Arrow Episode Deathstroke (Spoilers)

Deathstroke played by: Manu Bennett

played by:
Manu Bennett

What an a spectacular episode!  “Deathstroke”, the newest episode of Arrow,  exemplified everything of what makes Arrow a great television show. The writers of this episode made an hour of television feel like it was a season finale. Television show’s rarely have several episodes that feel like a season finale. My mom and I sat on the edge of our seats wanting the commercial breaks over.  It’s time for a quick synopsis of this episode.

The episode begins with Slade Wilson capturing Thea Queen.  Moria Queen and Sebastian Blood are having a mayoral debate, but it is interrupted by a video message demanding ransom for Thea’s release.  The Arrow Team figures out Slade’s location and confront him. Roy punches Slade which had no effect on him. Arrow shoots Slade with a sedative, and calls Detective Lance to arrest him.  Oliver has a conversation with Slade in the interrogation room. Slade reveals that he’s attempting to destroyed him for his actions on the island. Slade publicly has an alibi which allows him to be set free. Slade confronts Thea and sets her free. However, he tells her a family secret.  Oliver finds out that Isabel Rochev used her powers to make the board of directors vote her, CEO. She and Slade are partners, and she is also after the Queen name.  Oliver and Isabel fight, and Oliver makes her tell where Slade is. Slade is gone and Oliver learns Thea is safe. Slade hijacks a prison bus to build an army of super soldiers. Oliver and Moria to go Thea and hug her. She drops the bomb on them because she knows that Malcolm Merilyn is her father. She walks away from her family.  Roy also decides to quit Team Arrow, and he and Thea leave Starling City. Slade drops two more bombs on the audience. First, he, Brother Blood, and Isabel are using the applied sciences division to make the super solider serum and are going to build an army to take over the city. The big big bomb is that Slade shows up at Laurel’s apartment.  He tells her that Oliver Queen is the Arrow and it leaves a flood of emotions in her mind. The episode fades to black after that.

“Deathstroke” had so many positives and no positives.  I have 5 positives about this episode.  First, Slade is always 3 steps ahead of Oliver. He got Isabel to sabotage Oliver’s control of Queen’s industries. He told Laurel Oliver’s secret expecting that she probably will her boss and go public with it. I feel this will cause a public witch for Oliver Queen. He also knew that Thea’s secret will destroy her relationship with Oliver.  I loved Shado being with Slade of being a voice of Slade’s dark side. The writers gave a nod to the television show Dexter. Dexter’s father is the voice of Dexter’s darkside in Dexter.  My second positive is  Roy actually became a bad ass and quit Team Arrow.  He and Thea leave Starling City for the time being. My third positive was the Detective Lance getting arrested.  His arrest by his bosses show that the city’s politicians are unwilling to believe that the Arrow is a force of good against the city’s crime. My fourth positive is Isabel. I love Summer Glau as her character. Her conflict with Oliver finally revealed her character’s motives. She also has a history with Oliver’s father. My final positive is Oliver’s fall. He hit rock bottom this episode and now he is going to recover. I feel by the season’s end that Oliver will be a stronger character.

My opinion on this episode overall is 5/5.  Slade Wilson takes control of the situation and disrupts Oliver’s life.  Laural knows Oliver’s secret. Oliver is dissed by his sister and his own team member. I will discuss in a post this week that could potentially happen in the last 5 episodes of this season.  Arrow is a great show and people to need to watch it.


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