Locke movie review

Locke Movie review

The pictures below are the many faces of Tom Hardy throughout the 82 minute film.

 Locke 3LockeLocke 2

Locke was written and directed by Steven Knight, a British Director. Ivan Locke, played by Tom Hardy, decides that he needs to leave on his most important as construction manager to go correct a mistake. He makes a drive from Brimingham to London to be there for the birth of his child.  We learn that Ivan has been married for 13 to 15 years and has two kids as we take this journey with him. He periodically talks to his father, who is deceased, through imaginary conversations.  Locke is only 82 minutes and the plot resolves itself.

The film’s beauty is the setting takes in one location which is a Ivan Locke’s BMW. Tom Hardy drives a BMW uses his hands free mobile phone to communicate with the other characters. Tom Hardy showed his full range as an actor in this film.  He displays anger to confidence in 82 minutes. His character made me feel connected to his performance. I kept guessing how the movie would end in my mind. His character is a blue collar family man whose life goes to hell after he made one mistake, and I felt like I was there living through it too. The other actors did also a great job with their emotions and tone. They would yell at Ivn, and he would be cool as a cucumber.  Tom Hardy could be nominated for an Oscar if this film gets a wider release. Tom Hardy will win an Oscar one day but a nomination will get him more of a popular which he deserves.

I loved the film; it was remarkable beautifully written. I enjoyed Tom Hardy’s performance. The film connected with me on a personal level because I also drive and talk to myself. Driving a car is the idea place to collect your thoughts. It allows you have time to think to yourself and plan out your day. One of the reasons why this movie is great because it made driving a car a personal emotional experience that you take together with one man. I will give Locke a 5/5 because it’s damn near perfect.


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