Arrow (City of Blood) Spoilers


City of BloodThis dude is back!

I apologize that my Arrow reviews haven’t been coming lately.  My mother would rather watch the Washington Nationals with baseball season back on then Arrow. However, I’m back to do a recap.  Ok, the last two Arrow episodes have been pivotal. Recap 19, Ollie found out where Slade was building his army. Slade was using Roy’s blood because Ollie destroyed a facility producing serum  . Dingle kills Isabel and they rescue Roy. Slade revives Isabel by using his blood. In episode 20; Moria is going to quit the mayoral race for Thea but changes her mind. She tells Ollie that for awhile she has known about his nighty activities. Sara leaves the city after most killing Roy. Roy wakes up and goes on a rampage.  Ollie stops him. Oliver, Thea, and Moria get captured by Slade. Slade kills Moria as she sacrifices herself for her children. Oliver is depressed.

In this episode, Oliver becomes a loner again. He blames himself for his mother’s death and everybody else in his life. Felicity and Dingle go to ARGUS and ask  Amanda Waller for help. She gives it to them after she realizes that Slade Wilson is alive. The kicker of this episode is Laurel. Oliver is about to willingly turn himself over to Slade. Both the meeting, Ollie gets shot with a dart and passes out. Laurel appears in the Arrow Lair telling him that she knows about him being the Arrow.  Laural stops him by telling him that Sebastian Blood is working with Slade. Oliver has a sit down with Blood who makes his motivates clear to be a Kingpin ruling Starling City. Felicity and Dingle interrogate Blood’s body guard to find out the location of the army.   Thea is going to leave Starling City but it fails because Slade’s army takes over every strategic building in Starling City. Oliver and Laurel get trapped beneath the rumble of the streets after their plan to bury the Army succeeds. They don’t realize Slade has hundreds at his command.

My overall opinion on this episode is it’s a set up episode for the last two episodes. Arrow is a cleverly written show and one of the best on TV. I loved a many things in this episode: Laurel is becoming a stronger character, the island flashbacks, Oliver is in depression, Walter Steele returns for the funeral, Thea wants to leave, Isabel’s kicking the Queen’s where it hurts by taking their personal possessions, Brother Blood wants to be a Kingpin of Starling City,  Felicity and Dingle asking for help from Amanda Waller, and the last 15 minutes when Slade, Blood, and Isabel take over the city with an army of Deathstrokes.  My only negatives is that Roy is still sleeping in a coma and there were no references to the Suicide Squad helping. Overall this episode is a set up episode and the first 15 minutes was slow. Felicity, Dingle, and Laurel became stronger characters. I rate this episode 4.5/5. It’s rather entertaining and the last two episodes are going to be on the edge of your seat material.

I will have a Spider-Man 2 review for you tomorrow with minor spoilers.


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