  His whole purpose for the film was to kill Gwen. There I said it: the film creators only put the damn Green Goblin in there to kill off Gwen. He served no logical purpose. They forced the Goblin down our throats and expected the audience to get on board. Goblin killing Gwen is a dark and tragic event but the movie is up and down like a roller coaster in tone..

Electro and Harry Osborn were misused characters. Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman have written some great movies. For example, the first Transformers, and the two new Star Trek movies but those movies had one set tone and didn’t misuse all of their characters.  Star Trek has 7 core cast members and the creative team didn’t misuse any of them. However apparently, they just forgot to write good character development for this new movie. Electro had 30 minutes of screen time. He was the primary villain in name only. Max Dillion could have been given more screen time. They could have added more human moments with him, and I get the comparisons to Jim Carey’s, the Riddler. Crazy stalkerish guy turns villain; however, I find the comparison unfair. Jamie Foxx was a victim of bad dialogue and story development. His action and fight sequences with Spidey were great though. Harry Osborn was too quickly developed into the Goblin. I liked the actor who played Harry. I felt they rushed the friendship with Peter and his illness so he could kill off Gwen. I would have been fine with Harry introducing himself as the Goblin at the end of this movie and then fade to black. They could have saved killing Gwen for the beginning of the third movie. The tone would have been set for the third movie.

Overall this movie is horrible; although the three main players had great acting. The problems are that the characters, plot, theme, and tone of the movie go into twenty different directions. It just makes my head spin; I have never written about something this bad before. It’s a difficult challenge because film is subjective. My sister loved the movie, and she is a Spider-man fan.  I rate this movie 2/5 because the Rhino is cheesy as Mr. Freeze but Andrew Garfield does one of the best portrayals of a superhero in film.



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